Didn’t Get to Participate in 12th Anniversary? Look no more!

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      Hello! It’s me, Delta. You may have seen my stories going on in the stories tab, though if you haven’t, that’s okay! This idea is still in the workings, and may not fully come to fruition. I’m planning on writing and posting a story to include a little thing called Operation: Ajax! It’s basically one of the first counter-attacks against the Enemies to avenge the Red Sun Inn. (Which basically got burnt down during the 12th Anniversary). I’m looking for about 7 people to come with my OC to take down an Abomination Naval Outpost located in Thyme City. This ISN’T an event, but more of a story I’ll write with YOUR OCs included! Those interested please DM me your OC, their personality, their combat style, and just any general really badass or cool scenes you want me to write. Also, please give me their alignment and their REASONS for doing this, to make it a cool little novel sort of thing. This is also mainly for the people who DIDN’T participate within the event (so sadly no OCs that were in the numerous major events within the 12th Marathon), or are just too lazy to write stories for their OCs. I’ll write that all for you! Regardless, it will be just a nice-one off that contributed to the Major Heroes’ efforts who fought during the 12th Anniversary, as well as contributing a small piece of history to the 12th Marathon. Those interested, please DM me! Again, this is still in its initial workings, but those who are included, I will DM them updates as well as drafts so they can make sure this is all good. This is just a cool, joint, team effort to write out a nice story that’ll include 7 OCs! If your char comes from pop media, do not worry! You may still continue to submit a thing on them to DM me. (Please please PLEASE write me a massive message, do NOT just pull me to the side when I’m online in those dinky chat boxes) Keep in mind there are only 7 slots, so if they fill I cannot help you it is first come first served. Overall, I’m looking for 7 OC’s to include with their original owners permission to make a massive story that I will post. With Teers’ permission, I’ll publish a massive story that’ll feature the heroic destruction of Thyme City harbor, which is infested with different monsters from the brutal Northern invasion. Slots are open NOW!


      Edit: 2/7 slots are opened, five more remain!

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