Consequence City Map

The premiere metropolis on the planet Hellifyno, Consequence boasts a diverse population, advanced research institutions, bustling intergalactic and interplanetary trade, and some of the most powerful creatures in the universe. It also has ample shopping, and transportation options.

If you are just starting out you might want to take a tour of the Merchant’s Circle. There you will find a variety of shops offering every ware you can imagine, from weapons of mass destruction, to love enchantments and charms, and everything in between. This is also where you’ll find the world renowned Blue Moon Tavern, home of Hellifyno’s finest heroes.

For entertainment we have the lovely Nymph Park, one of the most beautiful metropolitan nature preserves on the planet. We also have the Red Light District, where you can find pleasures of a more sorted variety.

As far as housing we have a range of sectors for every economic means. Those who can afford it can attain a home among the High End elite of the city, or just find a nice house in the residential suburbs. Of course we also offer several roomy slums for those of more limited financial freedom.

The city is proud of its trade network and boasts a bustling dock area that sees hundreds of shipments coming in and out every day. There is also a star port where interplanetary and intergalactic missions of trade, conquest, and diplomacy start out.

We hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have a comment about the city feel free to leave a message on the public bulletin board.

Map Key
B: Barracks
M: Medicus, healers tents
N&A: Nelly and Apples shop
VT: Valoci Tempelum – Holy Gaian Tree
Tavern: The Blue Moon, home of the Heroes

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