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      You have entered the suggestion box thread.

      To improve the location for everyone  and make Roleplaying more fun and immersive, feel free to share any wild ideas. Here are some tips that may help you:

      • Do not overflow the forum. You can edit your posts, if you wish to add more ideas in short time span, but keep posted suggestions to 1 post a day. That is regular check up time for the location in normal conditions.
      • Be polite. Whilst we can be vicious as our characters, and truly shine with our prowess, we are humans at the end of the day, thus do not use the forum (or any platform, preferably) to attack others personally.
      • Do not worry if you don’t see a response. Often locations like that are checked on the go, when the plotting juices are flowing. And reply may get lost in the process. But any advice will be considered at the very least.
      • The voice of many works. If you feel strongly about someone’s post and indeed would wish that to be added, feel free to include it your own post. Popular ideas could be set as priority.
      • Location owner calls the shots.¬†That does also include site admins and owners.
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