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      Heyo, just looking for some people to chill with. I’m mostly interested in fantasy and sci-fi themes, but honestly I’m down for just about anything, within reason. I really like the cooperative storytelling aspect of role-playing, so while I do appreciate a good one-shot random rp now and again, I’d definitely be aiming for more longterm stuff. A group would be really good because I don’t always have time to be on, so something to come back ti and add to now and again would be nice. Not opposed to romance, but I am a dude who’s into dudes, so bear that in mind. I’d definitely prefer deeper, more descriptive stuff, too, I don’t mean write a five page essay, but detail is nice. Honestly, I’ll take what I can get. So if your interested, just respond and I’ll get back to you, try not to be put off or discouraged if I don’t respond for a while.

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