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      For some reason, my chats don’t want to load. It has the loading Icon, but doesn’t actually load. It works with my alt accounts, but not for this one. Idk if this is a technical issue, or something wrong on my part, but it’s been like this for a day or two now, and been wondering if anyone else had an idea about what’s happening.

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      For some reason, I’m experiencing similar problems. I’m guessing it has something to do with the chat updating or something, I don’t really know.

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      Yeah, Mine isn’t loading either. Even when it finally comes up, it will eat my posts.

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      Yeah same here as well
      I thought it was just only mine

      Well I hope its working better by tomorrow

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      I agree with that one, Catalina. I can’t open the main chat rooms and my private messages won’t appear, only the active users. Even if I select one of the people I’m PM’ing, it takes ages to load.

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      Same for me, but it won’t even show my PM chats.


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      Well, the chat just started working for me. Not sure about y’all, though.

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      Actually, I take that back. Chat’s acting up again..

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      I’ve been having the same issues, however, the site – just like most others – can go through a period of time where it’s a little slow; probably due to updates, changes made, etc. No worries though, I’m sure it will pass over eventually.

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