Whoah, hey, how ’bout some roleplay?

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      Eyy, what’s up? I just recently finished making a new character, as you can see, so I thought why not request a bit of roleplay to get her settled?

      I don’t really know the exact roleplay that I want with her, but I do know that she fits a more… Sci-Fi, Futuristic Setting, you know?

      Read her profile if you wanna know more, my only request is that you can write more than just a sentence in each of your posts. Well, that and… please use proper spelling and punctuation and all that, best you can at least!

      See you around, maybe!

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      Please look into my organization StarForce. It should fit your roleplay for your character.

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      Hello there! Saw you were looking for some kind of sci-fi, futuristic setting type stuff and thought it sounded fun! I’ve not used this character a whole lot, but they’re a robot so pretty darn sure that fits that sort of theme. I’m not too sure what exact kind of RP this particular character would fit either, so I guess we can just try and see how it goes!

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