Hellifyno, world of magic. This mystical land is home to some of the most powerful, terrible, wonderful, and bizarre creatures in existence. It is a place of mystical energy, powerful technology, demons, kings, wars, and empires. It is a land of danger, and wonders, that can raise you to the pinnacles of might and glory, or cast you into the cruelest of tortures.

The Northern Continent
The smallest, but most populous of the large land masses on Hellifyno, the Northern Continent is the home of the capital city of Consequence, as well as most of the major metropolitan centers on the planet. While the Northern Continent does feature large tracts of open land, fields, forests, and mountains, it also has centers of production, commerce, and cultivation.

The Southern Continent
Traditionally a wild and savage land, the Southern Continent is home to the largest, and most dangerous of the natural inhabitants of Hellifyno. From dragons and giants, to krakens and behemoths, the creatures who dwell here are extremely dangerous. For this reason the continent has been left largely unsettled and uncultivated, save by a few primitive tribes of varying species, who eke out violent existences.

The Great Eastern Continent
In Hellifyno’s ancient past, this was the center of authority and power for thousands of years. Many great cities rose, and fell, and rose again, as different regimes and political structures came and went. Today this is a continent of ruins and artifacts, ancient crumbling cities, and lost memories slowly fading to the ravages of time. A few of these ancient cities still live, populated by the ancestors of the planets former kings, while others have set out to create new lives, and new locations, on this storied land mass.

Hellifyno Cities

Persistence: A newly founded city born from the ashes of the destruction of Providence, persistence has quickly grown to become a world power known for its rigorous trade and commerce, its propensity for profound innovations in magic in science, and as the current home of the famous Red Sun Inn, populated by the mysterious group known as the Rogues.

Consequence: The largest city on the planet, Consequence is a bustling hub of research, trade, manufacture, and war. It is the home of some of the most powerful creatures in the universe, including the to the famous Hellifyno Heroes. It is also currently the location of the famous Blue Moon Tavern.

Providence: A colony established by Consequence, just south of its border. This settlement specializes in advanced magical agriculture and the harvesting of hideous sea monsters. It was destroyed in a civil war early in its history, but has now been rebuilt and the aptly nicknamed Improvidence is currently ruled by a powerful cabal of dark sorcerers.

Olde Watch: A bustling sea and star port that acts as the financial center of the planet. Olde Watch features ancient architecture, a diverse and mottled mix of species, and the planet’s largest open marketplace.

Dawn: The city of the Soulless, Dawn is ruled by Carol, The Second Mother, and is the bastion of all who are tainted by void or beholden to Wyrd.

Ar’Elis: The ancient capital of Hellifyno, this city has existed for millions of years. Filled with great towering ruins, and collapsing architecture from bygone eras, it is now a center of learning and supernatural research.

Civalo’ki: Located in the ruins of an ancient city, Civalo’ki became the home of the Children of Light when they discovered a temple dedicated to the worship of Gaia which is nearly one hundred thousand years old. The Children have since revitalized the temple and the ruined city, breathing new life into the fallen metropolis.

New Avrilis: The city of the dead, dying, and undead. This is a realm of creatures who prey on mortal bodies and blood. Vampires, ghouls, and zombies walk the streets of the city of flesh, while great pens of human cattle are kept in the countryside beyond, awaiting their eventual execution.

Halgan Wood: The traditional home of the legendary Silverhide clan. A densely forested area, that is filled with a variety of magical creatures.

Aark: This city rests at the intersection of two mighty rivers, which irrigate the fertile plains of Hellifyno. This is the breadbasket of the planet, and is responsible for roughly 60% of all food production worldwide.

The Shiva Expanse: A sinisterly blooming city centered around a massive Ziggurat, rising from the dead of desert at the extreme southern tip of the southern continent. This is a place of the Chaos god, and is ruled by Harmony, the priestess of the Wyrm.

The Hellifyno Solar System.

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