The Arcane University.

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     Sílrien Ranor 

    Archaeological investigations months before had revealed, buried deep the Cursed Ruins, the remains of an institution long since gone and thought of as a myth. The void have been breached and thousands of artifacts had been recovered, mainly scripts, parchments, scrolls and papyrii of an Arcane nature, that confirmed that at one point in history, Ar’Elis had been a place of great learning of the Arcane arts.

    Two enigmatic characters- Dralgo, an elderly and mild eccentric Mage and K’allis, his long suffering neighbor and healer, had cast one of the spells that had been revealed to them in one of the ancient scrolls. “To attract that which is required”. They needed help with cataloging  the artifacts, and obviously, to exchange the knowledge from this library that had been lost for so long.


    Sílrien Ranor had been the first to arrive. An Elf whose journey had stretched over two continents as she had walked the distance, drawn by the inexorable power of that spell. Others too, would feel it. Those of a magical nature would feel compelled to place their feet in the direction of Ar’Elis and contribute to this most vast, complex and most vital of tasks.



    The elf would be watching for them from the walls, waiting, knowing that others would soon follow.

    They would become the foundations of the Arcane University of Ar’Elis, and history would remember them with honor.

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