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    This place is great. The food is amazing. Did you know that you can get a hot dog stuffed inside of a turkey stuffed inside of a pizza here? It truly is the land of wonders. There’s also magic food like donuts that can make you fly and custard that cures acne. I know most of that stuff is available at Hell-Mart these days, but it’s still nice to get it off the street from a stranger with a cart that’s sweating too much.

    I think my family liked the trip too. We got lots of pictures of us hanging from the ruins. The girl even cracked the nose off of one of those ancient statues. We didn’t let her bring it home though that thing was huge! hehehe such a rascal.

    Now it’s time for me to hit the gift shop but I just wanted to say I LOVE AR’ELIS, and I will definitely be coming back here with the family again and again.

    That’s it right? Okay so, where’s my hundred coin? No you said one hundred. I distinctly… you know what, fine, just give me the egg and we’ll call it even. Thank you. I will leave a good yelp review.

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     Dumb Crumb 

    Also Ar’Elis style pizza is far superior to Consequence pizza.

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