The Great Democratic Experiment of Consequence

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    The rule of Consequence is being given back to the people! On this day we declare, free and open elections will be held for leaders of all districts in the city. Anyone may run for office, and the Non Privileged Classes, the common people of the city, will decide who will win and where they will rule.

    Sign up now, and you too can be a leader in the great democratic experiment of Consequence!

    OOC: (This will be an experimental living city project, where anyone who signs up will be given control of a district of the city of Consequence at random. You will then be charged with managing and growing that sector, while also interacting with the other sector leaders in friendly or aggressive ways. This will all be controlled by a DM (Hando Gawd) who will give periodic notes to players based on conditions, events, disasters, and successful ventures.)

    Anyone who is interested in participating please give a brief intro below. Thank you, and good luck.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Despite the current trade embargo, the Fwufs are instinctively driven to help. Despite being a hive mind, not all of the Fwufs are equal in ability. Some seem to be born with different levels of competency at random due to the massive scale of Fwuf production.

    A prime example of this is the maid that stood before the application office. During the hive mind shutdown of the Wages conflict, this particular Maid was one of the only ones in the entire sector of Consequence that did not decend into an autonomous state -worse, a primal relapse- and proved they could still follow orders and perform their duties without direct help from the head maid.

    Despite being born into the Hive, Fwuf #741886 had proven capable of Independence from it. And that’s exactly what they were counting on. While they could still connect to the hive mind and keep the best interests of their homeland close to their heart, #741886 was ready to set out on their own quest.

    This Maid, having already spent so much time defending Consequence, was ready to keep the people safe and the city clean. Perhaps this would help improve relations with Paracosm, having one of the Madooga Co LLC maids who was born right under the Blue Moon helping keep the economy afloat… But perhaps, like all specialized Fwufs, they just want to fufill this task for their own satisfaction.

    After all… FWUF HELP!

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    Antinous is not driven towards democracy, despite his Grecian origin. In fact, he’s driven towards quite the opposite. He saw the Roman empire at its peak and was in awe of its stability.


    However…he is willing to return to the failed experiments of his forefathers. Democracy, Republic, they’re all in his Greco-Roman heritage. And of course, he would like to help Consequence. His motives for doing so aren’t yet clear to anyone besides himself, and he’s perfectly fine with keeping them that way. Perhaps he wishes to get on people’s good side so that they’ll help him with his end-goal, perhaps he wants to try and return Consequence to an imperial state, or perhaps he just wants a job–something to do that he chose to do and wasn’t preordained for him by the gods. It might be all three, or neither.


    Antinous’s history makes him a good fit for politics. He spent five years of his life at the emperor Hadrian’s side, after all, and he’s very charismatic (or he’s just pretty, but to him they’re the same thing). If it had been at all legal for him to do so, he’d have tried to be a senator in Rome. As it is, though, he now applies for controlling a sector, and doesn’t say why beyond that he wants to help turn Consequence from a city of bricks into one of marble.


    He doesn’t say who he’s quoting when he says that. He doesn’t want to alienate anyone.

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     Kida Le Morte 

    *kida opened a portal and stepped out. She heard that they were releasing sectors, and.. if she could get one, she could begin to provide further aid and assistance. She could set up a home away from home here. She too waited, hoping to gain control over a sector. She knew what she wanted to do.. and with the economy being semi efficient, well between everyone applying, maybe they could get it back up to where it once was.. she waited more. She had twines support on this. Her people wanted to help, as did she*

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     Aurelia Faye 

    Aurelia had nothing going for her, not in a political sense anyway. That was a lie; there was one time she applied to be Judge of the Night, but that was ages ago. If anything, all the Necromancer had going for her, was the number of years she’s spent on Hellifyno and perhaps her job in the morgue. Yet, there she was, going to try her hand at gaining a sector; to be apart of something more than just herself. Now, she supposes she is to wait and see if something like a sector might be handed down to her.

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    As the five hundred and first legion are currently based in Consequence, they decide to offer their services- entirely free, and voluntary. They wouldn’t be in the way, they’d stay out of the streets, and they’d let the people of Consequence do as they want… The 501st would simply act as advisers (If they are allowed to be such a thing) and be additional defense for the place. After all, this is what they were made for. Along with these services, they also offer copies of their technological blue prints of the following vehicles..


    AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcers)

    TX-130 saber-class fighter tank

    ARC-170 Star fighter

    Venator class star destroyer

    LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) Gunship

    HAVw A6 Juggarnaut

    All of which will include the resources needed.



    Sources for tank/vehicle information…




    Venator class star destoryer

    HAVw A6 Juggarnaut


    ARC-170 star fighter

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Fwuf #741886 had been voted into… High End Residences!

    The Maid prepares for their new roll, their little entourage (13 lesser maidlings, 3 robo-maids, and a minifweep/rumba combo) to help keep them from feeling lonely acting as the spokes-maid of a respectable…thing!


    They await further instructions because…

    They’re a bit lost.

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    [Ignore this post, please. <3]

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    While she served the entire planet as a whole, and though her duties might take her far and wide. Anthem Lucas Kishimoto will put her name in the hat to oversee the devolpment and contunied progression of a section of Consequence. With little to no poltical training or understanding, she has a working knowledge on suddenly working with strangers and leading them all towards a common goal.

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    He didn’t think himself a leader, at least in the traditional sense. He was a warrior on the battle field, a protector of the people, he was a rodent who did his best to protect those who had no choice in the great lands of Consequence. It was he, in the midst of their suffering, that pulled people together and away from the tragedies, those he could save. Despite his size, he was a leader, a rebel in the midst of at least one skirmish against the vampires who once plagued the city of Consequence, the Giovanni. Brihl offers his name forward with retrospect that he can be of help in more ways than just fighting on the field of battle for the people of Consequence for the city itself is his stomping grounds and the people are close to his tiny beating heart.

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