World Under Siege – Apocalyptic Ardenia

OOC – A Brief List of The Most Important Ardenian Nations and Territories.

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    This is a very brief list/summary of Ardenia’s most important nations, territories and populations prior to the Cataclysm. I have written this little fact file so that current players can gain more insight, and so that future players can have an indigenous pool to draw from should they wish to create contemporary characters. The list follows no particular order.


    • The Ardenian Freehold – The largest and most populous nation, encompassing all the Midlands and southern territories. The former breadbasket of Ardenia. It was formed by Queen Sarina, leader of the Great Uprising, after the fall of the ancient Daynar (Dai-nah) Imperium. Upon Sarina’s death over a thousand years ago, the Freehold transitioned into a Republic, run by elected government officials. Originally inhabited by humans, over a thousand years of free movement and trade allowed multiple races and species to settle down. Prior to the Cataclysm, it was the wealthiest nation with the highest standard of living. A melting pot of different ethnic groups and communities. Humans, dwarves, city Elves being the most common. Its Capital was Sarinium.
    • Getae-Rof (The Getae-law) – In the northernmost point of the world, home to jagged, ice capped mountains and frozen forests. Perpetually cold, the snows are deep and the game scarce. Although it is a hostile, unforgiving land, there is an abundance of iron and coal in the ground. The Getae-law has always been known as the ancestral home of the Getae tribes, said to be descended from the first humans to discover Ardenia. Little has changed about the tribes since those days, and they are shrouded in mystery, known only to outsiders for their warlike ways, pagan beliefs and elaborate laws governing intertribal raiding. Getae-Rof has no Capital.
    • The Sestorian Empire – The successor kingdom of the ancient Daynar Imperium. The Imperium once controlled most of the known world through conquest, and as a result its culture (Think of the late Byzantine Empire) is widespread, even among people who do not answer to the New Empire. The original Imperium fell over a thousand years ago to Queen Sarina. When the Queen died without an heir 60 years later, the surviving noble families of the Imperium, led by the house of Sestorius, broke away and reinstated their capital of Denerem. A shadow of its former self, the new Empire rules most of the Eastern lands. (This lot have Roman sounding names.) The majority of its inhabitants are humans, although Ungori (known as orcs) were often captured from the depleted Ashlands and enslaved to serve as labourers. A nation of human purists.
    •  Western Hinterlands – A large area with various magical forests along its western and southern borders. Here, humans are the rare minority. A few Getae tribes once flourished on these lands in ancient times, but were utterly eradicated by the Imperium before the events of the Great Uprising. Non human populations have resided here for thousands of years. Newer creatures who were suspicious or distasteful of humans decided to form their own autonomous states in the Hinterlands.
    • Eastern Ashlands – A small, rugged territory of dusty plains and scorched ruins, home to Ardenia’s last free Ungori (orcs), as well as nomadic clans of beastfolk.
    • The Ragged Sea – This great expanse of water runs from the Bay of Bones on the border of Getae-Rof, along the western coast, all the way to the southern beaches. It is possible that other species, creatures and races from unknown continents emigrated to Ardenia via this sea.

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