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      You are now in Fight Captures, place, where you can share fight related art, and describe it.

      Did you feel strongly about a fight? Maybe you found a picture for it? Post it here for others to seek inspiration, and maybe your picture will be featured in an event.

      Of course there are rules:

      1. Do not spam the forum. Pictures are massive, and weight quite a lot. You can keep multiple pictures in one post, the post length is up to you! People will still appreciate it!

      2. No NSFW content. Whilst fights can be grotesque and graphic, this is a sports based arena. And an open location. Be mindful of younger audiences.

      3. No plagiarism! You can share the art that you like, and better yet – credit the artist you like, but do not claim artwork as your own when it isn’t.

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      Me and Anthem were sparring. And we shared best battle stance pictures we had found on the Internet. And I decided to put them as a collage  and remove colour to make them more compatable (I don’t know the original artists):

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      For my picture, please credit the talented Sol Korra on Deviantart!

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