Update 6.0: New Information/Fan Youtube Series/Future Plans And More!

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    OK! So…I have a few things to announce. Do to the popularity of my little series..


    ((Which has both gotten absolutely no popularity or parise, and why I’m doing this is either I’ve smoked a shit ton of drugs or are running out of ideas..))


    I am now turning The Finite Wars into an animated series on Youtube. That’s right, I’m busting out the old Youtube Account Card!


    So, I may not be on as much, it’s mainly for making such for entertainment purposes and to entertain those who like cartoon fighting and shit.


    Another few updates are as follows;


    1: Working on updating all characters pages to look good. Also trying to figure out how to put custom videos on there with custom made character themes from my actual Finite War channel.

    2: Updating character info and bio-sheets on the Wikia for this site specifically and only, along with another separate Finite Wars Wikia for the Youtube Series only.

    3: Working on finding more pictures, and drawing more fan art for viewing. I still am doing the art gallary which I’ll update too.

    4: Like I said, I’m doing a Youtube series based on the rp Finite Wars, on my own terms so I may be off sometimes.

    5: Working on faction locations for people to join their favorite Finite Faction.

    6: Updated the tournament which is postponed, but got a new practice event/cup called “The Heathens Cup”

    7: Updated character list. (Undertale now will be 120) (Ocs/random generated characters updated to 20)

    8: ((New Update))! Will upload all when I can, will do so on my own time.

    9: Working on my roleplaying skillz, like spelling and how I roleplay.


    (Got a few complaining bout I use capitalized words in every rp, it’s because it’s how I usually type, idk why it’s been liek that since I was 9, but if it’s an issue i’ll tone down on it. No promises…)


    And finally..

    10: Trying to get more people to join the actual tournaments/practice matches.


    And that’s all for today. I have other future plans but as of right now those 10 are my biggest things going on with me currently. I’ll have more in another update. Thanks for reading.~

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