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      Writing as a changeling has put me in the unique position to seek a variety of writing partners. The different personas are based off of a Tarot deck and some of the more fleshed out ones are listed in the profile. If you find this prospect intriguing but you do not see something that fits your character, I am open to discussing the creation of a new persona via PMs. My guidelines are as follows:

      • Para or multipara RP. The more details the better. If viewed on a laptop or fullsized screen, I typically aim to write at minimum 4 lines per post with most being longer depending on my partner.
      • Partners must be 18+. I am no stranger to mature content in my writings. As such, I kindly ask that my partner also be an adult. The story comes first. If something of a sexual nature should happen within the context of the RP that is fine, but if you are seeking to write smut for the sake of getting your rocks off, please save your time and muse for someone else. If you are not of age and are still interested, be upfront with me. We still may be able to create words as long as it is clear what we will/won’t be writing about.
      • Flexibility with replies. Muses are fickle creatures and there are a multitude of reasons that they dwindle and die. As such, I try to be understanding when it comes to the speed at which replies are given since time, at least for me, is one thing that negatively affects creativity. If you are looking for something short and fast paced, I do not mind writing in the main chats or the location chats. PMs also work well as do inbox messages. I do not log on every day but I do try to check in often if I know there are willing writing partners. Life can be a bitch and 2020 has been the mother of all bitches, but I do humbly ask that if you are having muse issues or real life things to tend please let me know and I shall do the same.
      • Unsolicited starting posts will be ignored. While I do applaud the initiative, I prefer to discuss things such as plot and potential setting before diving straight into an RP.
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      I am very interested in writing with you.  I am a detailed writer with an enriching imagination.  I do not have a profile as I have just joined today. However, I have been rp’ing for a couple decades.  I usually play fae characters, but I’m open-minded.  I love mystery, plot twists, and so much mischief. Please let me know what you think. ‘Until you summon me, please know I anxiously await your reply’ *her gaze lowers as she dips into a bow*

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      ah well i could be interested as well though i guess a more clearer question and answer may or may not be needed anyways i would also like to have a good go at the old rp with you but i mainly do rp’s with combat in them so if anything you could see me for more battle based rp’s though otherwise a possible chat to understand what it is you have in mind for this but off course i can wait.

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      I would also not mind role playing with you. Of course, if you already took up someone else on their own request, then I completely understand. I’m flexible in multiple scenarios, and I can range from multi-paragraph to semi-literate, and I’d love to see what kind of scenarios we could come up with.

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      Yay! This is exciting.

      The good thing about this character is that since she has lost her memories different writing pairings can either be current or from a past that she can’t remember. Past dealings can be both good and bad so friends, enemies, and/or rivals are welcomed. This is part of the reason why I am looking to write with a handful of people since everyone can bring something different to the table.

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      I am interested in doing a memory or current rp. My character is still evolving. His own back story has gaps so it can work. PM me if you are interested

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