The Following – Seeking Canons (Joe Carroll, etc) and AU OC's

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    Ack, I was slow and lost all my friends and info from the last site, so here goes!  I write for federal agent Ryan Hardy from the television show, The Following, played by Kevin Bacon.  Eagerly seeking canons from the show, especially Joe Carroll, Claire Matthews, Emma Hill, et al., but I also play him against OC’s and in AU SL’s as long as they fit the Following universe.  Description, literacy and brainstorming fun is a must.  Very busy offline, so I’m not online every day, nor will I expect you to be – but I’d love to connect with other fans of the show who’d like to plot out some stories, flashbacks, etc.

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    Do you also have a character in law enforcement, a mental health field, or other legal profession?  Ryan could easily be written with other agents or police personnel, mental health professionals, lawyers, etc….besides serial killers, followers of Joe Carroll et al, ex or present girlfriends, drinking buddies and the like!

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    Or not.

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