Enchanted Fairy Glade

Points of Interest

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    The glade is not massive at first glace but as one delves deeper they find and interesting expanse to explore and enjoy!

    The Great Tree

    In the center of it all at the top of a long flowing brook is the great tree. It is closed now but inside holds the secrets to Tavi (and maybe a few others) mysterious existence!


    The Glade

    The glade closed from the outer world is a hidden place of peace. Animals folic openly without fear. There are trees so many trees and flowers and plants of both known and unknown origin.


    The Cave

    What powers dwell inside the enchanted waters of this cavern is a mystery. Tavi’s last incarnation called it “Mother”. It speaks to her, teaches her. What she needs to know as she grows at a rabid rate as fairies do. When she is ready she unlocks powers from it’s soothing glowing waters. It is a power font for the fae.


    Beyond the Cave

    Outside a wide opening of the cave is a ledge that looks out to an expansive landscape. Acres of trees, mountains in the distance. Is this part of Persistence? No, it is encompasses this bubble of fae space in the in-between. Only one of many. Very little is known about what dwells out there as even Tavi herself has never been of age these past two incarnations to explore it herself. Potential indeed for a curious and brave adventurer.

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