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      Hello! This is an invite to any/all multi-para, supernatural RPers. I’m looking for a long term RP to help develop Christian further as a character. I’m pretty open and flexible with ideas, locations and timelines, I only ask for at least three paragraphs per post. Hoping to create a story that grows both characters from where they started.

      I  play two other characters as well: a mage and a augmented human. They are all flexible on timelines.

      I’m also willing to play or create other characters for the development of your character. Inbox the idea and I will reply, interested or not.

      Bonus points to players from the Marvel Universe.

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      Not sure if my girl would be oki shes a wish demoness from hell living in modern day london her face claim is danny t from game of thrones shes supetnatural so not sure if shes suitable 

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      I won’t lie, this caught me because I saw ‘Supernatural’ and instantly thought of the tv show. I always enjoy supernatural things though, so I’d be happy to rp with you. I don’t get have a supernatural character, but it won’t take me long to create one.

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