A Demon’s Love

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    Abel walked outside the pharmacy sighing as a cold breeze blew around him giving signs of winter coming. He always enjoyed winter and wished to see more but knew this was his last as he held his last bottle of pills to help with his sickness in a way. He was dieing and he hated it so much but he promised himself he would welcome death as a friend…[Read more]

    • The devil was always called strange and wrong names. The history of him was messed up as well as how he was like. Humans made him the bad guy, well he was a bad guy. He knew what he did yet he didn’t care much. He roamed the streets of the human world looking for souls to take back to hell with him.

    • Abel walked home and soon passed the devil looking up at the man blushing slightly but quickly looks away when he soon made it to his home unlocking the door and heads inside to the warm house

      • A sweet scent wavered over him as he passed the boy “ hmm..!?” He titled his head then smirked softly “ I found someone interestingly delicious “ he chuckled as he soon followed after the boy.

    • Abel set his bag down and sits on his couch. He was alone and was tired but knew he had to try and get some work done on his first and last book before he died but he just wanted to sleep

      • The man followed him all the way to his house. He searched around it then went to the front door. Knocking a few times he allowed a business suit to appear on his body, his hair was neatly combed and he wore an expensive smelling cologne.

        • Abel looked at his door and slowly goes to it unlocking the locks and opened. He was a bit surprise to see a well dressed man at his door “um hello sir may i help you?”

          • The male smiled softly and bowed slightly at Abel “ hello you sweet boy.” He said softly “ how kind it is of you to open your door to me I’m afraid that I’ve been robbed of everything but my clothes that I wear I was wondering if I could spend the night and I’ll be gone by morning…” he smiled softly his words were lulling and like honey pulling…[Read more]

            • Abel felt himself pulling into the mans words and nods “of course you can and i can call the police for you so they can find this man for you” Abel moved so the other could come into his little home “sorry for the mess i just been busy and im Abel what’s your name?”

    • The male shook his head “ I don’t remember what they look like or if it was more then one or if it was a man at all it could have been children for all I know.” He chuckled softly “ but thank you for your kindness little one “

      • “Oh no problem sir” Abel smiled and goes to clean up a bit “can i get you anything tea or water?” Winces a bit and holds his head sighing

        • He looked at him as he entered the house “ are you ok little one !?” He asked softly nearing the boy.

          • “Y-yeah im just….i just need that pill bottle there please” points to it wincing more as he started coughing “please hurry” sits down as the room felt like it was spinning around him

            • The man got the bottle and carried the boy to the bed and laid him down “ don’t worry I have you “ he said softly as he opened it and poured out a pill for him then got water and put the pill in his mouth and gave him the water.

    • He was surprised the other picked him up and carried him to his room. Abel slowly took his pill and had some water closing his eyes “t-thank you sir” without meaning to he fell asleep in his bed hoping to wake up from this

      • Lucifer watched him then took on his demon form and gazed at the boy “ a dark sickness plagued your body…. if I where an angel it would be easy to cure you but as the lord of hell himself I’d need something in return of course not your soul as it is your soul that is also being effected by this sickness…” he looked at him and rubbed his cheek softly

        • Abel smiled softly in his sleep feeling the soft touch on his cheek. He slept for a few hours till he woke up looking around before stretching out his arms.

          • Lucy was competing right out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist and useing another to dry his hair steam rolling off his body. He was well built and very good looking.

            • Abel truns bright red seeing the man and looks away “M-may i ask what your name is sir since you know mine now?” Goes to get out of his bed

    • “ Lucy…” he smiled softly he felt it wasn’t right yet to reveal himself to the boy yet.

      • “Lucy its nice name” smiles and goes to get some clothes ready for the other “im not sure these will fit but here you go till i wash your clothes for you” goes and gets a wash going to wash Lucy clothes “so are you born here or just visiting?”

        • He smiled “ just visiting” he smiled softly then took the clothes and tried them on only puting abit if power into them so theyd fit him but not noticeable by the boy.

          • “Visiting? Thats nice and im sorry for you losing everything” turns the washer on and sighs a bit rubbing his head “thank you again for giving me my pills” goes to his kitchen “are you hungry

            • He shrugged “ next time I’ll hire bodyguards “ he chuckled abit joking as what he told the boy was a lie from the start. “ no problem your my host I can’t have you dying on me”

    • Abel frowns a bit and looks down “you cant stop me from dieing Lucy just make it harder to take me but thank you again” smiles at him before looking for stuff for them to eat “are you hungry?”

      • He shook his head “ no no I’m good thank you !” He smiled softly

        • “Oh okay” goes and sits down not knowing what to do he never really had anyone stay at his house before and it was a bit weird but he liked it a bit

          • “Well… uhh I see you only have one bed and you don’t have a couch that is fit on sideways…..” he chuckled softly and moved closer to the boy his eyes glowing softly a deep red. He was only going to do this once as he look deep into Abel’s eyes “ let’s sleep together !” He grinned softly making the boy agree with him

            • Abel blushes just now realizing this and at how close the other was to him till he stared at the red eyes making his blue sparkle “okay lets sleep together”

    • HE smirked and and held onto Abel softly taking the boy to bed with him and chuckled “ your so nice to let me sleep with you “ He puured softly then licked at his neck tenderly

      • Abel felt like his mind was in shadows not letting him think for himself as he felt the lick on his neck moaning slightly

        • THe Man chuckled and bit him softly then carried him to the bed and laid them both on it as he held the boy removing his clothes from him

          • Abel held onto Lucy tightly as he was carried and laid on his bed. He wasnt sure what was going on his mind was still clouded almost like a black out

            • The male smirked softly as he got on top of him then lifted up his chin “ what a good boy you are now tell me everything you know about your illness”

    • Abel looks up at him chills running down his body “my illness has no cure….the pills i take just make it not hurt as much. It was just in my brain but now it has spread into my heart and lungs”

      • He looked at him and frowned “ how did you get this sickness !?” He growled softly as he held the back on the boy’s head and looked within him seeing as the disease spread throughout him.

        • “Car accident. They thought i was fine but…but i wasnt i have brain damage like a virus or something forming in the back of my head” the disease is already on his lungs and heart and was still growing slowly “i dont want to die not yet but im okay with it i guess”

          • “ what if I told you I could cure you “ He asked him softly as he sat him up on his lap his true demon form showing but Abel would not remember this when he woke up tomorrow.

    • He smiled softly and licked his lips softly “ Shhhhh little one now tell me your answer “ he smiled softly

    • Abel looked around for Lucy but saw him or any trace of him gone. He sighs and goes to make some food

      • In fact the Man watched Abel but from his throne. “ very foolish but if he had someone who alcared about him and loved him he’d not want to leave them now would he….”

        • Abel took his pill and goes to head out to town sighing as he watches the cars, couples and people walking by him

          • He dismissed the image and got up. “ my lord !” A demon scurried into the throne room as Lucifer stood from his throne “ quickly “ he growled “ y-yes my lord, the demons of the south are rioting against the soldiers “ he spoke softly “they’ve taken food and weapons “ he said as Lucifer groaned and shook his head

    • Lucifer walked to the bath room and stripped off his clothes as he stepped into the blood red liquid.

      • Abel sat in his chair thinking about that man again from his dream “who was he and why did i dream of Lucy?” He sighs and laughs a bit “i dreamt of a demon named lucy that wanted to cure me like that ever happen”

        • Lucifer got out and got dressed “ now let’s see where this little one is up to..” he smirked and made a glass ball appear.

          • Abel was pacing his room “it doesnt feel like a dream” he touches his neck and blushes thinking of the kiss again till he started to cough and stumbles out of his room looking for his pills, wincing in pain “h-help” he whimpers and falls to the ground close to the bottle reaching for it weakly

    • He grabs the bottle and takes a pill slowly before passing out but the pain was gone for now. He had bad days like this from time to time

      • Lucifer smirked and appeared before him and held him close taking him to hell sitting down on his throne with the boy in his lap “ Maybe now you’d reconsider “

        • Abel leand against Lucy still out cold but he felt the warmth from the other on him making him smile softly

          • He rubbed his hair softly and held him close to his chest the heat of hell should warm him all around as it was never ending and always getting hotter.

            • Slowly Abel woke up and looked around before jumping up seeing he was in the mans arms and that he wasnt even in his room or even his house “w-where am i

    • Lucy smiled and kept him close holding him down but also holding him close “ do you have anyone you love who might miss you once you die don’t you want to keep living on for them !?”

      • Abel struggles and looks at the male “no i dont im all alone i dont even have a mom or dad anymore”

        • He tapped Abel’s head again making him calm and limp “ now now you moving like that is annoying “ he said softly then covered the boy’s eyes softly looking through his memories.

          • Abel went limp and closed his eyes. His memories show him mostly alone till it went to his accident. He had friends and family before it and Abel was just about to head home when he parents asked if he wanted to go see a musical with them as he got into their car. It was a good ride till they crashed on some ice making the car flip around. Him and…[Read more]

            • He frowned and looked at the boy “ there’s something special about you….” he said as he moved to when he first started having the illness.

    • Abel sat in a doctors office coughing up some blood as they did a few test and did the best they could to help him but did very little as they handed him his pills

    • Lucifer walked into his office dressed neatly and the floating abel was not seen by anyone but just him. He looked at the doctor and moved closer to him “ hello sir “ he said softly

    • He looks at Abel and slowly shook his head “no sadly. I was planning on his soul but this illness he got some how made it to the soul so i been doing what i could to help ease the pain and let him live a bit longer” looks at Lucifer “why you interested in this mortal sir

      • “ I need not an explanation for what I do !” He growled then took the papers from him and looked through them carfully “ well he has three options on the table…”

    • “ that would be nice who knows if I could even take his soul and make him be reborn or if the old man upstairs will listen to my plea..”

    • Abel soon woke up looking around seeing he was next to the man once more seeing the man again “L-lucy?” Sits up holding his hand

      • He smiled and kissed his hand softly “ yes little one ?” He said soothingly

        • Moves away from him “how did you get into my house?” Gets off his bed and goes to get his phone “im calling the police”

    • The devil looked at the boy and blinked “ ive been here the whole time did you forget little one that you invited me?!” He said soothingly as his eyes started to glow soft bluish purple.

      • “Oh um sorry officer i got a bit lost im sorry” frowns “it wont happen again thank you” hangs up “i must of forgotten” holds his head “forgot we had to share the bed as well

        • He looked at Abel then stood up walking towards him and softly touched his cheek “ I didn’t mean to scare you little one” he said softly and brought Abel closer

          • Abel blushes as he was held close and his cheek touched “Lucy why you being so close to me and its okay that i got scared”

            • He smiled softly “ has anyone told you that you look beautiful “ he said with full truth in his words

    • His face flushed a bit as he shook his head “no..no one has unless they wanted something from me” looks up at Lucy

      • He blinked “ what could I possibly want from you !?” He asked him “ I’m just stating what I see and I don’t give complements easy “ he looked at him frowning a low growl came from his throat as he spoke

        • Abel blushes a deeper red “you dont? Your really kind to say that Lucy and you are quiet handsome yourself” smiles softly

          • He chuckled softly “ yes my people would say the same thing and maybe a few more then nessassary “

    • “ you could say I’m on the high stander of Well how do I put this … a king “

      • “Your a king?!” He moves away and bows a bit “im am greatful to have you here in my home sir and im sorry if its not fit for royalty please forgive me

        • He laughed softly “ no no please don’t bow “ he held him and pulled him close “ my people would die seeing me smile and laughing like this “ he sighed softly “ somedays heads roll and somedays I must protect my kingdom “

          • Abel nods “im glad i made you smile and laugh then king Lucy” smiles softly “w-what brings you here then?

            • “Please just call me lucy or as I’m well known as Lucifer “ he said with a toothy grin

    • “Lucifer? Like the devil?” Sees the grin and laughs softly “well i think i’ll call you Lucy dont need the devil to come here” winces a bit and goes to take a pill

      • He smiled “ to late for that I am here already “ he said softly as he rubs Abel’s neck and shoulders trying to ease his pain as well.

        • Abel closes his eyes moaning softly as his neck and shoulders where rubbed “you really like to joke about that i see”

          • Lucifer blinked as he tilted Abel’s head so the boy could see his face “ I told you I once didn’t it when I tell the truth it’s rare and this whole time I’ve been with you I’ve only told one lie which was how I got into your house I was never robbed any mortal who dare lay their hands upon me are killed instantly I do not like beggers and those w…[Read more]

            • Abel looks up at Lucy still confused and quickly moves away his eyes wide in fear “y-your a demon….your the real Lucifer” falls to his knees “please please dont take my soul im nothing but a sick man who is all alone please there must be much better for you to take

    • He growled “ I said to stop bowing it gets annoying very fast “ he growled deeply but he didn’t snap at the man he didn’t want to hurt him in any way possible “ why would I want to take the soul I have told you that you are special!”

      • “S-special?” Gets up slowly “h-how am i special and why am i special to have the king of demons come into my home

        • “ of many years of searching I’ve found you reborn once again apart of my curse “ he smiled softly

          • “Your curse? What curse isnt dieing already enough of a curse for me?”

            • “ No your illness has nothing to do with it and I’m the one who suffers from it” He said softly touching Abel’s cheek tenderly

    • Abel froze at his touch. He was scared but part of him was Happy to feel his touch “who cursed you?”

    • He looked at him “ and you think that’s upsetting why ?”

    • Abel pouts a bit “then you never went to a church” looks at him blushing a bit “its not nice to laugh at people”

      • “ absurd just uncanny how you humans have demonize me and my kind so much how rude I must say”

        • “Well most of us dont meet demons or the ones that do say they are evil so we believe it” goes and sits on his bed “sorry we were told wrong about demons”

          • The male smiled and neared him “ how cute “ he chuckled then pulled Abel close to him as he unfurled his wings one was feathered while the other looked like a dragons wing also riddled with rips and holes.

            • Abel blushes and looks at his wings in awe “your wings their so pretty” touches them gently “the feathers as so soft and your dragon one is leathery”

    • “ dragon like ?” He titled his head looking at his wing “ I guess it’s similar “ he chuckled

    • Abel sits up looking at the egg “y-you mean i will have my own dragon?” His eyes sparkled and goes to the egg looking at it as he touches it gently “when will it hatch?”

      • He’s mine really as he will be raised to become the next death dragon king but I give him to you because you like dragons he will hatch when he feels like it he’s already had the main process of being put into lava to keep him warm. “

        • Abel blushes and turns around looking at Lucy “thank you for this. I love it its an amazing gift” goes and hugs him

          • He looked at Abel then sighed softly “ I must go now my people need their king a war looms over my rein “

    • “ do you like cake ?” He asked

      • Abel nods happily “yes i do. Cake is one of my favorite sweets”

        • “ good I’ll remember that tomorrow “ he smiled as he then took to the window and jumped out of it vanishing.

          • Abel runs to his window to see him and smiles a bit. He goes to get his wallet going to buy a couch and a few more chairs

            • A note fluttered around his wallet stopping him from doing so. It read: “ don’t bother wasting your money just follow the directions and take this card.” Underneath the note was a keycard and a map that was marked up.

    • Abel looks at the note anf pulls up the keycard “okay?” Goes to the area marked on the map

      • He would arrive at a fancy grand hotel. Inside looked extravagant and beautiful. The map then change and words appear “ go to the desk clerk. “ it read

        • He was in awe and lookd at the map before going to the desk “hello?” Looks around the area more

          • A clerk looked at him with a grin “ Hello sir are you lost ?” She said with a cheerful tone in her voice that sounded odd. “ give her the room key “ the note wrote

    • She blinked and took the keycard then swiped it along the card reader “ your all set Mr. Marek enjoy your stay !” She giggled giving him back his key

      • Abel was confused as he took the card “its mr. Stern but thank you” he goes to his room looking at the paper

        • She blinked but didn’t say anymore she knew what she read on the screen but she didn’t care what his name was.

          • Abel heads to the room and once there he uses his key card to unlock the door

            • It was a big room and had a wonderful view of the city below the landscape of Re:terra was beautiful with its mixing of nature and industrial design the super high tech and sci-fi buildings it was breathtaking.

    • Abel thought he was dreaming at the sight of the room as he run to the window to look at the city around “wow!” He said to himself and walks around the room “so this must be where lucy stays when he is in the human world”

      • A man walked out from the bathroom wearing only a towel. He had sea blue green hair and piercing orange eyes. “ Hmm?”

        • He looks at the man blushing and turns around quickly “i-im sorry i thought i was alone. Im Abel Stern

          • The man blinked and chuckled softly “ nah it’s fine my general told me you would be coming soon I didn’t think it would be right away “

            • “Oh your another demon then” slowly turns around looking at him “whats your name sir then and is this where Lucy lives?”

    • He laughed softly “ yes I’m Dk “ he smiled softly “ mother of all demons “ he smiled softly “ well I have a male body but that’s because of a curse it’s so old but my true form is of a female body “

    • Abel sighs and nods sitting down on a couch “guess i will have to ask him once he come back. I better go home to get some sleep…it was nice to meet you Dk” gets up going to the door

      • He shook his head “ he wanted you hear for a reason it be best if you stayed I on the other hand need to leave “ he smiled as clothes appeared on his body

    • The egg shivered and heated up in a heartbeat pattern.

    • Abel giggles holding the dragon close “your so small bone” kisses his little head

      • It made a cure purring sound as it was kissed “ he may be cute but once he becomes a death dragon king he’ll be anything but cute “ Dk said as he fixed up his hair then nuzzled the tiny dragon softly “ but I will admit he is adorable his kind is very rare and hard to mange a puffball dragon can easily be hunted and killed but other creatur…[Read more]

        • “Bone is the last one?” Frowns looking at his little cutie “i will keep him safe no matter what then and i will care for him like my own till he is able to be king” smiles and holds Bone close

          • Dk smiled “ he’ll out live you before that puffball dragons take 12 centuries before they become full adults then it will take another 16 centuries for him to become a Death dragon king he will have to be taken by death herself and be raised by her”

            • “He will?” Frowns a bit and shakes his head smiling “well then i will do my best while i still got time” coughs a bit and winces “fuck my pills” gets up carrying bone as he goes to take his pills

    • Dk blinked and looked at Abel “ would you like to be healed of your Illness?” He asked

      • “Healed? The doctors are working on it but it will take time” takes his pill “thank you but i will wait

        • Dk blinked shaking his head “ no human intervention will help you not even that pill you take you’ll end up dying don’t you want to live a full live that’s still ahead of you ?”

          • He frowns and looks at his pills “i dont know.” He frowns holding Bone close “please leave us alone”

            • Dk had a sad pained expression on his face “ you don’t know what it’s like to be in love then be forced away from that person you love because they’ve wanted you dead the moment you were born. But once your in love it’s everything to stay alive to see that person again” he said softly before he left Abel.

    • Abel never felt love before since his parents died and maybe Dk was right but who would love him enough to make him want to live longer “we better get some sleep Bone” crawls into bed with him

      • The puffball dragon squeaked and chirped softly purring as it bounced onto a pillow then nuzzled against Abel’s head softly.

        • Abel giggles and smiles petting his little head “night my little dragon” slowly falls asleep

          • Dk left theroom and went to the lobby where he saw a boy with orange and red hair. He smiled softly to himself and walked over to him

    • He smiled softly at the other “ Vincent hey!” He chuckled softly

    • Vincent smiles “you know it and you love it” kisses him deeply

      • He rolled his eyes and rubbed the growing scruffy stubble on the others face “ yeah tell that to my aching ass!” He puffed his cheeks then kissed him softly

    • Lucifer opened the door to the hotel room and walked to where the main bedroom was and looked in before smiling to himself softly “ he really came…” he chuckled then took his place next to the boy holding onto him softly

      • Abel mumbles slightly in his sleeo when he was held onto as he kept Bone close to him like a little baby

        • Lucifer smiled and held Abel softly “ I’ll protect you if you let me “ he spoke softly

          • Abel slowly wakes up listening to him speak before looking at Lucy “tell me why you would. Like i said im a no buddy

            • “ I want you to be mine “ he said softly. “ ever since I’ve laid my eyes on you I’ve wanted you “

    • Looks down petting Bone gently “you could do better and how do you know im your old love?” Tears up a bit “no one has ever wanted me theirs before

      • He took Abel’s Head in his head and kissed him tenderly wiping away his tears “ I want you I don’t care if your not him or even if you don’t have his soul “

        • Abel froze when he was kissed before slowly closing his eyes kissing Lucy back gently. He didnt care if he was kissing the king of all demons as long as he was loved till he died he would be happy

    • He smiled and held him softly he was determined greatly he would cure Abel of this disease.

      • Once morning came Abel woke up looking around seeing Lucy

        • He held onto him softly smiling “ morning sunshine “ he chuckled as the door to the actual room slammed open laughter could be heard “ Shut up your to loud” the familiar voice of Dk spoke Lucifer frowned and covered Abel’s ears and held him close.

          • Abel blushes and looks at the door as he ears were covered “that Dk?” As they laughed Vincent held onto Dk “no your to loud”

            • He frowned slightly I’m not the one yelling like an idiot !” He growled softly then kissed the other to keep him quite

    • Vincent closes his eyes into the kiss as he held onto Ember “well im your idiot”

      • He blushed and moaned softly at the others touch and held onto his neck as he kissed him more “ mmmm Baby make me yours !” He giggled softly and kissed him more playfully

    • Lucifer growled “ out!” He snapped at Vincent as he sheilded Abel from what the other two were doing

    • Abel nods and pets bone little head “he is a cutie and i will care for him as long as i can”

      • Lucifer held bone as he squeaked. “ I can make you immortal as I am “ he said softly while bone bounced around

    • “ trying to claim my pet as your own are we ?” He teased

      • “You gave him to me so yes” smirks and holds Bone “im his mommy for now” kisses his head

        • He chuckled softly “ yes how cute “ he smiled

          • Sits up and leans against Lucy as he pets Bone gently “Lucy can you tell me about the other me…i mean your first love how did you know he was the one

            • The man looked at him “ Ander Marek….. I loved him dearly and went to war with him against his father sadly that cost him his life and I’ve been trying to find his soul ever since …”

    • “Was he a mortal like me and sorry for your lost…do i have his soul?”

      • He looked at Abel “ that doesn’t matter I feel him in you and you act just like him well he was more brass and daring then you always followed danger and adventure “

    • He looked at him not wavering “ After. You . Are. Healed. “ he growled softly

    • Abel smiles happily and kisses him gently “thank you” gets up and goes to take a pill and goes to take his bottle with him

      • Lucifer got ready and looked at Dk and his human making out, anger swelled up in him as he saw the man with his queen.

        • Abel got ready and slides Bone into his jacket to keep him warm “lets go bone” smiles and holds onto Lucy arm as he sees Dk and the other man making out looking away

          • The boy held onto Vincent looking up to see the others leaving and then pulled the man to the bed room “ Vincent fuck me!” He moaned into the males ear.

            • Vincent laughs as he was dragged to the bedroom as he goes and pins Ember down as he removes their clothes “with pleasure”

    • He giggled and held onto him tightly “ mmmm I want you dearly my beloved!

    • Vincent laughs and moans slightly as he kisses him passionately

    • Death replied 1 year ago

      The mother of a demons looked up at his lover and smiled with content and peace “ I love you my sweet barbarian!” He spoke then kissed him deeply

      • The barbarian kisses him deeply and smirks “i love you my beautiful demon queen

        • Death replied 1 year ago

          He smiled more and kissed him more feeling the males hands about his body “ mmmmmm “

          • He ran his hands down tbe other body slowly as he kisses him deeply wanting to keep him close

            • Death replied 1 year ago

              Ember moaned and leaned into Vincent’s chest “ mmmm”

    • Vincent smirks and grips him tightly

      • Death replied 1 year ago

        He blushed “ your groping my ass …” he looked up at him “ did you want it ?”

        • “Yes of course i do” squeezes his ass tightly and kisses his neck “you want me

          • Death replied 1 year ago

            He blushes more and moans softly pulling the older man into the bedroom “ of course I want you !” He blushed

            • Pushes him to the bed and smiles “good” Vincent goes to remove their clothes

    • Death replied 1 year ago

      Ember looked at him with his fire orange eyes. “ I love you !” He giggled

      Lucifer held to ice cream cones for him and Abel as the other sat down on a park bench.

      • Vincent looks at him “i love you more”

        Abel sat on the park bench kicking his feet up smiling waiting for his ice cream

        • Death replied 1 year ago

          The male handed it to him and sat beside him “ it’s a nice warm day…”

    • Death replied 1 year ago

      Lucifer smiled kindly and sat with Abel enjoying the time with the boy.

      • Abel eat his ice cream happily leaning against the demon “what shall we do now?”

        • Death replied 1 year ago

          Well I must return to my world but He should still be at the hotel if you want to stay there for another night unless you want to go to your home and rest. I shall accompany to where you wish “ he smiled bowing slightly

          • “How about i go home because im sure Dk and his love are still there. I dont want to bug them”

            • Death replied 1 year ago

              He smiled “ yes I’ll walk you home “ he took Abel’s hand and held it softly in his own. Soon realizing how soft and small it was “ how cute..” he chuckled

    • “Whats cute?” Grips his hand blushing when he felt how big Lucy were compared to his

      • Death replied 1 year ago

        “ you !” He smiled as they walked along some women started at him blushing “ wow he’s so handsome” “ look look their holding hands “ “ are they a couple !?”

        • Abel looks down at them staring at them “why they staring at us”

          • Death replied 1 year ago

            He chuckled “ well I do stand out with you your so short compare to me !” He joked

    • Death replied 1 year ago

      He laughed softly “ that has nothing to do with height “ he held onto him softly

      • “Dont lie i know it does” he giggled slightly as he was held gripping onto Lucy arms gently as they walked to his house

        • Death replied 1 year ago

          He chuckled softly “ someone’s fussy !” He puured and kissed his head softly before watching him go inside then followed after.

          • Abel smiles softly and winces a bit sighing going to get his pills taking them

            • Death replied 1 year ago

              Lucifer looked at him and frowned “ I can take away your pain Abel “ he spoke softly

    • Abel shook his head “no its okay Lucy its fine” he smiles at him and goes to sit down on his bed

      • Death replied 1 year ago

        He sat with him and held him close “ I can protect you “ he spoke softly and smiled abit.

        • He nuzzles into him happily “just hold me close and love me. Thats all i need”

      • Death replied 1 year ago

        He rubbed his head and smiled

        • Smiles happily and kisses his cheek “im a bit tired”

          • Death replied 1 year ago

            He nodded “ yes and I must go hell needs their king..” he smiled softly

            • Abel frowns a bit “i wish you didnt have to go” nuzzles more into him “stay till i fall asleep please”

    • He looked at him and smiled tenderly “ ok I’ll stay with you till you sleep “ he smiled softly then carried him to the bedroom.

      • Abel smiles and nuzzled deeply into Lucy as he was carried to bed “thank you Lucy” Abel slowly fell asleep

        • He smiled and tucked him in the bed then got up and left him.

          • He slept the night away dreaming of his life with his new love Lucy, a soft smile on his face

            • Lucifer was not happy as he sat on his throne his armies were being torn apart by rebels. His people starving “ must I do everything myself !?” He muttered to himself as he watched his genrals walk in.

    • The genrals looked at their king as a few were muttering to themselves about the rebles “sir these fucken rebels are going to kill us”

      • He stood and stepped down from the throne “ call in the seven torments they should still be on earth they will deal with the rebels you must focus on the people of hell and the soulskeepers “ he spoke softly and walked out of his castle “ I’ll deal with the rebel leader she won’t be a threat once I’m done with her…”

        • They bow and head out to do as told to find the seven torments

          • He soon got outside and spread out his wings and took to the air.

            • Took a while but they got them all and they went to take care of the rebles when the generals went to help the people

    • He took his time getting to the main camp knowing how to get there. “ this ends now!”

      • She looks at him smirking “you going to make me” snaps her fingers and guards surround them

        • He glared at her “ you forget who I am !” He snarled and waved his hand a void surrounded them all the entire campment and it’s people sick and hurt included. He spread out his wings as the voids dragon his dragon growls echoed throughout it and one by one her people were eaten alive soon leaving only the leader of the rebels and Satan himse…[Read more]

          • She growls seeing her people missing “you going to kill me to then” glares at him “you are not worth being king and soon your people will see that. Maybe you will just be in the human world with that prt of yours” she smirked “we know about him and his so close to death. How it feel knowing he is about to die but i didnt wish to wait so i hurry to…[Read more]

            • He glared at her “ I’m not going to kill you here!” He snarled as the dragon imprisoned her within the void. “ you will stand trial of course then you will be burned and my people with watch you die !” He snarled then returned to Abel’s room before the other demons got to him he picked the boy up and returned to his own room closed the void before…[Read more]

    • She cried out as she got imprisoned. Abel woke up when he felt himself being moved “L-lucy” he looked around seeing he wasnt in his room anymore “what happen?”

      • “ shhh it’s ok I have you your safe now “ he said softly holding Abel tightly “ I’m sorry but you can’t go home for awhile.

        • Abel gripped him tightly “why? How come and plleease tell me you also grabbed my pills from my bed side if i am too stay here forr aa few days”

          • He held him holding a full bottle smiling softly “ don’t worry I’ll always take care of you “

            • Abel nods and smiles softly “i wish i could take care of you” holds onto him

    • He smiled softly “ I know my love I know but you have to get strong “

    • Flashing back into memories locked in both Abel soul and Lucys is Ander. Ander was a lean man with short black hair, he looked normal minus his icy blue eyes. They were so bright and full of life. Ander was just now walking threw a park when he saw someone sitting alone and seem a bit sad so he desided to cheer him up “hey why you seem so sad?”

      • The male looked up seeing a beautiful man before him. He blinked rubbing his eyes had God sent him an angel. “ Angel..?” He breathed softly

        • Ander blushed slightly and smiled “who me? No no im not angel im just Ander Marek and whats your name?

          • He looked away “ I don’t have one….”

            • “You dont have a name? I doubt that but if its true lets go find you a name then my friend. Come to the castel with me i have many books there where we can get you a name” Ander stood up and held his hand out to the strange man

    • He looked lost and confused but nonetheless he followed the boy to his home looking out of place.

    • “Well its nice to meet you Lucy and thank you for not freaking out about being near a prince. It made me feel normal for once

    • “ maybe I don’t know but wouldn’t you have heard of me or something …?”

      • “Not if your a country i dont know of and again i dont know your real name so its hard to say for sure. All i can say is that we wait for you to get your memory back in time till then you can stay and live here with me”

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