A message from The Wanderer who Writes

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      Wazzup! It’s me! The cloaked figure I hear many call Wanderer! I don’t mind the name, of course, I’m more or less just mentioning it’s more of a title to me.

      Either way! I’m bored!

      You think you can kill me? Or even just beat me in a fight?


      I’m not boasting power or anything… okay, maybe I am a little bit. But I’m more or less just bored as all get-out.

      If you impress me I may even grant a wish!



      But only if you impress me~

      Anyways. I look forward to anyone who approaches me in search of battle!

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      Intriguing! A challenge sounds quite fun. I’m interested in fighting if you’ll allow me

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      so long as there is no auto hitting or god modding i could give a go. too many noobs who just pull powers randomly out of their ass.

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      I’m up for a challenge! Not many people wanna spar these days so I’ll take my chances!

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