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What to do.. Who to be..?

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      I’m not new to Rolepages; I have other accounts, but I don’t know what to do for this one. The only things I would prefer at the moment would be female, strait, long hair, and old(er). She doesn’t have to be a humanoid or anime (not saying she can’t be). Any occupation would (probably) be fine. No sluts, drunks, or demons (since I already have a demon character). I would appreciate a fairly descriptive profile, although a name is helpful as well. Either PM or DM if you have ideas, and we can talk about it. Thank you! ^^

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      (Dammit, I just noticed it said ‘anime’ instead of ‘an animal’. Sorry for the inconvenience)

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      Yo I can help creating a character. In my arsenal there are:

      Over 150 fantasy and sci-fi races/species.

      25 cyphers/codes/pseudolanguages for making names.

      Experience of thousands and thousands of characters written in many countless projects.

      Can just guide ya trough this jungle of different shit and info, or I can make a character fully from A to Z. Middle variant is for you to cordinate the process and give feedback.

      Deal or nah? I can help because of the fact I /love/ doing it.


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      Wow, sure! I’d love some help. I have seen little Bobbert around before, but I never thought that there would be 150+ characters behind the writer.

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      Creating new characters is, arguably, the most exciting part of this site. My one suggestion is to break free from the standard definition or understanding of a single entity (witches, vampires, fairies). They elicit an image in your mind that tend to pigeonhole actions and characteristics. Their world  an become boxed in, as well.

      I worked with one other person in character design. If you’re still stuck After awhile, I can try to help.

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      My style of writing may be a bit different,  however i create and draw each of my characters from scratch.

      I too have over 100 plus characters and each of them HAVE to be fleshed out personalities and backgrounds and even the fluid motions on how they interact with polar opposites or unlikely encounters.

      I’m more than willing to help you! Message me if you’re interested.  Or you just want your character drawn.

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