Warlords and Raiders


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    wolf riders

    Ar’Elis is a fat, undefended goose, ready for the taking. It’s easy pickings, and rich with loot. Hundreds of thousands of people live in and around the city, many poor, but some quite wealthy, and others in between. And yet, due to the state of this broken city, there is no government, there is no military, there is nothing to defend these people.

    “There is nothing to stop us.”

    In this lawless atmosphere, clans, raiding parties, and small independent armies have moved in, pillaging the towns and hamlets surrounding Ar’Elis, and even making forays into the city itself.

    The poor are taken, raped, enslaved, and sold to the highest bidders.

    The rich are kidnapped, ransomed, and ransacked for any wealth they may be storing.

    The great wonders of this ancient city are being plundered and destroyed.

    The institutes of learning are being picked bare, with books and tomes and great artifacts of power being plucked and sold for simple profits.

    “We’re getting rich. We’re getting powerful. And our numbers are growing.”

    Some say that these strong armed warriors are the future of the city. They say that if one could rise above the others, they could claim Ar’Elis, and perhaps restore the former glories of this imperial seat.

    “Until then, we press the attack, we take what we want, we burn, we kill, we dominate.”

    (OCC: Small  armies and raiding parties are terrorizing the people of Ar’Elis, and you can be a part of the problem! Write below to describe your force, or to join someone elses, and then start building stories about the pillaging and rapine of these undefended lands. But watch out, Ar’Elis is working to form its own military protection. And you also have to be wary of your fellow raiders, as many of them would as soon slit your throat as share in the spoils. Happy hunting.)

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