The skyline is riddled with impressive skyscrapers and there is no place on earth with anything like this. Trade is at an all time high in Dorath’Kor and it has attracted a lot of attention. A few new cultures have left their mark not just on the city’s development, but also upon the city’s identity. What historically was a city of predictability has grown into a new culture of variety and it’s this that unites the few dozen people. It’s this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. There are a few cafés, take-outs and bakeries that offer a plethora of culinary choices and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy sightseeing, dance, art galleries or one of the many other recreational venues.

One would think that any town or city created by Morrigan would be dark and full of tortured beings. However, in this particular town’s case, that’s not true.

The city itself has three “districts” within it. There’s the port, where most of the travel is done via portals. This area has very few shops or homes, most buildings serving as warehouses for the limited exports that Morrigan has contracted. Most of her exports are obsidian (in the form of jewels, home decor, and the like), art, and food.

The second “district” is what’s called Nightsprawl, and this is the residential area. This is also where the majority of the cafes, shops, and take-out facilities are. Each and every last building has some sort of marker, something that determines whether it’s commercial or residential. Most of those markers are made from obsidian or volcanic rock.

The last “district” is the palace itself. The structure was built in the fashion of the same palace that resides within Morrigan’s torture realm. This is where the Zeneas family resides, Morrigan and her consort Dimos, as well as their daughter Velana.

The most interesting aspect of this city is that there is no visible prison. This is due to the fact that there is a portal set up within the palace itself where all criminals are taken. Each one is then transported to her torture realm, where their sentences are carried out.


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