The Council of Consequence

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      “I convene this, the first meeting of the democratic body of the Council of Consequence, second age. We are here, because our city has been controlled and maligned by foreign authorities for too long. It is now our right to rise up and take control of our own destinies. As such the Council of Consequence has been convened to be a fully democratic body, open to the public, and only presided over by a few duly elected magistrates. Otherwise this shall be the place where Consequence comes together, as a city, as a community, and as a free society ready to move into a new and better era.

      (The Council of Consequence, the only ruling body of the city state of Hellifyno is open for active participation from anyone that is a citizen of the city, with foreign dignitaries allowed to address the crowd as well. Periodic votes may happen, and a council of magistrates presides over all with elections and intrigue available to fell them. Please feel free to join by posting comments and creating debates about Consequence and broader Hellifyno policy.)

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      ( Moving forward, this shall be the political body of Consequence. post your arguments, opinions, and interactive plays and demonstrations here. Thank you. )

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      *A small droid squeezes under the door to the council room. The small disk like droid, with glass like backing walked around on four crab like legs moving up to the table be stopping a few feet from the gathering and lays down flat as the glass lit up and image takes focus standing up right. A complete detailed image of a male teen no older than 19. The boy stood at a height of 6’2 and wore and old black Jedi style robe. On the teens belt were a dual pair of lightsaber hilts.

      His hands were behind his back as he stood in a military like stance. Since his last appearance on Hellyifno, his appearance had changed some. Having lost the breathing mask he once had, now curse with scarring around his mouth. His right eye still the cybernetic implant from one his missions gone wrong. The teens hair once shaved off, now shaggy and comb back slight, enough for him to at least seem professional.

      As the image appeared the teen stood quietly for a few seconds before bow and introducing himself.

      “Hello, my  name is Orion Rath Valentine.”

      The boy straighted back up before continuing

      “I’m sorry that I’m unable to attend this in person, I’m currently busy in another star system at the moment. But I’ve been informed by my men stationed on Hellifyno that Consequence has open up for a democracy style council. I come to you now to offer my assistances as a military for the Consequence as well as Hellifyno, or a law enforcement.”

      In the back of Orion’s mind he couldnt help but think about him and his father Nick’s last interaction, and the ending result of the teens removal of the house.  But through the hologram the teen showed little to no emotion, just a strong straight face as he awaited for a signal reply back throw his holodeck of the council room.*

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