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      I’ve been having this plot in my head for a while about houndoom and buneary a bit similar to the web comic called “pixie and Brutus” by pet foolery except at the start maybe the houndoom would dislike buneary due to their status(as I’m debating whether to do a gender swap with the two pokemon) and buneary is naive to what her/his older sibling thinks of her so she tries her best to get them at his/her [name event] while their trainer(or parent in this case) was off to run some errands while the two pokemon sat at the orphanage, making houndoom have to babysit all the younger pokemon as they’re the middle child and the older pokemon don’t seem to be very fond of them which fuels some of their hatred towards younger or timid pokemon in general. so from what I’m requesting I’d say that it’s about world building and bringing family together through tough times while still being adventure and wholesome from time to time which is probably why my first thought was to make it a comic strip that’d I would occasionally post on here.

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