Dark Wonderland

Alice’s Revenge on Wonderland

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      Posted by Abbey Windsor on August 14, 2009 at 4:57pm

      Chapter 1. A simple Tea Party.

      “A simple cup of tea, thats all it is”

      The Hatter prattled on, licking his lips greedily.

      “But it doesnt look like tea,”

      Alice said, a demure smiling politely crossing her lips.

      “But this my dear is special Tea, it will really set you free!”

      The March Hare danced with glee.

      Then the Cheshire Cat appeared, and with blood red eyes, he fell upon alas, his large fat body growing larger and larger until she was pinned beneath him.

      “Quick,” he hissed…”Get the tea”

      The merry members of the mad brigade grabbed the saucer and cup, and held the young girls mouth wide. The blood red liquid travelled languidly down the cup, the first drop hitting her tongue with a splash. And then everything changed. Her eyes got wide, her skin went pale, and her lips, she licked her lips sensually, and they turned blood red even as she wetted them.

      “I see now”

      Alice hissed, even as she rose, dropping the oversized Cat on the ground.

      “The sweet taste of…life, it is so…. sinfull. How can I possibly resist?”

      With a madness now resident in her eyes, the young girl began to cackle, a sharp shrieking howl that made even the mad attendess of the party shiver. Alice then turn, the Hatter, March Hare and the Cheshire Cat all swept backwards. Fear evident in their wide eyes.

      “A simply cup of tea,”

      Alice repeated, stalking over to the Hatter who had withdrawn into himself out of the fear. Her hands befell upon the Hatters throat and with a most hideous popping sound, the head was sent sailing through the air until it landed perfectly upon one of the upturned spikes in the distance. Alice’s fingers were laced with the Hatter’s blood, her white gloves stained scarlet red as emerald eyes glance down at the twitching corpse by her feet. Her eyes then move across to the Hare, his small, wet black nose twitching the way it usually did. His fur stood on end, each raised by a goosebump on the rabbits skin. Alice’s head tilt slightly, watching him with the blankest of stares. From the pocket of her party dress, she withdrew a might carving blade. A small, devious smirk upturn the corners of her mouth and pull her blood red lips into the most sinister of smiles.

      “Oh yes, dear Hare. It HAS set me free.”

      Alice hissed as she raise the blade over her head. With one swift down swing of the blade, the Hare looking up as it came down and slice perfectly through his furry head. The cheshire cat suddenly laughed in mirth as he popped over to the Hare’s severed head. Pulling his own head off of his fuzzy neck, he looked down at the corpse of the March Hare and cackled.

      “I guess now you can stand on your head too”

      Then suddenly, his eyes went black, and he dissapeared, reapearing hovering in the air before Alice. In a dark voice that sounded like it was coming from a demons voice, the cat intoned.

      “You know what you have to do now Alice.”

      Alice simply nod her head, a most malicious sparkle twinkly in her vibrant emerald green eyes. Turning from the ever colour-changing feline, Alice made her way quickly through a small, trimmed hedge doorway and out into a field of wild, overgrown mushrooms. Those these werent the small mushrooms you would find scattered across a meadow or garden, no, these were mushrooms that stood many feet into the clouds and tower over the shrunken land. Looking around, Alice was sure she had entered through a door somewhere to the left but when she glanced briefly across the winding mushroom field, she could see nothing more than, well, mushrooms of course. This angered her more, there was little time to waste before the Red Queen would take, by force, Wonderland as her own and shroud the wonderous delights in the darkest of hatred.

      “Oh, it has to be around here somewhere.”

      She muttered, her ears catching the sound of a soft buzzing sound in the not too far distance. The white Rabbit was no where to be seen. Alice made her way back to the Tea Garden archway, her emerald green eyes watching for any sign that there may be someone else nosying about. She would have to discard the corpses, and quickly. Wonderland was a place of whispers, the flowers, the trees, the insects and even the earth beneath her blood-stained, slippered feet were alive with a youthfulness like no other.

      Padding her way silently along the brambled hedges, Alice’s senses caught whiff of a new, strange and yet startling familiar scent being carried along by the breeze. Being the size she was, she was less of a threat to them then they were to her. Drawing her butchers blade from the front of her blue, blood-stained dress, she stealthily rounded the brambled edge and what she saw seemed to somehow frighten her.

      There standing before her in the exact same attire, a small dainty blue and white dress, one that was clean and spotted with barely visible splotches of dirt, was another young girl. Well, to Alice, she seemed alot younger than herself.

      Few differences could be identified between the girls. Alice, of course, had glossy black hair, a ghostly pale complexion that highlighted her vibrant emerald green eyes and the rubiest red lips that looked as though they had been painted on instead of simply being natural.

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