Dark Water

RP: The White Raven Inn

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      The woods shrink back to a high clearing on a hill north of Dark Water. A beautiful victorian mansion and stable defy the gloomy and depressive skies, warm lights flickering through the frosted covered windows of its bottom and top stories – beckoning passerbys to warm themselves by a fire during their long journey through Hellifyno.

      Inside the tavern, Gen, a snarky werewolf and local bartender, serves the patrons and cooks breakfast every morning for overnight gueasts.

      > Enter The White Raven Inn
      > Go back down to the Town of Dark Water


      [Use this thread to describe your character’s activities outside the Inn]

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      The woods pull away, the tree’s slowly scattering and opening a berth in the clearing, of which the Tavern stood. The building seemed to loom over her, burning the familiar and yet, stranger, voices within her mind. Their story, she remembered, always dashing to get into bed and throw the covers over her. Eyes alight with readable excitement as they took turns, exchanging glances with hidden smiles as they spoke of how they met. How their love began.


      Her movements were slow, hesitant. Daint hands tremble, quivering with a nervousness she pretended not to understand. Suck it up, Willow. Lids close over her eyes, long lashes meeting to kiss their companions as eyes shut tightly. The lump in her throat was swallowed, and hands descend to the door to allow her into the Tavern.

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      Pearly white snowflakes fluttered their way to the ground, slowly making their descent until the air began to distort and shimmer near the ground. The snowflakes naturally curved away from the distortion, flickering elsewhere except where reality itself began to split apart to reveal an endless black abyss. Two melodic voices could be heard echoing through the opening like a tunnel, one seeming more unsettled about the mode of transportation than the other.

      “…not as bad as you make it out to be; you’re just being dramatic–” 

      A leather boot stepped through first, crunching gently into the freshly fallen snow that coated and glistened along the ground beneath the bright starry night. It was deafeningly quiet just before the break of the woods that paved way to the White Raven Inn only a little bit ways ahead. Another step, and her entire body broke through the abyss clad in a grey button-up tank top coupled with a pair of high-waisted black pants that clung to her hips and her calves before being tucked into a pair of leather boots that strapped up her calf. Silver curly tresses were pulled back into a few tight braids with stray wisps falling around the curvature of her face while matching silver pools of hues were filled with amusement and casting a glance over her left shoulder. In front of them, was the goal of their little portal trip that the other woman was not taking too kindly to, while behind Kiari, was the woman who was the reason for the trip in the first place: Blake Carter.

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        “This is not normal, not one bit. Of all the shit I’ve seen–” 

        The cold air hit her like a stonewall as she finally managed to stumble through the opening of the portal, her shoes pressing clumsily into ground in front of her that wasn’t apart of the black abyss–but was instead a stark contrast with the inches of snow that shimmered and stretched along the ground. Wherever they were, it wasn’t as warm and comfortable as the City of Consequence and, more importantly, the Blue Tavern Inn. Why couldn’t they had just met her contact there? Oh, right. Something about a guy named Iniro that Kiari was overly cautious about when it came to taking care of her business. On the contrary, Blake vowed to never stay too long in a place where enemies could place a name to her face–that always meant trouble for her.

        “Dramatic?? Me?” 

        Blake scoffed and rolled stormy grey hues skyward at the other woman’s remarks while her elbows instantly bent to allow the palms of her hands to rest on her adjacent biceps. Thankfully, she wore her black leather jacket today, but alas, it was still not enough to rival the bitter cold that rushed against her sunkissed tan skin that differed so greatly to the ice demoness who thought it was best to travel via portal. Hmph. Beneath the thin layer of her leather jacket, was a plain skin tight olive green crop top that had a sloping neckline. Low rise dark grey pants were fit snugly along the curves of her hips and fell just above her ankles to reveal her skin with short ankle boots dressing her feet. Ashy brown curls were pulled loosely into a bun that sat on top of her head almost lopsided with her babyhairs falling around her forehead and chiseled cheeks. A nose ring glinted in her right nostril along with the various piercings that decorated her ears and the necklaces that lay across her chest and disappeared below the steep slope of the neckline from her shirt. Goosebumps quickly rose along her skin and her hair stood up on its ends as she shivered and shook her head. While the other female remained unfazed, Blake couldn’t help but feel like she was dying a slow and icy death as she pushed her way past Kiari and made quick progress towards the door of the White Raven Inn.

        “You couldn’t have put us inside the inn– teleport– or whatever?” 

        She grumbled, her voice low and scratchy as her teeth chattered behind dry pink lips, her nose sniffling while she desperately rubbed her hands along her biceps until she made her way to the door of the inn and was hopefully welcomed by a temperature she was more acclimated to.

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