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    This Is Just Where You Can Talk However You Want. Saying Your Motions Like, ~Sits~, Or *Sits*. It Can Be Done In Anyworld (Made Up Ones IG) Just No Pornography Or Sexual References. Also No Profanity Stuff Like “Wtf” Is Aloud.  I Will Be On Basically All Day 2-6-18.

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    ~Sits On Edge Of Cliff; Staring Off Into The Distance~ Wow, Amazing… ~Slowly Stands Up~ Ehhhh,  Got Time. ~Sways Tail Whilst Turning Around; Begins Walking Off~

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    ~Ears Purk Up~ Hm? ~Looks Around Me~ Hello? (A Dire Wolf Pounces On Me) CRAP ~Pops Hidden Blade Out; Stabs The Beast~ ~My Breathing Intensify’s~ Wtf… ~Slowly Stands Up~ What Was That About? ~Nods Head In Denial Slowly; Retracts Hidden Blade; Walks Off~

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    *Sits In My Old Bean-Bag Chair In My Room*

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    ~Calls Tess~ C’mon… Pick Up.

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    *Phone Is Dead*

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    Ugh ~Leaes Message~ Message: I Just Got Attacked By A Dire Wolf @[email protected] Im Coming Over ~Hangs Up~

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    (Brb, Gotta Finish The Class Im In, Like 9:15)

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    *sits in dorm and summons popcorn and watches movie while eating popcorn*

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    * she walks in dressed in her usual attire and makes her way inside a cozy cafe*

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