The Golden Palace: To The Arena – Battle For Your Wish

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     Adam Sieghart 

    Come one! Come all! Step forth to fulfill your destiny, for you all have a wish! Every last one of you have something that you desire. Be it riches, love, or even an important object. Join me in the arena to battle for your most desired. We shall have a glorious time surpassing our own limits to achieve our goals.


    -Sign ups begin now-


    All around the city known as Ar’Elis people grieve for the destruction that took so many. The perfect opportunity for a young lad to take advantage of. What better way to distract people from their sorrows than a grand show. A tournament that will undoubtedly bring people form all corners of Ar’Elis. Now is the time for the show to begin. Due to the AM laced throughout the arena, the young lad himself is forced to take matters into his own hands. Stepping out of his poisoned coliseum, he raises his hands opening a small portal beside him. The portal pulses once before energy slips from it flowing through the city of Ar’Elis. Magically in many places, on the walls of buildings, and flying about are now flyers. Flyers that tell of an upcoming tournament. A tournament that will be grand. The flyer specifies that sign ups are at the Palace itself. The sign up paper is located right on the golden gates.


    -Respond with a post that has your character signing their name on the papers-

    -This is a tournament and an event. Death is very possible. You have been warned. Don’t let it deter you though-

    -Yes. There is AM-

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    Mora appears looking at the signup sheet. “Hmm” I suppose ill manage a few tech tests here.” She signs up and hands it over.

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     Butterfly ( Meija Suen ) 

    Catches a flyer in her hand as she out having a stroll. She pauses to read it and decides to attend. She does not sign up. She will spectate.

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    :she looks at it and smirks: sure why not


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    ~Looks Down At Flyer; Then At Hidden Blade Below My Arm~ Eh, Sure Whatever. ~Signs Up; Hands The Flyer Over~

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    *looks up at the sign up sheet and smirks* Mother would be proud. *grabs sheet and writes ‘Shadow’ on it and hands it to the person smirking and my sword and bow make him jump alittle*

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     Adam Sieghart 

    (Oh my. I forgot about this. Hello everyone who signed up.)


    (Until further notice, the tournament is canceled. Do not fret though. The possibility of it being resumed is quite high.)

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