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    Meet Old Granny Nan, she will knit you wool knickers, make her homemade rat stew, and tell you of the old days. For all you know she is ageless and holds far more than a grudge against the damned fairy that took her breakfast. She is an ill mannered dragon, seemingly harmless on the outside but also the guardian of the ancient ruins, in which leads to the enchanted library. To find all sources of information in how to get to the enchanted library you must first gain the trust of Old Granny Nan.

    Old Granny Nan just so happens to own a run down bed and breakfast a few miles north of the ancient ruins, has seen a customer though in about a hundred years, but whose keeping track, she welcomes all to her Lucky Rabbits Foot, happy to feed and tend to them. Except the fairies…fairies beware she may try adding you to the rat stew for a little color.

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