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      Okay, so I’m looking for a long term partner.

      I’d prefer someone who can do multiple paragraphs (4+) and multiple characters (but the other characters don’t have to come in until later when the story progresses).

      I don’t have many rules except I don’t want Mary Sue – Gary Sue, godmodding, or my partners controlling my character(s).

      There’s not too much I dislike, but here are come common ones that I see; rape/molest, vore, bathroom play, and there’s probably more I don’t know exist, but we can discuss those more in private message. I know some people don’t mind dark themes (especially rape since it’s a pretty common roleplay request that I see on Facebook), and I don’t mind dark themes, but some I won’t roleplay, however, I’m not completely shutting down the idea if someone wants to roleplay something dark happening to their character. Although I’d still like for such things to be discussed so there’s an understanding between both parties and figured out what everyone likes/dislikes, aren’t/are okay with, etc.

      Plot Lines:
      I have some plotlines in mind, but we can discuss those in PM.

      This is it! I’m really only searching for one partner, but I have had issues in the past where some people refused to actually read my ads, so if someone already comments, don’t be afraid to comment too because there’s a chance that person may or may not have read my ad. Even if I already chosen someone, I’ll still add anyone else (if that’s okay) for future roleplays if I decide to do so. Hopefully I’ll hear from someone.

      EDIT: I am an adult roleplayer, so I’d prefer my partners to be 18+ since there’s possibly going to be 18+ scenes.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey! I’m interested to try and rp with you. You can back out anytime you want or we’ll put it up for discussion. You don’t have to worry about my age. I’m 18+ (Heck not even in teens but not too old either). I want a slow burn friendship I can rp with.</p>

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      Due to the fact my roleplayer partner disappeared without a word, this thread is now open again.

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      I’m interested, is this still active? We can talk about whatever the plot will be and whatnots. Hope to hear from you soon. I’m 21 going 22 so you don’t have to worry about my age.

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      Hello, don’t know if this ever worked out, but I’m available to be your RP partner. I’m 18+, so no worries there. Let me know.

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