Sense8/Marvel AU/Crossover?

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    So few write in or know about the Sense8 verse (which makes me sad, because the idea was fucking awesome), but I propose a bit of an AU Crossover…

    Sensates (Homo Sensorium) have evolved alongside their Sapien counterparts since time immemorial. With the Sensates able to reach out to their cluster, no matter the distance, they are the perfect spies. Innocuous and inconspicuous, they can relay information to the powers that be (both SHIELD and HYDRA) and either help or hinder the cause of humanity.

    Wolfgang, reborn into the August 8 Cluster has been groomed and works closely within HYDRA, though he’s a bit of a double agent.

    Would love to find other Marvel writers (including Avengers and Mutants) who would indulge my madness for a time.

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