Enigmatic Forest

The Enigmatic Forest…

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      “Yeah, yeah.. I got it, Pnigo.” The man growled under his breath as he trudged his way through the wild blackberry thorns and scattered ivy’s. “We will just have to deal with that later.” Outwardly talking to himself, but internally there was an entity that was listening. Pnigo.. The dragon that was bound to Rafael’s soul. The very creature that made his life both rewarding and hellish at the same time, it only differed when their opinions or impulses don’t match up right. Tall, tan skinned, and extremely tone. Raf was quite the looker and had an attitude to match. CRACK. Twigs beneath his feet fractured in several places as he walked onwards, keeping his neon green eyes forward, keeping himself aware of his surroundings to make sure that nothing was going to startle him and get Pnigo all riled up. That would be rather annoying if the beast had another unwanted occurrence. ~I want out, Raf-Ai-El~ The dragon hissed inside of Raf’s mind. Shaking off the internal words, the man chose to ignore him and continued walking in one direction. The river was around here, right? Ah! There it is! A trickling sound cascaded against his ears and he trotted around a few trees and ducked under spindly branches, finally catching a glimpse of rushing water. “Just give me a sec to recoup, ya snake.” He mumbled with a twisted smirk. “Home is just up ahead, then you can be released and do whatever it is you do.”

      The Enigmatic Forest

      The forest is surrounded by a green mist, hazy and wondrous in its appearance. Very tranquil and serene.. The trees are tall and thickly clustered together. Some have trunks with diameters that are much bigger than a car or large machinery. Perhaps even a few are considered monstrous in their size, giving something such as the giant redwoods a run for their money. This place is not on Earth nor is it on Hellifyno. Enigmatic forest is something that opens its sanctuary to those that are seeking out things beyond themselves and the physical world. Something that makes the real world look as though it were drawn by a child. Magic.. That source flourished in this place, replacing the simplicities of both creatures and greenery with that of things from dreams and hallucinations. Unreal.. But real. One can get lost in this forest should they wander too far alone, or even in groups if they weren’t careful about where they placed their next footstep. A campground is set up amidst the illusions of the forest, across the river and beneath several larger trees. A few old and ex-abandoned homes were carefully crafted above in these trees for protection from whatever was below them. This is where Rafael called home and wished to share with a select few with.. Strength, courage, passion, and many other traits were being sought out, or at least were desired, but anyone who proved to be able to handle themselves could call this place a home. 

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