Cult of the Knit-Wits and Hookers

Welcome, my Cultists

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    So, welcome to the land of Knit-Wits and Hookers, my lovely cultists. Please, pick out a home and settle down. You may have your own farm or would you rather just spin? Would you like to weave? There is a special building just for the weavers to weave. Over there somewhere, there’s a place just for where creatures don’t use such bulky machinery and looms. Another place is where I, Sasuke Alexanderia Firemist, reside alone with my liger, Kwazii, to over look the entire land in which we now stay in. Next to the house is where the help lives but little known since nobody but I keep in touch with them.
    All I ask is that you obey the laws of this land. The laws being you stitch with love, always help another with their craft, be an advocate for peace, and whatever you do, keep away from my personal property. We kill with reason here. We do hunt away from property and livestock. We are the military if the occasion arises. I settle disputes and I decide what happens to those who break the rules.
    Maybe you come here on vacation or come here to live peacefully. Who knows why you want to come here but I am sure glad you are.

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