History of Dalalond’s Ruin


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    When two fates collide, you often have problems, hiccups and the sort, but you see when you have a gate way that leads from one world to another in a different dimensions, you will have doubly the issues. Those welcoming you to The Lost Dalalond.

    Part One:

    The lands of Dalalond were not known for their peaceful ways, rather the opposite. Theft, murder, rape,  all of these things were but a regular accurance.  King Ith was but an average leader, only taking up the ways he himself was taught by his own father. Their blood pure, with a long line of royalty flowing through their veins. Having two sons Kelirith and Mesianth, the oldest next in line for the throne, and like with ancient ways he would be stepping up to take over his fathers position. When that fateful day came Kelirith would begin a new way, a way in which Dalalond would have never seen.  Taking hundreds of years to perfect and many lives lost. That including his father. Mesianth was not accepting of his brothers ideals and took to banishing himself from his brothers kingdom.

    ?Light, and glory made the kingdom now. Upon love, honor and trust stood the families and citizens values. A land where mytchical creatures inhabit its enchanted lands. But for Kelirith and her family it was truth and the foundation he implanted upon his kingdom, once crawling out of the depths of the draconic ways to see that of a better life for their own and others they cared for. Setting a new scene, humanoid dragons setting forth to take that of poverty and distrust and turning it into riches made by hands of trust and love.

    An unfortunate day came upon the kingdom when sent forth his brother Mesianth, his long lived dream of plotting against the wretched goodness he only dreamed of destroying. His fantasies coming true as he sent out an army to bring down the kingdom and the family, murdering or enslaving any that stood against him. A small few of the Castles servants stood against it escaping with but one child of the royal family. The rest they had watched get tortured and murdered for not bowing before the Mesianth ways.

    Skip forward the clock 100  years, you find the gateway has been opened in an ancient ruins, one that the royal family had not stepped foot in since that fateful day. Their only surviving child lost on that day and hunted for over a century. Magic reopening the gateway doors and thus the fates of creatures on both sides of the it would now fall trap to the fate of what Dalalond holds.

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