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       Rega Archon

      Location: A heated, wide, sun-beaten rocky valley. Flat, orange-dyed earthy plains fill the valley covered with low-level shrubs that differ between sparse and dense levels. Here and there wind defined roads, mostly unused and covered with dust and rubble from rocks falling down the cliff sides. Making up the valley’s sides are large, winding orange stone ridges worn down and away by the passage of time.

      Conditions: Anybody can join. Non God-like levels of power would be appreciated. A person is out of the fight when they surrender or are knocked unconscious.

      Rewards: Nothing in particular unless fighters agree something between themselves.

      Rega Archon sat on one of the pieces of rock jutting out of a cliff-side, overlooking the plains contained within the valley. The shining sun’s rays glimmered off of the golden flecks in his jet black hair and caused the gold and silver irises he possessed to glitter while they scanned the landscape. His signature sword was stuck into the ground beside him. A one-handed sword, its size was its only normal detail. It was almost entirely made of a clear, crystalline material that refracted light through it into a multitude of colours; the only non-crystal features were the very edge of the blade and the esoteric decorations on the handle and guard which were done with a white enamel-like material. A beautiful, diamond-like spherical jewel was set into the bottom of the handle to signify this being the Clear Demiurge Sword. Now, Rega was here because he was waiting. He wanted to make sure his fighting skills were still up to scratch, and so he was waiting for an opponent to test himself against.

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      Ryuko has heard the challenge and come to the place. It took her quite some time to find it but in the end, she did. Ryuko parked her bike next to the street. as she smiled. “Ryuko are you sure that this is the place?” Senketsu asked ” Sure i am ” with a frown the scholar uniform looked at her, ” You said that the last 3 locations ” Ryuko instantly wanted to punch him but it was not used to do that right now besides their enemy is on the horizon. Rega to her eyes seem like a dot on the distance but after she approached at him close enough she smiled at him. “you must be it ” Ryuko placed a hand on her pocket and with a quick move she was able to take out her scissor red blade that instantly grew on her hand. ” My name is Ryuko Matoi Owner of the fight club “

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       Rega Archon

      Rega would hear the roar of an engine off in the distance and spy somebody riding a motorcycle, after he used a hand to shade his eyes from the sun. In the distance he might be seen as a blinking light, due to the sunlight glittering off his golden hair. One person by themselves? This was probably the person he was waiting for.

      He’d wait for her to get closer first before making a final judgement though. She looked young, younger than him, though that was no measure of skill. He was 25 yet looked younger due to being so ‘anime’. Ryuko spoke and introduced themselves, so he responded in kind. “Rega, Rega Archon, nice to meet you. You own this Club then? You must be fairly strong then… shall we get started then?” He would stand and yank his crystalline sword from the rock.

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      Alright Rega lets get this started, bring it on” Quickly in a second of a time Ryuko took out the clip from her hand transforming her body  in a matter of seconds

      Most of her skin was exposed leaving just little to the imagination but still, it was not something to be taken lightly in this form Ryuko was more resistant than she already was.. Quickly she made her fighting stance as she smiled looking at Rega at the same time she felt the wind brushing her skin making her blush lightly ” me what you got ?”

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       Rega Archon

      “Alright then, show me what you’re made of Miss Matoi,” Rega would say with a excited grin. He would shift his feet into a more guarded stance, his right foot forward with his left foot planted firmly back with the heels of both feet aligned. His right hand held that glass-like sword up vertically with the hand low down. Now with his stance taken up he would expect Ryuko to come and attack; she walked all that way to him, she might be the type to make the first attack too. Rega… did not expect what came next.

      Now, to understand Rega’s reaction, please note he came from a medieval-level society. Ryuko’s current outfit was pushing it heavily by Rega’s home’s standards. What Ryuko’s outfit changed to had gone so far past the line Rega knew, the line was gone. Heterochromatic eyes widened, his face flushed with embarrassment and Rega stuttered, “Wh-what in the-!?” He covered his shy eyes with his non-sword hand. Was this a distraction tactic to put him off his game!? “D-Do you have to fight like that!? I-Is This how you fight!?” Clearly, she was fighting an easily embarrassed young man. His stance was shaken by this sudden shock, but he’d check himself and take it up again… even with one hand covering his eyes.

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      In return, Ryuko also blushes ” D..dont judge me …”Even when she was feeling like that right now. Ryuko pushes forward swinging her in a horizontal manner towards his body. the force of impact of the swing alone could cut half of a mountain. Also thanks to it the sand the wind and sand were dragged alongside the swing. Even if she hit or miss the cloud of browny dust would form up around them like a quick passing sands storm

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       Rega Archon

      “…O-Oh my Demiurge this /is/ h-how you fight isn’t it?” Rega realised this terrible fact and cursed the universe for its weird ways. “Wh-Who chooses to fight in such a… A p-perverted way!?” Rega demanded. Since his left hand was covering his eyes in a way he couldn’t see forward, that meant he would not see Ryuko come towards him. He would however hear her. This combined with an instinct honed over years of things trying to hurt him made him try and jump away from that horizontal slash. Perhaps the shyness over this possibly perverted person coming nearer contributed too…

      However, Rega in his current state was at the peak of human strength. The cloud of dust and the air pressure caused by Ryuko’s swing blew the guy sideways in the direction of her swing, rolling him along and down the cliff with numerous thwacking and smashing into rocks along the way. After each time though, there was a dull golden pulse throughout the young man’s body… He eventually stopped rolling and shakily got up. “Great, super strength…” he muttered. Rega put a hand to his chest, to the strange circular scars, and the one on the bottom left blinked into golden life and slowly began to fill… Now, over time, Rega would be multiplying his strength and speed. It would take time though, and right now Ryuko outclassed him physically. Rega had to survive until he could compete properly.

      He couldn’t just let her approach again though, so Rega would ‘attack’. He’d quickly pick up a small rock and chuck it towards Ryuko at full speed. As it flew, golden magic resembling electricity sparkled out from it and arced all across the ground. This fused nearby rocks and boulders to it as it flew, so as the rock flew at Ryuko it got Much bigger the longer it went.

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      “STOP CALLING ME PERVERT YOU PERVERT ” Ryuko was embarrassed thanks to his comments usually she does not think about her clothing on the battle but the fact that this boy was calling her out and reminding her the way that she was dressed made her feel ashamed of herself. She stood still taking it all his comments and all her own thoughts about herself being like that ” Ryuko concentrate” Ryuko looked down as she clenched her fist at the same time Rega was doing its thing. ” “shut up,” Ryuko said to senketzu. At that moment she saw the rock coming towards her and with ease using a vertical motion with her sword, she was able to slash it like paper in 2 halves. Then with a fire like Glare, she rushed towards Rega but instead of running she used the Boosters on her clothes to impulse herself faster

      Once she was close enough Ryuko attempted another vertical slash on Rega.

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       Rega Archon

      “H-How am /I/ the pervert in this situation!!??” exclaimed the hapless Rega. How was he the one in the wrong here!? She was the one who decided to strip all of her clothing off! Hell, she even seemed to realise how embarrassing her outfit was, so why was she wearing it!? …Actually, that was a good question. Why would she purposefully wear it? Did it grant her this super-strength? Rega wasn’t sure how to test that theory, all he knew was he should probably aim to strike where the clothing wasn’t since she most likely wouldn’t be protected there… How was he supposed to aim then when he could barely stand looking at her!?

      Ryuko slashed the composite boulder in half, the two pieces crashing into the cliff side and sliding down to the plains below with a mighty rumble. Rega then saw Ryuko activate these thruster things on the back of her sparse clothing and used the force to rush him at a greater speed than before! If she could do that, she could probably fly too he thought. Right, this girl was a definite threat, in more than one way. There wasn’t really anywhere to hide and she was coming in with speed. With her strength she could easily break him before he got to a point where he could fight relatively evenly… Well, that meant Rega would have to ditch normal sword combat for now. Rega would hold out his right hand with the sword and golden electricity crackled around his arm now. It might look like he was going to shoot a beam or something at Ryuko, but he didn’t! Instead, there was a flash of golden light again and Rega would look slightly different to before. His hair, instead of black with gold flecks, was mostly a wisp-like light grey with gold instead and it seemed to hover around as if under zero-gravity. The dust around him wrapped around him, evident of air currents flowing around his form. Rega had fused with Air using ‘Arcana Fusion’. What this meant was Rega could now manipulate the element of Air.

      Rega, still trying not to look at Ryuko due to her choice of attire or lack thereof, would swipe his left hand out as she came forwards towards him. This would generate a massive gust of wind, hopefully enough to blow her back, and with it a large amount of dust and pebbles might be sent at her. If through this cloud she still came and slashed at him vertically, Rega would try to avoid it if he saw her shadow on the ground by jumping backwards. This wouldn’t be fast enough to fully avoid her though, and a line would be cut around 30 centimetres long up the middle of his torso, cutting his shirt open and causing his crimson blood to stain her sword, his shirt and the dusted earth.

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      Thanks to the velocity that she reached Ryuko could not stop herself from going straight into the strong winds ” What?’ She opened her eyes wide as she was sent flying into the air like a leaf guided by winds ” Damit? She told herself as she was pushed away in mid-air as she flips her body before she could reach the ground and quickly used SEnketsu ability to fly.  Once down that, she let herself fall on her feet once more this time a few meters away from Rega “Nice trick you got there ‘ she smiled as she wipes the dirt from her face with her right thumb on at the same time her left hand rested her sword on her shoulders. ” Well i guess it can’t be helped ” Ryuko placed herself in her usual battle  position but now there was something more going on ” Decapitation mode “

      Her sword became two times as long and could hit with the two times the amount of power ” I guess this is it Kid gave a good fight ” Ryuko closed her eyes and for a second there she was sinking more with senketsu making the red parts of her body glow and what it seems to be in the blink of an eye  Ryuko moved her sword in a massive vertical slash if this  hit was a success probably she would leave Rega naked and if not the mountains in the background would be cut in half by the wind pressure of the move

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       Rega Archon

      The gust of wind seemed to be effective in initially stopping Ryuko’s charge, blowing her back into the air. However, she could control herself well in the air, so she would return quickly and stop a small distance away from Rega. He still wasn’t looking at her… seems he was determined in this action for now! “It’s not a trick, it’s magic,” Rega would explain a little, though maybe ‘magic’ still seemed like a trick to her. “Decapitation what now?” Rega would murmur to himself and he would open a gap between his left hand’s fingers for a mere second just so he could see what she was doing.

      Ryuko had increased the length of that strangely shaped sword? With two hands on it, she could probably deliver even more power… “Kid? I am Older than you!” Rega would retort, flustered once more. Why was she declaring this fight over already, it hadn’t even begun. However, within the single blink of an eye which wasn’t even looking at the opponent, Ryuko closed the distance and slashed with that enhanced blade upwards. Rega was hit into the air, a gash opening up in his chest, and… for some reason, his clothing was torn up to render him naked.

      As his body sailed into the air and began its descent, it seemed like he was beaten, but suddenly a golden crackling of electricity burst out from his form and another flash brightened up the surroundings momentarily. His clothing was back…? Rega would flip himself over and land on his feet, before pointing an accusing finger at Ryuko. “YOU! You tried to strip me!? You totally did! Are you some kind of exhibitionist!? A pervert!?” Why were his clothes back, and why was his cut closed? The reason was Rega’s brand of magic. He had two kinds, Fusion and Fission. Fusion allowed him to bind his clothes back together and close his cut, though he still lost some blood; it even let him fuse with air to gain those wind powers. Rega was looking now, though his face was flustered massively, and in retaliation to Ryuko’s attack he would slash with his left arm. In the motion, it would become covered with a Silver sort of magical electricity now, and it would be launched like a slicing whip of silver at the girl. It was extremely fast, just like her burst of speed towards him. If it hit, it would be like a hyper-sharp blade, easily being able to cut mountains just like Ryuko could with her physical prowess.

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      “S..STOP CALLING ME A PERVERT… I.. I AM NOT A PERVERT YOU BRATH” Ryukos face blushed as she said that.  People might wonder why Ryuuko’s attack strip him naked. It was all because that technique once its used correctly Strips snaked her opponent but also deals high damage and makes her stronger but this time it failed as Raga talked about her being a Pervert the Sword returned to a normal state. It was odd that the guy lost his opportunity to counter her at close combat instead.

      But still, on her fluster state Ryuko was unable to dodge the attack  thanks that her mind was thinking about her dress “Ryuko what are you doing ?” Senketsu asked making her react to late before being hit. The hit sent her flying again tearing part of her body almost in two while she was on the air Ryuko’s body fell to the ground and thanks to her healing factor the huge cut vanished. but still, she was hurt and it was hard for her to stand up one she did she fell on her right knee and stuck her sword on the ground to support herself ” B..Bastard” She struggles to say those words ” R..Ryuko a..are you alright? Her healing Factor could hell cuts of any type but when it came to bruises and burns it took her time to heal. almost like a normal human person

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       Rega Archon

      “I have every right to call you a pervert, you tried to strip me and you’re wearing…whatever that is!” Rega would gesture with his sword at Senketsu. Rega was indeed confused as to how her weapon even fully stripped him like that, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to know… Rega had lost a fair few opportunities at this point because of how disturbed he was by the nature of Ryuko’s outfit. Right now though he had managed to get past the refusal-to-look-at-her stage and was now able to Look… it still made him shy and flustered though.

      At least his own attack landed, cutting right into Ryuko’s midriff and almost splitting her completely. Now, the fact Ryuko healed from such an obvious and large wound both intrigued and worried Rega. A healing factor? Interesting! But also, that made beating her more difficult since she could regenerate. She still seemed hurt though, so maybe it took a lot of energy to heal herself? Well, whatever the reason, it was a chance. Manipulating air and wind, Rega would fly forwards after kicking off the ground and advance at great speed towards Ryuko. Mid-travel, Rega would swap sword-hand to add an element of confusion. If he managed to get in-front of Ryuko, Rega would make as if he was about to slash diagonally down at her but instead he would attempt to stop dead. The attack would be a feint and he would crouch down before lunging forward to try and deliver a punch to Ryuko’s jaw. His strength was a whole lot greater now, much higher than a human, but probably not as high as Ryuko’s, so he aimed for the jaw in the hope if it hit it might concuss her a tad and throw her off balance.

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      Ryuko was hit on the face by Regas punch she was sent flying away alongside her sword before she crashed on to the ground bouncing a couple of times before she was laying down on her belly, Her sword slipped from her hand and got stuck on the ground near her. “D..Damit ” Ryuko struggle to stand up but still, she did it as she held her sword looking at Rega her nose and mouth started to bleed thanks to the punch. But her will to fight allowed her to continue  

      Once again she placed herself on her battle position, holding her sword tightly in the palm of her hands ” Now we are talking ” Ryulo smiled

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       Rega Archon

      Rega’s hit landed on the Fight Club Captain and made her roll across the ground due to the blow’s impact. Maybe just a little more strength, Rega thought, and he might equal her. He didn’t want to go get stronger than that if he could avoid it, he wanted the fight to be relatively even so it could come down to skill.

      “You ready to keep going?” Rega would wait for Ryuko to get back up, but the look in her eyes was all the response he needed. He would return her look with a determined grin, the air currents flowing around him making his spiky hair float about and the rips in his shirt flap a little. His gold and silver eyes shone with excitement… and his cheeks were still red, since her outfit still embarrassed him a lot! Now… she repaired the cut he made in her stomach, and he fixed the cuts she made in his chest. They were similar, so maybe her weakness was also his? Rega would grip his sword and it would glow with a multicolored light before shrinking down to the size of a dagger, and he would fuse it to his hip instead of place it in a holster. He would then take up a stance, slamming his foot down in place, before looking over to Ryuko with that smile. He was baiting her in to attack.


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      Ruko started to glow again with her red aura surrounding her.  She could feel how her strength was rising and with that, some spikes popped in her costume edges. “alright” Ryuko launch herself at full speed towards Rega. She began to fly and spin around like some sort of flying saw going at high speeds if Rega managed to dodge it she would turn around follow him back for a second time.

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       Rega Archon

      Before Rega’s eyes, that… strange outfit of Ryuko’s got even stranger as it morphed into a much spicier form than before. In what world would something like that be comfortable!? It seems he was still judging her, something she might notice if she met his gaze.


      The spikes were no joke though, as Ryuko sped and span towards him like a bladed, whirling dervish. The first time she came for him, Rega would swiftly side-step to avoid himself being cut apart numerous times. How to deal with a walking, talking buzzsaw outfit? Well, the element of surprise was always good. So was the element of being so stupid people wouldn’t guess what you’d do! As Ryuko came for the second pass, Rega would crouch down and push forward in a lunging cleaver blow aimed below Ryuko’s chest, at the solar plexus region. Since she was moving so fast he might her her elsewhere such as her back or side. He was relying on his strength and determination to push through her spinning spikes and still hit! Regardless, she’d still slash and dice up his right hand and arm a whole lot, spreading flecks of his blood all over. Yes, Rega was such a brave/stupid fighter, he would punch the saw blade in the hope that the saw blade would lose!

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      When she saw him trying to punch the saw Ryuko stopped or tried to. Thanks to that Ryuko got a punch in the chin and was sent flying away before she fell to the ground unconscious. The thing was that Ryuko could have killed him by doing that those spikes could pass through a mountain like nothing and Rega’s flesh would have been like paper to it. Once she was laying on the ground unconscious her clothes returned back to normal.

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       Rega Archon

      Rega was fully anticipating that she would cut him to shreds, he was relying on his high pain tolerance and Fusion powers to get him through that harrowing experience. However, his somewhat suicidal-looking move seemed to take Ryuko off guard, since she stopped. Rega’s punch landed, sending Ryuko up high until she crashed down to the ground unconscious. Rega would blink, looking between Ryuko and his fist as her clothes went back to normal. Did… he just win? That was… kind of accidental, he was genuinely thinking she would just slice him up and the fight would go on though with a lot of blood everywhere. Huh!

      Rega couldn’t just leave her here though, unconscious in the middle of nowhere. He’d walk on over and nudge her with his foot, “…Hello…? You ok?” A gentle poke to her head, “Miss Matoi?” He’d then take her pulse, just to make sure she was alive and he hadn’t just accidentally murdered somebody.

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