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The Doctor (XI)’s Auto-Shop Class

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      Posted by XI on August 21, 2013 at 4:12pm in Consequence Public School


      Class Guidelines

      Afternoon, Class. I’ll be attempting to teach you lot ‘auto-shop’, not something we have on my planet, so I do hope you can keep up. I fancied putting up some house-rules to which I expect you to adhere on pain of unpleasantries.

      1) You will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Doctor’. My name is not ‘XI’ or ‘poof’ or anything else you might’ve heard your parents throw at me.

      2) You will pay attention to my instructions. Some of the machinery in here is extremely volatile and I’d rather not have to send you home in a bucket or have the rest of the class trek across Hellifyno looking for the other half of you.

      3) You will not touch my sonic screwdriver without consent or in the event of an emergency. The controls will remain isomorphic (only works for me) unless my vital signs hit an unconscious state. That’s not an invitation.

      4) Beware of the dog.

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      Lewis Mercer, the 16 year-old persona that Hermes takes when blending in with mortals, rushes into the shop class. “Sorry I’m late Doc XI. Had a bit of a late start.” The appearance he takes is of a slightly athletic build, 5’8″, messy blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He is dressed in a green t-shirt, black cargo shorts, and green sneakers with yellow wings painted on the sides of them.

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