Draydale Forest

Sal! (The Goat-headed Bartender) Welcome to Draydale Tavern!

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      The settings? A quaint Tavern, it was small, falling apart, it’s wooden floor squeaked upon pressure and a few holes decorated the shambling walls. The roof leaked when it rain but oddly, the floors remained dry. Despite its appearance however, it was warm and inviting. With several wooden tables and cushioned chairs, the fire place roared making the room glow in a comforting life. Behind the large wooden bar aisle, shelves of every alcohol imaginable rested upon it’s dusty shelves. Rusty taps dripped within a large sink, the table tops were clean to sheen and strangely enough it was well kept.

      A single shatter of lighting broke through silence the skies oddly clear and the air smelling nothing like rain was coming. A large shadow flickered massively painting the ground with a picture of an animal like being, a goat in particular. For a moment it’s dominated presence rattled the very air before shrinking behind the bar counter. It was indeed shaped like a man, well dressed in a black suit, someone who looked like he’d work in a fine mansion and not in a quaint place such as this. Upon his shoulders was none of a man but a beast again, Goat. It’s black fur combed and silver horns shimmered in against the flickering fire, upon it’s amber glowing eye sat a monocle. A gold chain dangling from it’s pocket, he reached into it revealing a well decorated pocket watch, “Time to open” he sighed, his voice deep and monotone. He glided across the floor not one sound was made as if the goat was floating upon the creaky floor. Finding himself he picked up his clean white towel and started to wipe clean several glasses, setting them down to be used. He remained focused not a thing entering his mind but the task at hand. Sometimes people came, sometimes it was still like this. The days people did enter. It was interesting, they always looked lost and daunted. Who would be, each person that entered Draydale forest Tavern, did not know how they got there. His mistress doing, she always loved to see beings baffled.

      He tilted his head, staring at the door, who exactly was going to come through that door. It was almost like a guessing game.

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