Scientists and Nature-Aligned Magicals/Magic Users Needed!

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    The unknown plague that began on the northern peninsula of the Southern Continent has devastated Aark and continues to spread. If not stopped, the plague will make the entire western hemisphere (at least) of Hellifyno uninhabitable. If it moves into the oceans, this world is doomed. Help is urgently needed!

    Echo, the Healer

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     Grover Williams 

    Hey! My name is Grover (aka Mac or Macintosh) I’m a traveler, I can make people hallucinate, I would LOVE to be a part of this community since I am a “Magical Assassin”…? or a rogue of some sort…


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     Victor Frankenstein 

    Plagues are not exactly my area of expertise, yet preservation of the life in these cities is. I would be more than willing to turn the few resources at my disposal to help this.

    -Victor F.

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     Dragon Teers 

    this place is deeeaaaaddddddsssss

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     Dragon Teers 

    ::teery tries to beep in, then again, and again, his all impossible and omnipresent teleportation method blocked, over and over and often buffeted by the blasting waves of wind and waste::

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