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Angels and Demons

No where to go (from my own book)

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      I don’t remember much besides what happened in the incident.. Thick ,dark blood dripping from my chains along with scars and bruises across my stained face and body. I don’t know where I am or who saved me but somehow the strange feeling in my chest is getting warm.

      Another day in my dark and shady cave in a world called the spirit realm. Where all forms and creatures can run free but follow the simple rules so we don’t go out of control. I have a few family members here but I just live alone, quiet and locked away. My cold ragged and ripped jeans and shirt hang over my deep scars across my body and my long flowing brown hair, hanging over one eye with a scratch across it. Most people here show their true forms like: wolves, vampires, hybrids, witches and many more. But I have to force to keep my forms hidden because they wouldn’t accept me. All the folks here in the realm have one form but i’m the only one that doesn’t. BANG! Hearing the sounds of gunshots from outside of the cave shooting into my right leg and arm. I fall to the ground, unconscious watching a group of men running to me with guns and bullets. Flash!….a large, bright stage light shines right into my face. My eyes squinting as the brightness blinds me. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls you are all here to see something fierce ” waving and swirling his arms near the cage. “ the most hideous monster that ever lived…. Welcome the beast”.

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