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Update 5.0: The Finite Wars Tournament Rules. How To Join. ((UPDATED 6/11/2018))

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      OK so…You’ve probably been hearing much about a Tournament. You’re asking yourself (What is this mysterious tournament? Who is Host? What is the rules? The prizes? EVERYTHING?! ANY THING MAN!)


      Well calm down little Timmy, I’m getting to the good part.


      This is The Finite Wars: The Genre Based Tournament-Series.


      Here’s all the info you need to know.






      1: 1V1

      ((UPDATES)): One Round has been decided.

      For the fighting..It is a 1 round 1V1 style of battle, typical elimination. With standard elimination properties being no time limit and posting via either a chat-based event (If approved by admins) or a standard post via post from a page when made.


      Why 1V1?


      Too many people would complain, but I can on request put in different types of team like events such as Team Battles or something like that. but for now it’s 1V1.



      Revive Tokens/NO PERMANENT DEATH.

      There will ABSOLUTELY…


      Be no Permanent Death!


      But if you fought that day, you cannot fight again until the next day you can enter if you lose.


      If you defeat opponent from the opponents listed you’re to fight and win/win all 1 rounds, you will receive a Revive Token. When you die…


      ((More on that below, read THAT first.)) ((UPDATE6/11/2018))


      For personal reasons,

      You get 1 free Revive Token when you start the fight.


      When you die on the battlefield, instead of being dead and sent back, you automatically are put back together and continue the fight/are able to continue fighting besides the fact you lost that entire 1 round fight and will go to the semi finals or another random fight.


      Basically you don’t go to the lobby and can’t fight anymore you can fight again but it uses up one token, and you get one token when you win a 1 round fight and start with one token. If you lose that fight, that’s it, because it would take to long to get people to keep reviving, so if you lose that one fight, game over it’s take all or win and move on.


      If you run out of revive tokens, you cannot fight anymore and will be sent to the exit of the tournament area.


      Try your best to get as many revives as possible.


      IF you are going for the night, PLEASE in out of character, say such out loud and I will not hold that against you as a lose. Instead you can fight another opponent that I’ll set up for another day and won’t count it as a lose.






      You get killed on the battle ground, but you will be teleported video game style back into the lobby of the tournaments waiting room.


      Either to exit cause you ran out of revives and lost that 1 round fight or are leaving.


      SO you die/get chopped up/killed in the battlefield, but absolutely this will not kill your character off permanently!


      It’s a tournament and that means it’s going to involve your character not permanently dying OBVIOUSLY..


      I said dying in a way of dramatic effect.


      But when you “die” on the battlefield you will be fully put back together/alive in  the waiting room as if nothing happened. I just hope the admins understand how clear and calm I can explain this.







      Any weapon is allowed as long as it does not have god modding powers such as;

      (Can kill gods because it just can)


      You have to have a detailed and explainable weapon which you can use in your battle.


      There are also weapons scattered across the battlefield hunger games style so there’s no limit to how many weapons you can bring, just nothing  too op.



      Changing battlefield.


      Upon request, or just randomly, you can ask for your side of the battlefield to have a special requested effects such as elemental advantages, monster allies, or environmental edge giving stuff. Whatever suits your needs to fight. If you don’t choose that a randomly generated battlefield on your side will be made.


      5: Minions/Summons

      You can use as many summons/minions as you want.


      As an added bonus, those who don’t last long now are there permanently until they die. That means they live until dead. No OP minions/summons please.



      No Time Limit

      There is no time limit. If you need a break, just ask in ooc and we will pause that round and return to it later. If you’re leaving, please state the reason you need to leave. It will not count as a defeat and a random opponent will be set up when you return, that guy or girl will move on to another fight with a random opponent.



      Any Armor/Equipment Is Allowed.

      Got any gadgets or tools? Use them! As long as they are not op.




      PLEASE for the love of Jesus and butter!


      Do NOT God Mod/Control The Other Character’s Actions.


      When you fight-roleplay, you need to say things like “attempted” “tried” or “almost/but barely”


      Those who ignore this will be dealt with by the admins. And yes, you CAN die, all characters have a weakness so please don’t say;


      (gets back up) or (gets hit in heart but does not feel it.)


      Unless your character is specifically a Zombie or omnipresent being, YOU have a weakness and can die.


      Zombies=HEAD SHOT


      Omnipresent=Supernatural Force or Some Form of Spiritual Energy Weapons.


      So yeah please don’t do that. As for powers, shape sifting/form changing, and all that stuff is allowed as LONG as it’s not op.



      Bio sheet/Move Set Needed


      So as a kinda “have to”..


      I hate to do this..


      But you need a bio-sheet.


      This is for  3 reasons.


      Reason 1: For preforming moves, spells, fight record, etc.

      Reason 2: To keep track of every single person entering.

      Final Reason: So you can see your moves and use them to your advantage kinda like a video game fighting move set.

      This includes a move list (which you can put other personal info on) to enter the tournament’s event fights.


      Just pm me a bio sheet you have or you can go here:


      To post an already made info box on here with your character’s info.

      And please make sure to follow by your bio-sheets info.


      Both players and all contestants bio-sheets will be saved and displayed with a little picture I hand drawn either on paper or sketchpad 4.0 when the fight is about to begin so you can feel good about doing something productive.





      More Detailed Info How It Will Work.



      Boss Battles With Final Boss/Audience Request To Watch/Announcer Hosting Event/Random NPC Fighting/Theme Song/Background Song Requests


      Oh boy this is a lot so here’s the first bit of it.

      So besides what was said.


      It’s a 1 round- TAKE OR LEAVE




      Elimination fight.

      No time limit and all that other good stuff.


      When the character “dies” in battle, that’s it.


      It uses up tat 1 revive token.

      There also 10 factions you can join via their genre’s leader, and this tournament is a permanent thing i’ll do full time, just uses weekly updates and “cups”.


      Once a round begins, both characters will start out like normal RP fighting.


      The setting of it is a kinda hunger game driven tone.


      There are weapons out on the field and other useful stuff, again please request this with me via inbox before the fight..


      There is also a few fun things, added.


      One is;

      Boss battles will happen. Random Shadow of War-ish type bosses will be picked for battle kinda like the fight pits. Beat that boss you face Host. For that time if you beat Host in the final battle he will reward you with several prizes cause you earned it.


      Another Is;

      People can join as guests to spectate on the event but cannot interrupt it via getting involved. Just something to watch when you are bored.


      ANOTHER thing is;


      There will be an announcer character making comments and acting as the kinda teller of what’s going on, played by myself.


      The bosses and other such are also played by myself.


      Basically anything that does not involve with the players,  will be played by me for added dramatic effect.



      NPC Fighters.

      There will be a random number of

      A list of all my characters will be made on the tournament page. If you fight an NPC, for a little hint, vist the Wikia to get a read on his/her info. JUST A TIP. <:3




      You can request a kick ass theme for the battle to listen to for the fight, which will be used in the fight only for dramatic purposes.


      You can change this song at anytime or request for one to be changed, both people can do this..



      It will be a 2 hour wait before another song is picked to avoid abuse.


      And THAT My friends is everything about this tournament!


      I want to personally thank Mr. Dragon Teers for allowing this and will hope to see you soon at the tournament!


      Remember to send in all our info to THE TOURNAMENT PAGE..


      There will be more details on the tournament page itself so enter those requests either on the page or pm about EVERYTHING you and your battle opponent want.thanks and cheers lads and lovs.

      The event will be done at a posted time when available or approved by admins.


      AND happy B-Day to this site!~


      "One Tournament,10 Factions..One Prize.Who Will Become..A God?" ~-HOST

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       Sílrien Ranor

      This looks very exciting- I actually haven’t seen a tournament yet in rolepages so will be watching with interest  😀

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