Gypsy Camp

Scene Setting:

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      Set not too far from the Blue Moon – hiking distance anyway, the Vardo sits. It’s a wooden wagon, a small house on wheels, hightly ornate on the outside, and gilded in places with gold leaf. Two horses are nearby along with a rope coral in which they spend their afternoons and often evenings. Their owner, self proclaimed gypsy, tends to them each morning starting a dawn, regardless of how much sleep he has, or hasn’t had. If you come upon his camp in the morning hours you’ll find him working there doing various chores, could be training his horses, working with his long bullwhip, knife throwing or the mundane of gathering and chopping wood or even washing his clothes by the stream. When he is not there, his Vardo will be locked with a sign “Find me at the Blue Moon”. Occasionaly the camp will change locations. But if one looks for it, they can usually find it.


      If you’re one of the rare people invited inside you can expect a scene much like this

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