Dark Wonderland

The End of Magic

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      Originally posted July 12, 2009 at 1:37pm

      An old man, tattered and frail, hung from a series of thick metal tubes. Electrodes were attached to various points on his body, which was lefte xposed through the tattered rags which hung loosely from his frail bony frame.

      At a tilt of my head an engine roars to life. Suddenly red hot sparks of electricity lace down through the cruel tubes and blast through the old mans body. He goes stuff, the pain barely able to escape from his clenched lips as his every muscle contracts in wild unwanted contortions.

      A moment goes by, and a few numbers print out onto a small piece of greena nd white computer paper. I walk over and rips the parchment from the console.

      “What does it mean?”

      A mousy man standing before a series of monitors pushes the glasses up further on his rat like nose and looks at me pointedly. “I think weve founds it.” He snorts, “Sir”

      “Where…” My eyes go dark as I peer deep beyond the numbers printed on the form.

      “Well… your not gonna believe this. But… well…” The mousy man looks down and away, avoiding my gaze even as he shuffles his feat nervously.

      “Tell me now!” I roar.

      “Well… it seams to be coming from a place that is termed… at least in our linguistic understanding… as Wonderland.”

      I stand silent for a moment, shock meeting with fierce lightning thoughts even as the wheels turn over in my head. But my tongue is still slow in forming the words.

      “As in…Alice in Wonderland?”

      He nods weekly.

      “How is that even possible? Wonderland is a fictional place!”

      The mousy man with the pointy nose runs over to his desk where he pulls out a large pile of charts and graphs. “Well you see within multidimensional theory it only takes certain perceptions to alter reality. In this way fiction can actually have a bearing on reality depending on the functioning of the cognitive factor, which is of course, the key factor in displacement of subatomic particles. Its really quite fascinating its all very transcendental, but the math works out, you see…”

      The physicist speaks on and on in a nasally whiney voice. I listen quietly, politely. I understand every word he says, even though I give no indication of this. When he is finished speaking I am satisfied.

      “Fine. So the way to destroy magic forever, to kill every last Vampire, Werewolf, and Demon on the face of this planet, and ensure that they can never come back, is to somehow cut the connection between this… Wonderland, and our own world.”

      “Well…” the physicist was sweating with excitement now. “Theoretically that is correct.”

      “Fine then. Excellent.” My voice is calm, yet beneath the words there is a fire so fierce that it could destroy planets. “Then we must go to Wonderland.”

      As I speak another bolt of electricity rips through the old mans body, resulting in another set of numbers slowly pouring out of the console.

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