Taku No Mura 18+ location RP Rules and Lore

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      This is a separate RP {Has nothing to do with main site lore or Hellifyno overseen by{Ruka Okuyama}. All character ideas must brand new to make sure they work for this particular setting. All  rules of the site apply here. Additional rules are the following:


      18+rated server. Nothing pornographic, as per site rules, but there will be content unsuitable for younger players.


      Nothing in this location affects any other location. This is considered a isolated realm. Meaning there is no multiverse or Hellifyno or other worlds. This is set in Earth in A hidden island  near Japan during the Sengoku period


      Any characters created for/added to the realm, are for this location only. Given this is a isolated realm there will bit no cross -realm plots and stories. You must make a new character for this location

      With that said the main race of this universe are Yokia and oni/Akuma But other races are allowed {within reason..made up races must be approved.} Humans are allowed as well but are very disliked and at times hunted down so keep that in mind. As this is the the spirit world of  the Yokia and Akuma.


      The setting will involve dangerous scenarios that could bring harm to your character. By joining, you agree to potentially subjecting your character to that danger. No one is invulnerable here, but harm is not guaranteed.


      To join a Faction please message me {Ruka Okuyama} me. Some factions like the Death Flowers must be Earned IC and can not be simply joined you must also follow the rules of that faction{such as taking the surname} You may also form your own faction/Clan but this must  be approved and must fit the universes setting.


      Due to this being a separate realm from the main  locations, no gods allowed . The character still has to have reasonable vulnerabilities, fears, desires, etc,

      Setting can/will contain potential elements that some may find uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to: Body horror, psychological horror, nudity (non-graphic descriptions), violence towards all ages, etc.

      Now for some  Lore

      Taki no Mura Village
      The Village itself was built by Ruka’s most trusted bodyguard Akane. Carved out of a massive mountain  and behind a large waterfall is the Estate. A large palace inside of the cave where Ruka spends most of her personal time and where the council meetings are held.

      The village itself

      The village is also carved out of the mountain as well as along the River that flows from the main waterfall. Split into three districts{ lower at the bottom of the mountain, Middle which is the halfway point and where the Gem mines are located. and upper which is at the top of the mountian} Docks are built for fishing and trade as well as leading out to the larger seas to other lands. Much of the homes and roads are carved out of the stone of the main mountain though the farther down the Mountain the more the village is built normally from wood and brick. The lower half is the Poor end of the clan and where most of the main village workforce tends to live along with the slaves{Marked}. Those whom live in the middle area tend to be those whom are in Ruka’s favor be it the council as well as  those who are in charge of workforce. But the very Top is the Estate where Ruka and her most trusted live.

      The Estate and Palace.

      Built within a large cave behind a waterfall is the Okuyama estate This is where both the Okuyama family and the Shinuhana{Death Flowers} live. The  Palace itself is carved out of back wall of the cave and decorated ornately to show the Grace and power of the Okuyama family.

      The gem mines and middle mountain area

      The gem mines are the main source of income for the clan. Often enchanted with magic or cut for fashion as well as being sold as is for gold based on rarity. This part of the village is where the rich and those in charge tend to live like the military commanders and council and workforces bosses or those who are in good favor with the Okuyama family. The homes are carved from the mountain and rather elegant looking

      The lower village Valley and docks

      The part of the village that is at the bottom of the large mountain and where the base of the river is. Though it is considered the poor district this is where the main market and trade happen and also where a secondary business of fishing is based. Though not a profitable as the Mines higher in the village its does create a good income for those who can not work in the mines. Even though it is called the “poor district.” That is simply a moniker  given by the higher class due to it being where the slave housing is. The normal citizens actually live comfortably and well off being they are the merchants and main powerhouse of sales and profit for both the normal markets and the gem market.

      for more info on Factions look here.

      Also I do ask if you wish to join to try and use proper writing. Please avoid txt lingo like u for you or lol and such. It breaks the immersion. I also ask to at least write a paragraph  {about four lines} for posts.

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