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      All requests made via ALL Corp hub will be made here.

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      Hey, I don’t know what I need to give you but I think I’m going to need an exo-suit of sorts, can you help? If you can, Thanks.

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        “What do you think an exo suit is worth? After deciding that allow us to add the total for the price of parts and such to your tab. What kind of exo suit will you be needing?” Read the response to this inquiry.

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      “If you were to tell me what you need I could fetch it. That is all I think I could do.”

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        “That shall suffice. We accept any and all forms of currency including bartering. For now submit a spec form and we shall send an exo suit to your desired coordinates.

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      “2 things, A spec form?” “And I will need it at the ole watch”

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      “Just what you want on it big. Color. Weapons or equipment. If not you’ll just receive a plain generic model. And we can deliver. No problem.”

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      “Just a military camouflage paint job and extra armor plating.” “That’s it, and again, thank you.”

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      Hey it is me again for kind of “Down payment” how would a Ionic battery suffice?


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