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      Lyra laid in the grass of the prince’s courtyard, her chest heaving as tears streamed down her face. He was dead, her prince was dead. He had saved her from being a concubine at age ten, let her hold a sword and protect him, and now he was gone. How could she have protected him from the Silver King? There was no answer, it would have simply been treason in Atlea had she found out the plan and struck first. Prince Roderick was set to overtake the throne, he would have changed this way of life and its horrors for the siblings. Four castles, 6 siblings, and all of them, trying to kill each other for the spot of emperor or empress.  Her heart was breaking, and she could do nothing about it. Jumping up quickly she drew her sword as a branch snapped. The 6th prince was walking towards her, Ulric. Lowering he sword she looked at him, her eyes filled with tears, “Ulric he is gone.” She sobbed once more the prince rushing over and grabbing her shoulders.

      “Leave” his deep voice rumbled hoarsely, his eyes glazing over. ‘She is coming for you, and you need to go. I have a name for you, find him and avenge my brother.” His blue eyes looked into her olive-green ones and his rough hands slid their way into her deep auburn hair, as he kissed her full lips roughly. “Goodbye” he said shoving a piece of paper at her and turning to run the opposite way to draw attention from her location.

      “Fyzenguard” was all the paper said, and that was all she needed. Running through the woods she slid into the prince’s room and started to pack a bag. She took money, jewelry, a bar of soap and a few clothing essentials. Taking one last look around she touched his desk with a deep sigh, picturing him laughing as he rocked back on his chair making fun of her tiny stature. “Goodbye: she whispered as she crawled through the window and out the side of the garden, leaving the castle behind her.

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      *Once again the night had gone mistreated, always had it stretched show. However, she weaves her spells of darkness across the world, each spin of her fine and dark silk covered the sky making the light retreated over the horizon and forever away. The webbing left small gaps, weeping stars which glimmered and smiled down to the world which fought back with cruelty and degeneracy. Stranding sough the south, past the Haevgaten woods which consisted of two sides. One known as the small thicket wood, and the other the large woods which were thick and found throughout eternal darkness. The small thicket wood, mostly traveled by barren roads and merchants…but when was the last time they had seen merchants. Mostly in a long while as the kingdom rested wrapped gracefully by the blanketing thickets and forest oak. Each town quiet, to a certain extent until the news had spread faster than a wildfire through the forests and old brush during winters. “The prince is dead”. It was heard over and over.

      Looking farther down to the southeastern side of the kingdom held the town Willows Witch, ran by lord Willow and his trusted council member Dale the once curried. However, on this night, the town had sprung up, not of the news, and not of any wealth but because it was human depravity to surge with sin. But was sin terrible or was it rather right from wrong? Are there different types, who cared as long as someone knew right from wrong, Chaos from lawfulness, and most of all neutrality the most powerful of all? Liveliness stirred through each doorstep of cottages and wood houses. Streamed fences of stone posted by trees lay stretched across holding animals in the northern part of town. Truly the mood was felt tonight, and as the mood was expressed so were the people all lined in heading towards the Wranglers inn and tavern.*

      *The door had flung open, ghastly amounts of people poured into the room. Not only half an hour ago was this tavern quiet, but now it had turned into a resort of partying. Men had gasped and yelled as fellow friends had come in, eager for a drink and a fond night away from works and the endless strands of terrible news. What could have brought this upon the tavern this night? Teddy Horse, the traveling Bard entered the town earlier that day. The hero of this town in his younger years, and known to some as a “Badass”. However, to children, he was known as an endless stock of stories. Teddy had even passed his seed to this town having a few boys and one very small beautiful young girl of 9, who had just turned. Truly it was going to be a long night, but too short at the same time.*

      *A figure sat, far back from the crowds of people. It had seemed he was keen on listening to Teddy Play, his head swaying back from side to side showing his strong and defined cheekbones. The male’s skin wasn’t like the rest of the people here, it was pale and beautiful with the hint of snow. His hair was wavy, casting on like the endless waves in the seas of golden sparkling water. The attire he wore was most fascinating, his tunic was black showing sewn in gravings of a willow tree. Within the upper chest of his tunic were strange buttons consisting of fine silver spider legs clasping together acting as buttons…or it seemed. This man was apart from anyone, few times seen women walked up to him, asking for a dance but he politely declined with each a shake of his head and the parting of his wavy and rhythmic hair. Those eyes of his, blue like cracked lighting across the skies, or a deranged hourglass. They were fierce as they drifted across, almost in search but if looked at closer was not.

      The music played long with wishful strides, rocking back and forth like a ship on the seas. It was cast throughout everyone’s hearts, giving them a better moral and stronger feeling. You couldn’t hide the couples leaving the inn, mostly young and drunk heading off to make decisions in which they might regret. But the young will stay young and the unique always remembered, that wasn’t for Fyzenguards case, however. Broad men, huge and muscular were arm wrestling others and yelling in victorious cheers as they had one. Everyone knew who was going to win, except when two people of the same body structure fought. A sudden sigh was seen from the man as he leans back and closes those storm-like eyes, hiding from the party.

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      Lyra was dirty, her skin darker than its naturally sun kissed hue. After leaving the castle they had chased her, for days it felt like. Through the woods, into small towns. Lyra hid at bars during the evenings, showing the letter to owners and groups of mercenaries. “I need to find him..” she said speaking harshly, her eyes cold. The mercenaries told her a towns name, “Witch, look for a man named Dale he can help you, but why not join us Lady Knight” they asked looking her up and down. Lyra was a catch as a swordsman, the men had heard rumors of Prince Roderick’s knight ever since the knighting competition. “I have work to do.” She said bluntly, throwing gold on the table and walking out from the bar.

      “Two weeks to the port and another week by ship.” She said groaning softly, she was tired, and she was in pain. Pain that was so raw she couldn’t help but lean against a tree and sob once more. Could she live like this? These towns were savage, the people lawless, and then there was Fyzenguard, would this person help her? What could she offer him? Rumors had spread about him, though he held a low profile for most of his life. She looked at her coin and a few other items. “I need to make money during this trip” she grabbed her pack and flung it on her back, the tear stains creating streaks on her face. “Maybe a shower?” she added.

      ::Flash back::

      “OH LYRA” Roderick yelled from his desk tapping it impatiently. Lyra’s head popped up at the window, bits of grass in her hair, her face covered in dirt. “My prince, what do you need?” she asked her green eyes wide, and a bit to big for her young face. The prince stood walking over to her, the crystal blue eyes holding a smile, while is face turned in mock disgust. “My knight is so disgusting right now, a lady of sixteen needs to be preparing dresses and picking out perfumes, but no, you’re fighting my brother Ulric and smell like a horse’s ass” he laughed reaching down and pulling her through the window. “I need practice so I can be the best! Put me down now damnit” she huffed at him. Roderick set her down and ran the back of his hand against her cheek. “Go bathe my lady” he said softly, just enough to make her blush. Lyra ran off throwing a smile behind her.

      ::End Flashback::

      Lyra looked up and was finally at the port, the trip had been short, she hired someone to bring her, and a carriage was quicker than foot. “I need passage to Willow’s Witch” she said to the man, who stood inside a plain wood building. “You leave now.” He said throwing a ticket at her rudely. “Now? I haven’t prepared, when is the next Ship?” she demanded. ‘Two weeks” he spat at her. “Well fuck” she grumbled and grabbed the ticket, her eyes looking for a merchant. “You” she shouted, walking towards him, the merchant smiled, “Your eyes look like a sea of grass..beautiful” he winked at her. Rolling those said eyes, she spit out a list, it included medication, soaps, and several feet of rope and a small dagger. Lyra was used to wielding a small sword and dagger at once. The man sighed handing her the items and taking her money. “Are you sure you don’t need company” he asked flirtatiously.

      Lyra laughed, company? What a rogue. She waved him off and made her way aboard the ship. “Fyzenguard, I can’t wait to meet you” she whispered to the wind as the ship set sail.

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      *Fyzenguard had stayed in his place for a few months, not many have gotten to know him. Not many really cared anyway, why would anyone give a thought to him? However, his time here had been lovely, savory, satisfying. He had gotten more attention from the weather than at his home as it was always snowing and drowned with sorrows. Fyzenguard…did miss his home though. Yet in early mornings the snow would shimmer like glitter as the sun had shown its unkilled strands of light. Joy had run through his body, but he had no need to express it for anyone to know. It made him pleased that others were having fun, what about him though. Would Fyzenguard not join the fun…no he wouldn’t. He took pride in watching, laughing when others did but never did he actually intervene.  Was it because he was bashful. The only reason others never could figure Fyzenguard out was that he could never figure himself out. This didn’t make him chaotic, nor a degenerate. He simply didn’t care.

      Eventually, the lights faded back in, how long has he been thinking. It must have been the aftereffect of the party, however, it was still kicking. Some of the couples had returned, loving each other and holding each other close. It was a vile cring to him, but he was in the same spot…the only reason he hated it was because he didn’t have it…he didn’t have someone else. Fyzenguard mostly had himself, its mostly all he ever needed, thats how he lived for most his life. He was lying to himslef…

      *Flash back*

      “Father why are you leaving?” *Fyzenguard had looked back, a much happier Fyzenguard…one who knew himself…one who cared for himself…one who would die for his family.* “I am leaving on the kings terms. I’m supposed to be protecting something valuable.” *His son, or Zane looked sad. He had looked liek Fyzenguard within the eyes, quite not as fierce but more handsome in a way. Zane had his mother’s red hair, and darker skin.* “You’re just turned 14 no?” *Fyzenguard asked turning around to his son and giving him a credited eye. A nod had come from Zane and in which Fyzenguard turned around quickly and pressed an item to his back* “I think its about time I had given you something. You have turned into a young man, you are smart and worth of this Zane. Get on your knees” *Zane looked up with slight confusion, but did kneel infront of his father. Fyzenuard pulled out a small short sword, not a dagger but a few inches bigger. He pressed the  blade from side to side on his sons shoulders* “I knight you, Zane, lord protector of all that is fair and your mother.” *A small chuckle came to Fyzenguard as he looked up, his eyes were covered by the beautiful women he had loved and setteled with. Of course he knew she would die before him, being half-elf but at least it would be a long life for his family….or would it.* Everything faded away, time was like sand in which is washed away with the wind and rain. There Fyzenguard stood now, over the city…burning. Dead walking, ghouls weeping, and his family…dead*

      *End Flashback*

      *Fyzenguard jerked back into existence, he had been fazed twice only within a few moments. His face held disturbment, and he was glad his memory hadn’t gone on.* “Ale…ale…ale!” *Fyzenguard said in scowering words, he already had a mug of ale and had just noticed. Picking it up he swigged quite a good much from it, the liqids burning and slithering down his throat like a slimy snake. Slowly his chest rose up and down, his breathing finally setteling and leaning back into the chair once more. to watch the rest, sometimes he felt like he was born only to watch…watch…watch.

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      Days had turned into weeks, storms had surged, and Lyra had become a climber, earning her keep on the ship and tending to sails. She was fast and strong, so no one got in her way after she kicked a lowly thief’s ass for trying to break into her room. The deck hands called her lady knight and they let her do as she pleased. The days went by fast, and her sorrow settle deep within her soul. They would be arriving by day and she would be able to find the town by nighttime. Sliding down from the rigging, Lyra felt a clap on her back and was handed a bowl.  “Lyra, you’re so thin you must eat.” Said the old man who made the meals, Horace was his name, and he was kind. “Thank you, look we are coming into the port, will your family be there?” she asked with a half-smile. “Yes, they will, will you come home with us?” he asked knowing a bit of her background. “Not this time” she said the boat shuttering at being anchored. “Off we go” she said taking off, grabbing her bag off the top of the barrel and jumping onto the deck before the latter hit. A young boy gasped and smiled up at her, “Hey tiny one” she said brushing his cheek before walking off in search of a horse.

      Lyra sighed her body aching as dusk came upon her, the woods had grown quiet, and the horse was strolling now after a hard run. She was making good time and had found someone to send a message to Dale about her arrival. Humming softly, she felt the horse startle, someone was there? “Come out” she said disinterested as 3 men came before her. “Your horse and bag” he stated, staring her down. With a less than thrilled groan Lyra jumped down. Her hand snuck around her back, sword already in hand, “Take them” she said rushing the man standing at the left, her dagger coming out and sweeping across his throat as she jumped at him. One down two to go and there was already blood in her hair.

      Killing the three was no issue, except now she was dirty again. “See this Roderick!” she yelled at the sky, “You died and left me to live this life!” she yelled again. Lyra saw the town, it was dimply lit and her heart fluttered, making her was to an Inn that seemed to be bustling with life. “Excuse me Sir, where is Dale” she asked, being told he was seated at the back. Nodding she grabbed a key and paid, wiping her face with warm rag. Lyra was beautiful, she had full lips, a high nose, and big eyes. But her face held no warmth, only pain. “Dale” she called out, a smile on her face as he man came into the main Tavern to meet her. “Have you seen him? Fyzenguard?” she whispered softly. Dale stared at her, ‘Why are you covered in blood and other things” he asked lifting a piece of her hair. She laughed, a small soft tinkling sound, he was funny she thought.

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      *Over and over again, the ale had kept coming but Fyzenguard remained sober. Damned elf blood, he would have to drink on high-end days to feel a buzz. He couldn’t get drunk, but there was one thing he could do. I pipe rested, wrapped in some wholly cloth around his belt. The pipe was of stone but had a nicely chizzled picture of two birds huddled within their wings. This thing would have had to be at least a hundred years old by now, it was given to him by his wife on his birthday. In fact, his birthday had just already passed last month. how did he celebrate it, not with anyone but himself, a pint of ale and his pipe a smoke? In fact he had unwrapped the chizzled out pipe, opened his silver belt with few small unnoticeable boxes and took out an herb. he stuffed the strange herb into the bowlof the pipe, and with flint and steel stroke up a small cherry burn, and then a nice inhail of the puffy smoke.*

      *Fyzenguard gave a small hum, the noise of the party and music slowly faded out until he reopened his eyes and exhailed a nice blue cloud of musky smoke.A smile placed to his face, perhaps the first smile through the night as he felt his nerves cool down and then…he heard his name.*”How strange” *Fyzenguard speaks in his norther winded voice, handsome, broad but very cunning sounding. He wasn’t ugly, with Elven blood he looked more like a fairer man from the lot within the tavern* “Must be hearing something” *He could have sworn he did. Looking around, he had noticed someone who wasn’t there just a moment ago. The same people had been here for the last few hours. Fyzenguard stood, standing he had shown his height of 6’4 but he had a slender body. Not muscular but toned and quite dexterous. He walked up to the woman, blood in her hair and Dale. Fyzenguard had known Dale, Dale introduced the young-looking prince into the town of Willows Witch.*

      *Fyzenguard slide near both Dale and Lyra, it was quite strange because as he got up to them he sat down quite instantly. He looked up to both, silence was set into play for a good moments and his eyes widened* “What, didn’t someone call my name” *Fyzenguard liked to stay hidden in low profiles but when needed he seemed to be always there. A rumor tells it, if you only speak his name he would be there within the instant. But there is only so much a man can do, if everyone had known this then the excitement of meeting such a man would be lowered tramendiously.  Lyra wasn’t expecting Fyzenguard to exactly look the way he does. Dressed in a fine tunic, silver buttoned spider legs and tight leather pants. He didn’t look like a mercenary, warrior or fighter. Perhaps a noble man, but a badass nobleman. However hes quite a bit more then just that.* “What are you two staring at, am I a ghost?…BOO” *he then chuckles, he only looked to be 19…or 20, youth was always set in for him with his family line

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      The smile vanished from her face as a man slid next to them, Lyra was blunt and could not help it, having been kept and raised with no secrets. “I have been looking everywhere for you. “she said almost on a relieved sigh, her eyes searching his face. He was not what the rumors had said, but he looked strong and able. ‘I have never crossed an ocean to find someone before but here we are” she laughed. “Lyra, I am Lyra Prince Roderick’s knight” she said. “I was hoping I could speak you in private..” she threw Dale a look and he threw his hands up excusing himself. “Before that though, I am disgusting.” Touching her face, she cringed feeling the blood and dirt. “If I go shower will you vanish?” she asked bluntly, her personality showing once more.

      Her eyes wondered over him, accessing him and then looking around the tavern. He wasn’t suited for this place by appearance, but maybe his personality allowed him to fit in, and was he young like her? Lyra was human with a bit of spice, and while she aged slower she was only 24 years old. Would her travels have been in vain, was Dale wrong, were the rumors wrong?

      Lyra’s hands fisted as she looked down at the table her thoughts wondering, who else would die while she was gone, looking for the man she needed to become her partner. “Even if you say no…I can’t leave without you. “ she said her green eyes boring into him.

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      “Looking for me? Many are, but very few actually find me.” *He pronounces, being that he travels around the world quite often. Each new place was a little different, this one in being mostly the people. not in a bad way, it was fun for him to watch others. Fyzenguard had aged slower as well, being 200 years of age he only looked 20. His aging process was much slower, sometimes he acted like a grown man, other times he acted like a young man. It really depended but mostly he acted mature. His eyes showered over the messy Lyra, and they widened as she spoke of her statues* “A knight for a prince, well then that is quite vonantary. I will have a smoke over that” *Being a prince himself he never had a knight all to himself, but it would be a waste.

      *He snoked down that pipe placing it in his mouth and exhaling so very hard, the flashback wasn’t treating him well but he was good at hiding those things. So very keenly good at it.* “Aye yes, Dale go scoff to the whores in the town. They’ll like a old man like you, but with the energy of a young man” *Fyzenguard smiled, Dale didn’t seem happy but it was only a joke. How could he be so unsocial, but so social at the same time? It was weird, he was weird, but there was a reason why he was heard throughout the lands. Fyzenguard the champion, or Fyzenguard the Unsheathed, or Fyzenguard the traveler…and one of his favorite names Strider. He wosn’t found on sarcasm keenly, but a smile placed to his face as she joked around.*

      ” If you go up in shower, and come back theres a possibility I might disappear. By the time you get back I may be halfway back to Fystendonaldhymer up North(Which was his hoe).” *The smile however cowerd and he sat back in his chair, puffing out a few blue smoke rings and giving her those feirce stormy eyes, like a cracked sky of blue lighting. He squinted, noticed her beauty but he was a respectful man, or in elven years “Young man”.* “Aye, go take your shower. Just watch the windows, earlier yesterday I had women staring at me through the window. Men are worse, be carful. Ohh…and don’t fear, I will be heard” *His smile placed back before he placed his pipe back in his mouth.

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      Lyra smiled at his antics briefly before looking at the stairs and then back at him. “I would find you again” she said grabbing her things, glancing once more at him. ::Handsome:: she thought, she could see why he had peeping toms. Walking away from him, she took a deep breath and then ran up the stairs, what if he left her, could she really find him again. Lyra ground at her self-doubt, ‘Shut up, he will wait” she said throwing open the room door and slamming it behind her. Hitting her the chest plate of her armor, she untied the sides and tossed it to the ground. Finally, free, she went into the bathroom and the tub had been filled by the maids upon her arrival and it was still hot. Lyra sank into it after placing a towel over the curtainless window. Washing her face and body she jumped out, the grime and blood now gone, revealing golden skin and beautiful auburn hair. Drying it quickly she threw on a pair of black legging, knee high brown boots and a white blouse. Her skin was still damp, so it clung to her slightly, and her hair had caused wet patches.

      Lyra dried her hair and started to smile softly..

      ::Flash Back::

      “Stop washing it so hard” she growled at Roderick. “I will cut it off” she threatened as he washed the flour from her hair in the outside pond. “Fine, look like a wee boy, you certainly act like one” he said yanking her hair, teasing her like all boys did around the castle. Huffing she jumped up, hair soaking her clothes. “Lyra, I can see through your shirt” he blushed covering his eyes. “Oh so bothered by a woman are we now, my prince” she said sarcastically. Roderick growled and jumped up, she turned and ran and Roderick gave chase.

      ::end flash back::

      Making her way downstairs she stopped looking at the man, he was watching others smoking his pipe quietly. “Seems you didn’t leave me.” She said stopping a bar maid, order and ale and refill for her acquaintance. The woman was quick, and the first sip of the ale was smooth and sweet. How long had it been since she sat and felt comfortable? “Is this your home, Wolf?” she asked him, he reminded her of a beautiful predator, a wolf suited this one well.

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      *Fyzenguard felt accustomed to the tavern a bit more, he had watched as Lyra stood. She was dirty, sutty, and stained, and some would never be able to take the stains off but Lyra had. Some liked to keep their consciousness dirty, stinking, and covered in blood…for some, it was addictive to kill others, either for right or wrong. He stuck the pipe in, the end clinking with his teeth. Even dirtied Fyzenguard thought of what a beautiful woman Lyra looked like. A sigh had come, parting from his pipe and mouth with a small blissful blue smoke. Would Lyra find him if he up and left, most likely she would. It was something for him to think about, and poke fun at with a flaming stick of young desire.

      *Within the sudden there was a cheering cry from the crowd, which had startled Fyzenguard within deep thoughts. With a small jerk, he had looked to the side, more arm wrestling, and downing drinks for competition. Few men looked to Fyzenguard, and he rose his pipe to them…but they didn’t give a response. At least there was fun in watching others, and no others watching him. While others pat pack, he sat and smoke his yer old pipe, blue smoke a waste through the air.*

      “What’s taking so long” *Fyzenguard wondered looking back to the steps, but right as he had done so the perfect expectation of time had caught up and Lyra was walking back. Cleaned, fair and beauty struck. It wasn’t every day you see a women knight, with the beauty of the whispering willows and running waves. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t drawn in with her beauty, but it wasn’t a lie that he was a staring man to that. A smile placed to his face, and he twisted his pipe around. By this time his nerves were fully calmed* “Aye, I would have if not the door was presued by people” *If she would have looked, there were quite a few people in the way of the door. Was he joking? Hopefully, he was, maybe she could tell. Those stormy eyes didn’t leave Lyra, the stormy color was now calm and yet a drizzle instead a rain.* “My home, by the gods above no.” *And he didn’t tell her, or yet anyways but he possibly would if she asked. Thats just the way he was, not a show off, but more for calming and relaxing moments. But that was only one side to him…not the other.

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      Lyra glanced to the door and arched a delicate brow, “You could have removed them.” She joked back, her mind wondering slightly. He had stayed, her body relaxed just at that thought. “Would you like to get down to business or pursue small talk? Lyra genuinely wanted to get the heavy stuff out of the way so she could get to know him. He was something more than human, and she had several questions. If this were not his home where would be? Did he come from another kingdom, did he have status, was he knight or royalty?

      She had once had a home too, and hopefully would be returning with this man. “You know I could be bringing a lot of trouble your way” she said. No smile of her face, still watching him. “A handsome man like yourself should be avoiding this king of mess” she said offering a swift compliment along with a less than subtle warning. “I can pay though and offer you just about anything else if we are successful, though I can’t bring back the dead. That is my limit.” Lyra was serious, she knew black magic was in this world and she was not even going to attempt to get involved with it. They would have to find Grey Tower eventually and that alone was already going to be a mess.

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      *Fyzenguard eyed ferociously at Lyra, he hadn’t known her name yet, she knew his. Plus, Lyra might have already thought what type of name was Fyzenguard. He could feel she had something to tell him, discuss, business…thought that might have been the wrong word* “* I could have, but it seems fate sent you on a date to me…and I do not fight with fate” *His head leaned a bit higher, then pressing his thumb to the cherry glow of his pipe, dampening and cutting the burn off. The pipe gave a small twist before Fyzenguard pressed it back down into the cloth, and then wrapped it back onto his silver belt. Fyzenguard was a mystery man, even to himself at some points but he was straight forwards, strong-minded, and willed with the art of the sword exceptionally.*

      “Well I haven’t know what you have to tell me if it is bad news, or what. But since you don’t know where I am home to, then you are not here on news. Why did you come to me? I’m just a traveler” *But once Lyra looked down, the sword at his side told a story so much different and complicated than being a traveler.* “”My handsomeness is no more or no less of the matter,  its what you have to tell me.”*His eyes rose when she spoke of black magic, that was such a rare case. Magic, the world rung out through his ears before he gave a small shake of his head and returned gaze back to Lyra* “I will tell you something here and no, I need no pay. Its obvious your going to ask me to do something. No pay, no sorrows, not anything. What do you need young one” *Young one? He had somewhat looked younger then her, what was he speaking of

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      “Young one” she smiled, she liked that. Was kind. “I come from Atlea, like I said before I was Prince Roderick’s knight, he was the oldest among the candidates, but you have to understand that everyday you live there is a battle. The Emperors place is divided into 3 palace’s and the battle each other. Summoning demons, killing their own blood all for a chance to reign. It is a game to the emperor.” Lyra took a sip of her beer.

      “He was killed by his brother, blindsided, the emperor killed him when Roderick died for not following the rules of the game, but still he died, and it was the Dowager Queen he told him to do it, she sacrificed her own son. I need you to help me take the Kingdom and make sure the Prince Ulric ascends the throne. This means killing the King and Queen, as well as finding the hidden artifacts that guarantee his seat. I know you aren’t just a traveler, but if you don’t raise your sword anymore, I will keep you safe…always” she promised him, and it was not something she took lightly.

      -Promise me Lyra, stay by my side and protect my life-

      The words echoed in her mind, and her eyes filled with tears she quickly blinked away. ‘You say no payment, but I promise if there is something you want, I will make it happen for you, till then Sir Wolf, Call me Lyra, I shall pledge my sword to you” she said softly, sliding a goal coin to the waitress paying for another set of Ale’s, drinking and waiting for his choice.

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      *Another fladgent of ale was placed in front of Fyzenguards side, upon the table of slick oaken wood. A wood which was kindly rare in his homeland. Then it was time for a story, not his like usual but hers. In each heated moment, he raised his eyes, sparkling for a moment. His slender had picked up the mug by its handle and he pulled it, lifted it, and then drained it fully. He really would need it for the full story. A little time had passed as he listened, it must have been hitting 10:30 pm by now…or has time faded faster than thought. Those eyes flittered with excitement, but just an exaggeration hearing about all the deaths and how nobles were killing each other for the throne. This wasn’t the first time he had heard news and stories of this in distant lands. He had known of 6 continents, traveled only 3 not including his homeland.*

      *After the story, his head gave a long tilted bow as he almost screamed out* Wheeeew weee!” *Fyzenguard was stumped, even so he leaned up in his chair for the first she had seen him. He seemed a bit more lively, and a smile rained on his face* “So you’re wanting to take out a few nobles…and or make sure this prince is held close to the throne.” *It was ironical and hysterical knowing this was one of the very reasons he traveled, to escape the hands of the nobility and royal blood pulsing through his veins hard.* “Not only was your story good, but I liked it.” *Story? What did he mean, or was it just another strange thing with him. But he suddenly looked humbled, however, it hadn’t really looked it him looking way younger then what he was* “No…no…no that will not due. I don’t take payments, I have worked without money for a long time. No need, I have a good supply. However you must be prided, you are the first to call me Sir wolf, I like the name. But you know me, to an extent. I am Prince Fyzenguard, son of Pilsner the pale and an unknown mother from the deep woods, called the Skeletal woods” * A prince, wow, he hadn’t really seemed like one. Didn’t act up tight, or so strict on others, he was the blacksheep from his family…of one dead sister, and one brother…who was taken away as a child

    • #156610

      Lyra burst into laughter, “A prince” she stood and looks at him, her eyes going dark. ‘Of course, you are, and yes I know of you, and the horrors you have gone through but nothing more, Your Highness” she said her eyes becoming dark. She didn’t trust royals, and while he was different, her walls came up instantly. “Yes my story is a good one, but it is also a tragedy. So Your Highness, will you allow me to be your knight, will you help me avenge him and grant me peace” she asked softly, her eyes returning to normal.

      Before he could answer, she looked at him once more, ‘Where are you from, what are you?” she spoke softly, offering him privacy incase he wasn’t open about his heritage. Lyra was probably biting off more than she could chew but she wasn’t going to let the man who saved her die in vain. Looking out the window she realized the sky was black, time had gone by swiftly and she needed to get an early start.

      “I am going to be blunt, if you so not have a room come and stay with me. I would rather not lose you and there is a sofa.” She tilted her head looking at him, wondering if the linger smell was his tobacco.

    • #156611

      *What was so funny, Fyzenguard hadn’t got it, but again many apon many jokes go over his head. But this one wouldn’t for long, those eyes begin to burn a little. How could she go from a nice, calm manner and then a heaving manner.* “Ohh” *He says to himself falling back into his chair fully again, and looks down to the new pints of ale. He fingers got all jittery before he took the next mug and began to drink from it. Ohh that feeling, warm, gracious which slithered down his throat. It wasn’t his favorite type of ale, but they did not simply have a honeyed ale. In no manner was he a picky drinker, or eater on those terms. Each time Lyra spoke, your highness he sunk farther back into his seat. Oh gods, he didn’t like that at all, he despised it* “If you want me to help your sorry little kingdom, then stop calling” *He presses both his hands up, one with the mug into the air* “Your highness.Just call me by my birth name, I never got why they…” *Fyzenguard almost gave a shutter, he didn’t like the title at all*

      *Fyzenguard fell silent for a moment, why did he? He stayed quiet and looked to everyone else, by this time a few had left and others still drinking. He perked up and looked to Lyra again, with a new calm gaze* “I’m surprised, you know my feaths, my name, and my thought, but…you didn’t know who I was or where I am from. Now that’s just some sloppy thinking or knowledge on your part. But your not so sloppy, no offense. I came from the farthest kingdom up north, the barren wasteland of snow. The old men of magic say it is were all men took hand, the first birthplace of men until the elfs came down and showed men how to make ships. I am from Fystendonaldhymer, where pride is taken seriously, and honor is taken deeper to heart then the damned seas. Its hard lliving there, if you were placed there I would be sure you wouldn’t survive. But who knows, you keep suprisng me

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      She gritted her teeth, “I was rude, I am sorry and you’re right, it is pathetic, but it is in no way small. “She sat back down with a soft sigh before leaning back, dropping her head back and closing her eyes, her hair cascading down the back of the chair. “The beginning of man? I wonder what that was like don’t you? Was there selfishness instantly or did it breed into many, like envy?” chewing her bottom lip she felt slight remorse. “Sir Wolf, I learned only the barest of facts, but should you let me…” Her eyes opened and looked into his. “I would like to know it all and carry whatever burdens you have with you.” She spoke. Lyra was on edge and she needed this man, and she had never needed anyone before.

      “It makes you uncomfortable, your title, can you tell me why?” she asked softly. She wanted to see his home, and to see the elves, she had never met an elf, only the mages. Sloppy, she must be even though he said she was not. She was acting less than her knightly self, but she couldn’t say sorry for all the mistakes she had made so she kept drinking her Ale, hoping it would warm her slightly.

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      *Fyzenguard had looked up, bare and confused. He circled the mug around a few times and his head rose, taking a deep inhale of the tobacco smoke. What he smoked was something called toby leaf. It’s like medicine for him, he never really needed it…until he did. His past trauma was a little intense, toby leaf soak and sewn the wounds of it. Was he addicted to it…maybe a little, but could he stop if he needed to most differently. However as lyra spoke of knowing everything he placed the mug down, he held a confused look. Wanting to know everything? About him?* “First place, no need to be sorry. I overreacted a little, you seem to be a nice girl. *He says in parden of his hair, as it slowly had follied down, stranding down his chest like blond waves. His hand raised, resting to his chest as he leans himself apon it*

      *Fyzenguards eyes perked up, after a small silence between the two. Burdens, she could tell he was a strange character but could be fun, and willy to talk to as she might have already known* “Burdens, I don’t have trust issues. But you will have be more in presance with me. I am to take your adventure, that is when I will tell. Its a matter of testing you first. But apart from that my title” *His words had ceased and he drained the rest of his drink, but before she could place anything down he put a gold coin out. Of course a gold coin was enough to last both of a parton of drinks, but it must have been a tip. Within the moments two other pints were placed down. Lyra noticed Fyzenguard wasn’t becoming buzzed or tipsied. He seemed sober…well stoned.* “I’ll tell ya something, something you will learn so very quick…possibly after our quest if we make it. Your still young, but soon you will look around ya. To the people you have met, where you are. Everything will seem like glass, your staring at the same things over and over. You stare at your job, what your actions and you really question…”Do I want to do this”.” *The explanation might not have made much sense, but he wasn’t done as he drank the small foam off his ale, and now he had looked like a white-bearded man* “I looked around, remembering all the nobles and I asked myself…is this the type of person I want to be. Then I looked out the banquet windows, past the people, past the houses, past the cattle, past the farmers, and past the walls…there the woods were calling out to me. At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go out, explore, become an adventurer. I didn’t have the commodity to become an adventure until I fought in a few battles and prove to my father that I could do it. Now I am here, not an adventurer, not a warrior, not a fighter, but a traveling man. Whatever storys you have heard about me, was the me before. The me who knew what he wanted to do, everyone gains new purposes….some purposes stick for life. Yours, its for you and you only. That dosn’t mean you cant share.

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      “It is for me” she mumbled listening to his words. What did Lyra want, she sat up abruptly and looked at him. “Then what I want…” she raised her hands placing them in front of her eyes, covering them before speaking again. “Is to avoid looking into the reflection you speak of, I want to see something beautiful…” lowering her hands and finishing, “and new every day, even if I have to find it myself. What will my test be? We are running out of time and our time has not even officially started,

      She was studying him, still sober, after all this ale, while Lyra grew tired. The man wasn’t what she expected but she was coming to find out he was what she needed. The journey was going to be long, and the monsters would probably kill her in the end, so what was she doing? “I am a woman, not a girl.” She said abruptly, a smile on her face. He reminded her of Roderick, the way he spoke and carried himself. “Fyzenguard, whatever you decide, whoever you want to be and the choices you make, I will support you, but assist me because while the banquet hall windows don’t change, the people do and we can’t let evil dominate and harm innocence anymore. That is all I want from you, I will never take more than that.” She said. Lyra was not selfish, she would give the shirt off her back. “Should we retire, until you can decide if I am worthy” she asked with a little smirk.

      Lyra needed time to go hunt, and to find a merchant. They would need passage on another ship and horses to travel across the planes to the Grey Tower. She also needed to investigate a place called the Colosseum. “I need books” she muttered to herself, his words still ringing in her ears, “Fyzenguard, Do I really want this?” she asked repeating his question at him.

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      “Then you need to look out of the reflection, find what you want to do. I was born a prince, that dosn’t mean I have to be. We have our free will, it may make us look bad to others but if it is satisfying and if that’s what you want to do then its here…right infont of you and glowing just for you.” *A smile placed to his face, she was seeing it. He was unfortunate and saw it when he was young, and to attain freedom took much work. When gaining freedom he settled down with a wife and kid. But fate has a way of showing you your path, both died. His hand’s press, brushing through his handsome long hair but again it curved down and stranded in front of his face* “When I mean test I mean a test of trust. Like I said I don’t have trust issues, but only with time can someone learn to trust. Im sure your worthy if you come into a bar, covered in men’s blood. It could be animals, but something in my mind tells me its different”

      *Fyzenguard listened to Lyra, all her passionate words, words that surprised him. She was so young but it felt like in some ways she had experienced quite a bit.Both would learn eachothers stories within their travels. They would get to know eachother better, Fyzenguard was a bit more open when traveling. But that yet has not been seen. However apon asking him the question his head perks up, his eyes leave from where they were as he speaks* “Hmm..” “Ohh yes. You look out that window Lyra, if it calls to you its what you want”

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      Then we will go together Sir Wolf, lets sleep and plan supplies. And it was 3 men, bandits.” She said arching a brow. “There is somewhere we need to go, there is somewhere close by, they call it the Colosseum.” Her stomach turned, she had heard of the brutality towards the slaves who worked underneath it, it was also known a black mage hid his last bit of blood there. She wanted that blood. “Are you ready to come with me?” she asked reaching her hand out.

      They needed 10 days on the continent, but she knew she had to move back to Atlea fast for children ‘sakes. He was going to let her do what she pleased, and she was going to show him this time he had picked a warrior. “Do you need to tell your family?” she asked looking around. Looking down at the handsome man, her hand waiting for his, she tilted her head. He would have to have a mate at this point, he was much older than he led on, you could see it in his eyes.

      “If you do we can stop and big them farewell, explain your mission may take half a year at most” she nodded her head at her words. Half a year was not a hard thing to accomplish, and once she had an idea of his skill she could move quicker with her plans. If the rumors served well, this mission would be fruitful and this prince could settle under whatever title he felt.

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      *He had gone silent for a moment, it was strange as he did this every few times they had talked. His mind was pretty in depth, always hidden deep in the darkest parts, even the darkest parts of minds hold the strongest of secrets, however. It took a moment for him to look up* “Bandits, it seems all places have to strong of differences, nothing will change, however. Was Fyzenguard ready for this. It seemed not by the way he looked, but he felt his boiling passion inside inflict apon him, and thats when a slow but cunning smile appeared. Right as he was about to take her hand he responded* “No…no family. I am free from the hook, and worm” *He says taking her hand and lifting himself up softly.*

      “It is getting late though, how about we go to this Colosseum tomorrow morning. However you are of rule to me, I pledge my sword to you and I will follow you into the depths of darkness or fire if i have to” *Lyra felt his hand, soft, she could almost feel a magical compassion coming off of it.

    • #156652

      No hook or work he had, said and she smiled at the joke, but his hand felt warm, and for the first time Lyra felt that she had an ally. “I could you know, lead you to those horrible places” she said softly, her hand never leaving his as she glanced up. The smile faded from her face as she dropped her hand and grabbed the remainder of her things. “Sleep, we need sleep and an early start, we need horses and supplies” she said walking towards toward the stairs.

      ::Flash back::

      “Lyra get out of the way” Roderick roared shoving her off the horse as a huge hammer came down, crushing it. “Fuck” she gasped the air being knocked from her body. They had been at war from days it seemed with the ogres from the mountain, the human slaves they owned do irreparable damage. “Roderick” Lyra gasped jumping up, only a dagger on her side as she made her way to him. Lyra was sliced across the back, another scream leaving her body as she turned rapidly, dragging her dagger across a mans chest gutting him. Falling she sighed, ‘Should have let the hammer hit me huh?” she groaned as Roderick grabbed her hand. “I’d like to bring something of you home.” He said tears filling his eyes, his hands felt warm.

      ::End Flash back::

      “You remind me of someone” Lyra said pointing up the stairs, “The room is the 4th on the left” she turned walking up the stairs and finding her room once more, the towels still hanging from the windows. Dumping her bag she began to count money and look at supplies.

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      *Fyzenguard felt the small warmth built up in both of their hands, his thumb slowly rubbed the palm of her hand before both looked at each other. They were dazed, for a few moments.* : Does she feel it?: *He asked himself, how could she not? . After a moment the male had responded with a small nod of his head* “Aye, horses won’t be a problem. I already have two of them, the second I was going to sell. Like you I had a fwe problems with bandits, one had a horse” *A small smirk came from him, but his hand left hers as he goes to pick up stuff to but remembered…he left all of his on his horse. and sleep won’t be a problem either”

      *Within the instant they began to walk past people, quite a few people had left now. It was their turns, everybody stared at them as they had risen. Some people even got the wrong idea about the two, most would with Fyzenguard anyways. But he was a golden arrow, but Lyra was a beautiful gem set apart from all others.  Again and again, they passed table by table until they had reached the fire within the middle of the room It was ablaze and hung with a fury of cracks and popples. Fyzenguard placed his hand in his side pocket, pulled out another gold coin and flicked it to the bartender before both walked up the long stairs*

      “I remind you of someone? Thats a little rare, if you don’t mind me asking who?” *He had questioned as both walked up the stairs, Lyra would feel Fyzenguards hand to her back> He had known she drank a little and just in case she was tipsy and feel it would be a nice way of catching her. However they got up the staisr pretty well, and walked up to the room.

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      “Roderick, he was the prince I spoke of” she said with a smile, he had guided her up the stairs and a part of her was thankful. She had a bit to drink, and her body was slow. Looking around the room she nodded, shoving everything into her bag. “Not how you look, or what you even are, just your warmth” she said. Lyra wasn’t modest at all and began to unbutton her shirt dropping it to the floor. Underneath though the word a tank top, and it showed a horrendous scar on her back as well as several small line on her back and arms.

      “What experience do you have with demon hoards” She asked thinking of Grey Tower, moving to the sofa she dropped down with a sigh her eyes already closing. Tonight would be peaceful, and she was thankful. The ship had been disgusting, the woods had been cold, and she longed for one warm night.

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      “Roderick” *Fyzenguard had thought if so then he would be some sort of beacon or remembrance for her. Like he was a piece of a puzzle, and where Roderick was killed…he was placed back into his spot as a replacement to her always. It would be a damning thing to be a prince of two factions…its something he wouldn’t want. Turning, luckily at the right moment he had seen her unbutton her shirt and it fall to the ground quite flawlessly exposing her scars underneath. Each scar told a unique story, each scar no person would forget. A sigh was left from his mouth, as he unbuckled his sword to the side coated with one gem in the middle. The gem was a light frosty blue, and the rest of the sheath what seemed to be Ashwood glossed over.*
      “Demon hords, enough experience to know the real word for Demon is Daemon” *Fyzenguard pronounced the word very carefully, not in a mocking manner but more of a young smart-ass manner. However he had quite a bit of experience in fighting the hoards of fire, they were called different where he lived through. Not only did he have experience in Daemon battle, but he had also battled Devils off-hand for years.* “I know quite a bit, fought quite a few, killed quite a few…and was tortured by quite a few”

      *Then after replying to her question he had taken off his shirt, and what was underneath was very unique. His finger pointed up to his upper chest as he said* “In fact I was inscribed with the language of Devils. I don’t know what it says,nor will I ever. No wise man was able to tell me, no mage, no clerics…” *Another sigh was yet seen as he turned around and placed his sword down onto a dresser*

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      Daemons” she said repeating the word, he was a smart-ass but Lyra loved learning and nodded from her seated position. Opening her eyes, she sat forward and examined his chest. The writing was beautiful, and she had no idea what it said. “I am assuming you’ve asked mages before, it is beautiful though” looking up at him she continued speaking. “Daemons run the Grey Tower we must go to, usually teams of mages and humans go in to find the treasure, but none succeed.” Leaning back on the sofa once more, she lets out a sigh as well. “Seems we both have a few things to sigh over.” She stated, once more looking at him. He was beautiful, built like a man should be, but she didn’t let her eyes linger much longer. Lyra kicked off her boots and set them at the side of the couch before laying down. “You may take the bed, I am smaller and its better than what I’ve been use too” she teased him.

      The horses had been dealt with, they needed medicines. “Wolf, do you know where we can get medications?” she asked rolling her body onto its side and looking up at him. “So tall” she mumbled out loud, had he always been so tall? Or was she noticing him as a man right now? Shaking her head, she asked one last questions, “Will you trust me? No matter what I do, trust me to have your back?” Lyra fell quiet, she was a stranger, he had no reason to trust her, but he gave the knights oath so she must ask. The path led her to the relics she must consume, she needed to be more than human if only for a bit, and would he trust her no matter she consumed, or did?

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      *A smile placed to his face as she said it correctly, he was bracing for her to at least raise her voice at him but nope. He wouldn’t take advantage of something like that though, its not right, hes not right but at least he tries to help. Placing his sheathed sword down he turned back and leaned against the dresser.* “I’ve asked everyone, who has any supernatural sight. None could figure out what the text is. The little story is, I was caught by a Devil lord. I was chained, shamed, and naked on an altar. I thought it the end until they took out a flaming dagger and inscribed these words into my chest. Should have never gone traveling to those damn lands” *He murmured but looked back up to Lyra with his stormy blue eyes, and he stared down at her for a moment. His eyes were locked on her, tightly locked. Then a smile placed to his lips leaning up and walking over to her, he wrapped one arm around her leg, and the other to her back and carried her over to the bed.

      *Fyzenguard placed her down onto the bed and gave another sigh* “You deserve better then what you think of yourself. I have slept in a bed for months here…waiting. Don’t know why I was waiting, my father told me to stay here but no word has come in.” *His hand raises and brushes through his long and wave like hair before sitting down onto the couch, but still staring to Lyra. He had heard her complement, a his smile only widened and he would have given a small blush but for some reason never did.* “Like I said, trust comes with time, delecate teachings and learnings of two people. I trust you to have my back, if you stab me in the back or don’t I have nothing to gain. Death is widdled my life, I don’t know when it is to end but as I have gone through a lot…I deserve death. I feel like I have cheated it. We will se our trusts, but for now I do.

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      Lyra gasped as she was picked from the sofa and threw her arms around his neck, her eyes meeting his, before being placed on the bed. Her heart hit her chest like a hammer, and she scrambled to sit up. “Do you think he left a piece of himself in you? I once knew a man who held the daemon Devita in his body. Every winter solstice it would attempt to take him at the fullest moon. Maybe he gave you something or tarnished you soul at its weakest.” Lyra shrugged her delicate shoulders. His father had told him to wait. For months? Lyra had been searching for him, for weeks. Only this town as a lead. “Maybe your father was having you wait for me?” she laughed, flopping into the pillows with a slight groan.

      When was the last time Lyra cheated death? Recently, from the Queen, Lyra had been a target but Ulric had saved her. “When did you last cheat death?” she asked sleepily, her eyes already closed. What time was it? Could he fit on the sofa? How much dry foods could the horses carry? Her mind was a mess and she wasn’t interested in anything but knowing the answer to her questions. “Wolf there is room here, come and lie down, as I said you are to big for the couch.” She rolled to her side. “Then you can tell me how you chested death” her eyes had yet to open, and sleep was coming faster than she cared for.

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      *Lyra would figure, for as skinny as he was Fyzenguard was really quite strongl It was strange, and he wasn’t exactly skinny and he didn’t like to talk much about his fit body unless asked. Fyzenguard wasn’t much of a show-off, but his muscles were very toned and defined. His eyes were like blue porcelain gems, but foggy and yet stormy only to lighten up when lightning struck through them. He placed her down slowly, and Fyzenguard found his place back to the cough, seated and fined.* “If he did leave anything with me I havn’t found it yet, or not known of it. I am feared that I am marked, for a certain reason. Not knowing though leaves me to drift with the dust” *Drift with the dust? He had a way around words that were very quiet strange. Fyzenguards arms pressed to the arm of the couch, resting gracefully. He attempted to sit up on it but he was a bit to big, his feet dangled down to the open floor.*

      *The question perked him up, he had felt sleep lingering in his mind ready to take him over. The thing was…did he want to leave with the night and sleep with all the nightmares he’s experienced throughout the long years or will he stay up and watch Lyra sleep…tell her his story of cheating death. Fyzenguard thought for a bit…when was the last time he had fought death. Those tender eyes closed, as she asked him to come and sleep next to her. He had his own room, why didn’t he go to sleep there. Fyzenguard remembered her asking if he had one…why didn’t he answer that question. A shake of his head was seen, and a falling of his beautiful blond hair and then his eyes placed back to hers….then a fatherly like smile had placed to his face.*

      *Fyzenguard stood, the full height showing of his full Norse heritage…one of the oldest types of men on all 6 continents. Slowly he walked up to her and sat right in front of her as he knocked off his rather large boots.* “I was within the forest of my lands, The Skeletal Woods. They are known to be one of the darkest woods known to man. In the past, my great grandfather fought in one of the largest wars, where the alliance of elves and men fought a master of darkness, smoke, and fire. Only after his death did the woods become like this.” *Then Lyra would feel him lean back, and lay on her softly but stared up onto the ceiling…but she knew he stared into the void of his mind* “Winter had just passed, the winds roaring and trees shuffling with their branches and darkness was befalling very fast.I was attacked from the shadows, by a creature of 2nd demintinol stature but of darkness. We fought back and forth, blow after blow. The creature had changed form, being yet a shadow. First to a beast, then to man…then something in betwwen. Last it had turned into a terrifying version of myself…and then I slew the creature down with my sword Dawnbrekaer” *Fyzenguard looked over to his sword resting on the counter, and both would see a small glow showing from the cracks of the sheath* “I was injured, stabbed through 3 times. From my shoulder, my tigh and one to my hips. I walked days…injured…freezing…but I had food. Eventually I was successful in my travels to a near by town called Findle.

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      So the monsters got you too, huh?” she said, feeling him next to her. “Will we go to that forest? Will you take me?” she yawned covering her mouth, not waiting for an answer Lyra drifted off to sleep, her last thoughts of him and the jeweled sword, wondering how he could travel so far with such serious injuries. Lyra smiled in her sleep briefly, he must be powerful, she wanted to be that strong.

      The first nightmare came and went, war created that but Lyra barely stirred. The second nightmare crushed her, “Please run now” the voice whispered from the shadows of the maze Lyra was lost in. It felt as though she had been wondering for hours, fighting off palace guards. “How can I run when I can’t see” she asked the ghostly voice. Roderick appeared, blood covering his mouth and clothes, his eyes missing. “Lyra GOOO” he roared, and Lyra jumped up from sleep screaming. Her body shuttered as she clapped her hands over her mouth, her eyes terrified, how long had she slept, the towels blocked the view of the window and she could not tell. Her body was shaking violently, and the fire in the fireplace was almost completely out.

      Lyra looked around, she wasn’t alone, and her memories of the night before flooded her. “I am not alone” she whispered to the almost dark room. How long would she continue to dream? How long would she feel so miserable?

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      “Got me so bad I thought I was going to bleed to death.” *Fyzenguard responded, his head softly leaning to the side and watching her eyes slowly fade. Lyra was beautiful, he couldn’t deny it. She would feel his hand place to her cheek, and his thumb softly rubs to her cheek before both his blue daunting eyes and hers green which were found only in the deepest of mines, protected by the strongest of dragons. Slowly she felt his eyes, pull her in with each wave until…she had fallen asleep. Fyzenguard felt a joyful chill go down his spine, this had reminded him of his son…before. His eyes watered before he whipped them, then taking a resting position beside her. Slowly his hands grasped the blankets and covered her body before dozing off himself next to her*

      *Sleep had bundled around Fyzenguard, it hadn’t mattered if he was ready or not he had sealed himself into it. Not by the devil, not by deamon, but by his own commands. Fyzenguard had been known to go a day or two without sleep, fight against sleep, push it back until it overtook him and his toby leaf couldn’t keep him. Darkness was played, no light, no dream…he had been fortunate tonight. Then…a scream. Fyzenguard woke, his eyes jerked open from its hidden sleep as he raised…wrapped in blankets and looking to his side.*

      “No…your not alone” *A familiar voice had spoken to Lyra, of course it was Fyzenguard. Lyra would feel his hand placed to hers and squeezed hard, but not hard enough to hurt her.* “Its just a dream, it wont hurt you. Come now” *He says pulling her a bit close, and wrapping his arms around her waist and rocking both of them from side to side. Lyra would hear a soft hum from Fyzenguard, somewhat of a song it may have seemed. Starting in love, beauty, full of life and expression, before dipping down into departure. It was most calming…but left a lingering feeling in the heart of loss, a true loss.

    • #156662

      “Wolf, you’re here!” when he pulled her in, she threw her arms around his neck. Her body shaking, she sighed as he began to hum, her body relaxing. He said it wouldn’t hurt her, that the dream wouldn’t hurt her. Sadness was gripping her soul, and she was clinging to a man she barely knew. Warriors knew warriors, her mind reminded her. “You feel as though you have been a parent” she said looking up at him, her eyes still dark with pain. “Do you have children?” she asked slowly, he said that he had no one, and only mentioned a father. Did Fyzeguard have a family, or did they pass.

      Moving from him she crossed her legs, grabbing her hair and running her fingers through it. Lyra felt guilty, she had woken him with the scream, he hadn’t rested much she assumed, her hand running over the cheek that he had touched. She had never lacked affection in her life, she had those she loved and was loved in return. Lyra even had great friendship with the other knights. Now she had a wolf of a man next to her, in many ways Lyra’s sad life was filled with precious lucky moments. “If it isn’t my business you don’t need to speak of them yet, we can wait.” She offered with a small smile, reaching out her hand and brushing it along his cheek. Stopping the motion, she dropped her hand, shocked at her actions. Feelings were a terrible thing, leading you to be over comfortable.

    • #156663

      *Fyzenguard held her so close, like a father would a child…a child that he had missed but was long gone. His hands rubbed her back as the hum had kept on, filling the room. He could have been a bard, he used to have an instrument but left it in his home…a tower embedded with woods. His fingers had dung into her back, rubbing up and down, no adult was to old to be calmed by another because Fyzenguard knew…nightmares would always scare a person no matter how many times they had had them. Lyra could feel his soft, and cold breath apon her back. It might have even tickled a little, from time to time. Berally she would hear min top of the hum with a few song-filled words* “And the birds will weap, the the bees may hum, but the flowering petals are always from.”

      *Fyzenguard grew up without a mother, even at some points in life suffered due to a lack of empathy…or emotions gather from others. Lyra had given him that feeling of saftey, like a mother…even thought he was the one trying to calm her down* “I am, pet my fur for it is soft” *A small chuckle was heard from him, and a nuzziling of his head onto hers. However she pulled back, and he leaned back resting his back against the wall, now cross legged himself. He felt sadness in his heart, he felt weak in the heart…he felt hallow. Was it because he has been so along for so many years?* “yes I did” *Fyzenguard mutters*

      *His head palced back against the wall, his hair flowing down like branched of streams of golden waters. Then he jumped off the bed and walked over to a small pit filled with wood, after putting a few peices of the wood on the dying fire he says* “Had a wife, and a 13 year old son. One of the smartest boys I had known, I wasn’t there for them always. And that is why they died…or I did not die with them.” *Suddenly his voice had gone silent, and his eyes dim watching the fire danced. It reminded himself of his wife, she could dance like the fires and dust devils herslef. She was young when he met her, only 17. He was now raging up into his 40s. But due to his elven time he was still a young lad, he had grown slower. Once hitting 19 he quite aging, but they say once every 1oo years of a half elfs life they gow into a growing period. Over and over did they meet, years passed, she was now 21…still not married…sad. He had married her after the great battles of the frost giants. Had a son, and would have lived a good life* “Had a wife and son. Met my wife when she was only 17, of course most women are married by the time they turn anywhere from 16-18 (In medevil times). We had a knack of running into eachother, became passionet about one another and married. Not even a year later we had our son Zane.”

    • #156664

      Her heart dropped for him, a son and a wife both dead. He lost his family as well, and while it probably was not as recent, she now learned a hard lesson, the pain never went away. “Should we go visit them?” she asked standing, moving to his side for a moment, her hand rubbing his arm. He treated her as he would something cherished, and now she understood it was that of a child. “You didn’t deserve to die and neither did they, and if you had died who would still be speaking of them? Keeping them alive.” She asked him. No one deserved to die, no one deserved to hurt so badly either. Lyra was always told losing a child was the worst thing someone could bare, but she had learned the opposite. The empire was cruel to children. Maybe they had lived so long ago that it was peaceful.

      Moving to the bed she grabbed a change of clothes, pulling off her tank top, she put on a brown tunic, tying the front up quickly she kept thinking of his family. “What of your father?” she asked, pulling down her pants, her shirt large enough to cover her modestly but still exposing sun kissed tan legs, lean with muscle, her left thigh covered in a huge brand, the scarred skin showing a crest. “You spoke of him, is there any more family left?” she prodded wanting to get to know him further. Pulling on a pair of black slacks she turned away lifting her shirt and belting them closed before moving towards the couch grabbing her boots.

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      *Strands of his hair fell once again, his head shook, he would cry but he has cried so many times before for them. Zane and his wife(Astrid) didn’t want to watch Fyzenguard cry from above. They wanted to see him happy, but he wasn’t either way. The memories that counted were the memories that he kept with them still alive, not dead. He didn’t go into description of how they died, he didn’t want to. Then he would be crying, however he looked to Lyra as she placed her hand down onto his shoulder. How early was it? He didn’t know, didn’t care as of the moment.* “I would have traded places with them, now I am damned here.But…if I wasn’t here then who would help you” *He says taking her hand and gripping it tightly, before rasing it and placing a soft kiss to her tan kissed skin. Letting go of her hand he inhaled deeply and exhaled just as fast.*

      *Fyzenguard looked away as she went on to change, he was respectful and polite…a little playful at times but that had always made for the best of moods. Just as they had met, he was a little playful with her, and she gave some back to him.* “My father” *His voice dipped pretty low before those eyes closed, and squeezed shut before opening* “He was a good father…in my very early years. However as the longing for love for my mother continued…he became mad over time. See my mother left a week after me and my step sister were born. Father…missed her so very much, and it torn him into a darker figure day by day. He sent me away most of the time, for training…but I had a feeling he wanted to get me away from him. He had known who he turned into, and eventually pulled me in. Father turned into a beastly man, took my strength and used it in battle, sometimes killing innocents. But I was young and didn’t know any better, made many wemon widows…made many kids bastereds.  I guess another reason I went away from him was because…well I was scared of him.

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      “Wolf, we will do as you wish.” She said walking back to his side. “Would you like to clean up first? I think that its better to move quickly, there is something I need to acquire at Colosseum, and the rumors say there is great evil there.” She explained. How many guards would there be? Did they have the money to buy them off? Shaking her head, she sat in front of the fire at his feet. “I was trained the same, but I was taken when I was a little girl and sold as a whore to a Pharaoh, a concubine. “she shivered at the word, her arms coming around herself.

      Killing others was nothing to her anymore, but when he said he made wives widows she winced, and children bastards. “Wolf, I don’t know how to say it, but its okay, what they made you do so young. You can’t blame yourself; survival is survival. ‘She said barely a whisper. Broken people, helping broken people, and yes, he was here for her. “And yes, you didn’t die and now you’re mine for now. What would I do without you?” she said trying to joke. Thinking of his son she looked at him, “Did he look like you, Did he have your blonde hair?” Lyra loved his hair, she wanted to run her fingers through it.

    • #156669

      “Do as I wish? No no, you are the leader of this quest. I follow you, and will pipe in when I am needed” *He didn’t want to sound rash but usually he was commanded, if ever on a quest with someone else…or riding into battle. Its strange to think knowing hes a prince, but dosn’t take it by heart not like the title. However his head gave a small shake, his hair flittering down* “Nye, I bathed yesterday. We can leave with the flip of a coin, and possibly something to eat for the mornings beauty. Yinkes….a conucubine…sold into it. Thats degenerate.” *Fyzenguard says then leaning over and letting those blue filtered eyes settle onto Lyras beauty.* “In my lands if there is a place in which population is low, concubines are suggested…but never forced.” *Fyzenguard seemed disturbed by her story, and sad but was glad she survived it.*

      *Fyzenguard had thought, about the wrong he had committed. It might have been for survival…but it still wasn’t right. Even if the men were soldiers or not he had still done evil on his father’s coined side. It was survival…and he was young. Lyra was right, but it still concerend him. He looked down to Lyra’s hands, a little jittery and thats when he had known why, slowly his head raised down a little as he asks* “Zane…looked quite a bit like his mother. Cherry raid hair, a bit darker skin, but he did have my eyes. He looked like me in the face, and stature however. W…would you want to brush my hair” *Fyzenguard asks knowing she wanted to do soemthing with his hair.

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      “Yes, I want to braid it” she said jumping up excited. Walking over to her bag she pictured a tiny red headed Fyzen and smiled. Maybe he liked her because of her Auburn hair? She laughed at the thought and grabbed her brush and ribbon returning to him quickly. “After this we must leave, but thank you.” she said shyly. When she went to the castle her maids always brushed her hair, and then when on the battlefield Roderick had done it for her. “Come here” she said, patting to space between her legs, “Sit”, her face lit up in happiness, she had never served someone before, not like this.

      “Sir Wolf, I wish I had been from your home, concubines weren’t treated well, and many of my scars are from the beating I received from refusing him.” she winced trying to put it softly that she wouldn’t let herself be raped by that old man. “I can see his face in my mind, your child. I bet he was perfect if he had your eyes.” she complimented him and waited patiently. Ringing a bell a servant walked in, “Prepare the horses for us” she demanded tossing a coin. “There now we have time..” Lyra pointed to the spot once again. ‘Sir wolf hurry up..”

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      *Fyzenguard liked Lyra for her auburn hair, but also because of her personality…and the way she takes on challenges and quests. He hasn’t exactly experienced what she would be like in those situations, but if she killed three men at once a there was defiantly something to be said about her. He had looked to her, sit? Wow, that was something that took him a minute to think if he wanted to do…more or so he was just really shy. However she insisted and he stood walking up to her, and sitting down apon her lap. Fyzenguard felt like a big baby, and even chuckeled about it. He never had a mother to do this, so maybe he was catching up on something he had missed years ago as a child.*

      “My home is dangerous, but people treat each other right mostly.  There were set in stone laws that my grandfather had given, such as to treat women like elfs. But that has a silver lining to it, like if she was bad to you. Also to treat people the same, besides kings. Not all places can be totally perfect. But we respect wemon, enjoy their privacy, gives for better love stories anyways” *Fyzenguard was Lyra’s, even if he didn’t want to admit it he was there. Slowly he felt the brush, flow through his long golden hair. Lyra would learn his hair was soft, stright, kind to brushes, and like small gold/silver threads.* “I belive you, that you could see his face. He might have grown up to be handsome, might even have met you.” * Another chuckle dispeared from his parting lips as he then squints as she burshes through a small tangle.* “Perfect in every way you can think” *Those eyes of his closed, he felt at peace there in her lap. When they were done however fyzenguard rushed over to his black tunic and put it on* “I’m ready…I’m ready…I think I’m ready…and I am sure I am ready..and ready” *He says poking up like a young man would and looked to Lyra, strapping his sword and belt on*

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      Lyra brushed his hair slowly, a smile on her face as she began to braid it. “He would have been my age, maybe a suitor even” she joked. Running her hands over the finished braid before he jumped up quickly. Laughing at him she wrapped her arms around her stomach. It was a real laugh, sing song like bells on a Sunday. “You couldn’t get away from me fast enough” she said laughing, hopping up she watched him strap on his word. “I will get ready as well” she stated grabbing her sword and dagger from under the bed. Placing her tagged at the small of her back and her sword at her waist. Packing her backpack swiftly she looked at him. “I will meet you by the horses while you collect your things” she said a smile still on her face.

      Running down the stairs she tipped the room host and walked out the front doors to see the horses saddled and ready. Beautiful, the animals were beautiful, and she walked by introducing herself to each of them. “Hello Horsy, which one belongs to the wolf I wonder.” She asked aloud stroking their manes, waiting to saddle before Fyzebguard walked out.

      Lyra turned as a man with a large bag walked by “You” she shouted, shrugging on her chest armor, “Merchant?” she inquired. The man turned and she knew him instantly. The merchant from the port. “You, you’re here” she said with and walking over. “I am here beautiful lady; how can I assist you? Have you thought about my offer?” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “I need medicines, and maybe a few bandages” she said taking out golden coins. “One night my lady, just one” he pouted grabbing her things and taking the coin. “ he begged his hand holding her, pleading.

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      *Fyzenguard began to laugh to what she said, a sutior. Zane would have been 100 years of age, roughly but still in elven terms that’s somewhere the right age for Lyra.* “You would have loved my son, he was always playful, happy, always ready to indulge into everything. He would have made a perfect man, and father. I wasn’t the best” *He then looks down a bit, fumbling his fingers over his black tunic. However he was lighten back up by Lyras beautiful laugh, he turned around, and stuck out his tongue, then looked back. He hadn’t acted like this for…well since the time. He then fumbeled his hands through the braids, he loved them, then he looked back to her* “You never know, why do you think I always end up disapearing again. I am fast enough for that, I woudl be fast enough to run away from you. or so I think” *His smile was posted before he raised, and began to look through his sack, wondering how much gold he had left.

      *It had taken Fyzenguard a while, and Lyra would notice that. But both the horese were beauty, one was almost purely white but had black covereing most its legs. Its fur was rather tough, but southed enough to feel a gratful rubbing sensation from it. The other was a black stallion, mighty and proud, soft at the fur and taller then the other. Which one was his? It was strange thinking about it.

      *Within time Fyzenguard walked out with his sack over his shoulder, he went to the smaller horse and ran his fingers through its bridled hair before laying a gental kiss to its shoulder blade* “Good girl” *He said in a soft whisper before walking next to Lyra and the merchant who were discussing things. Until he saw the merchant place his hand onto her thigh Fyzenguard suddenly walked up and took the mans hand* “hands off, don’t touch a women unless she is wanted to be touched. You have the gold, not give her what she wants. You can take your night stands to the whores in the taverns around town, please just the items” *Fyzenguard said letting go of the mans hand and standing there next to Lyra


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      Her wolf was taking forever, but she did not mind. The trip would be long, and she assumed he needed extra time to catch his breath after speaking about his family Lyra smiled thinking of him. He had shared with her, and that meant so much. Lyra couldn’t even remember her family; it was like she was born and raised by strangers in far off places. Looking at the merchant she began to argue with him. You are over charging me, she stated sitting down glaring at him. The merchant places his hand on her thigh and her eyes grew wide. Ready to remove his head from his shoulders Fyzen appeared. He removed the mans hand from her body.

      Standing next to her she looked up at him, “Thank you” she said a blush appearing on her cheeks. “Oh so you have a man” the merchant said his lip curling unhappily, “I do now” she said sharply, grabbing the bag of goods from his hands, and the placing a hand in Fyzenguard’s warm hand. “Lets go” she said pulling him back to the horses. She was ready to leave, and there was a whisper about the sands being dyed red at the Colosseum, and that the area smelt like blood. Her stomach was in a knot, “Sir Wolf..Do you think they are using slave blood to color the sand” she asked him stopping by the horses.

      Would he get involved and help the lower-class slaves or would it be up to her, and after saving them what would she do with them. Groaning she looked down her head now hurting as she began to pack the horses saddles with the supplies she had purchased

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      *Fyzenguard wasn’t nessicarily a scary person, but if he needed to get the point across he could…and strongly. He wanted to crush the man’s arms, but Fyzenguard wasn’t that type of person and he never would be. Lawfulness surged through the very vains of Fyzenguard, not only by births hedge but by training. Jerking the man’s hand from the side* “More of a man then you will ever be, unrespectful prick” *Fyzenguard mentioned keeping his eyes fiercely onto the man, he hated scum like this…trying to cheat everyone just a silver peice. This was the exact thing Fyzenguards grandfather fought against. Men like this, wanting women to pay for supplies with their body. Now if the woman was fine with it that was different, but Lyra wasn’t. However, his eyes calmed down once feeling her hand brush into his calmly.*

      *His eyes, calmed, now yet a drizzle from a storm as he looked down to their hands. Warmth…again. Lyra could feel his fingers explore among her hands for a moment before she dragged him back to the horses.* “Don’t worry about it, men like that need to be tought a lesson by getting their ass kicked. People need to respect women a bit more than they do, they treat them like objects.” *His head shook, and his hand gripped hers, their fingers intertwined beautifully and strongly. Within a few moments, his hand had left hers, and took few of the supplies out of the sack and began to fill her horse’s pouches with the supplies* “I don’t know, some mages believe that blood is the life force and use it to conjure all sorts of magic. If they were using it to dye the ground that would be a terrible waste, but maybe they have something else in mind. You thinking what I am?” *Fyzenguard questioned then brushing his fingers through her horses hair*

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      “I am” she said nodding her head, watching him brush the horse’s mane. She laughed thinking of him nervous in her lap as she brushed his hair. “Cute” she smiled. Moving around him she lifted herself on the horse with a quick mount looking down at him. “I guess the spilling of blood isn’t for looks, but mass murder is a big no for me, especially if children are involved. It is a quick ride there Wolf, a few hours if we make haste and it seems time is on our side.”

      Reaching into her bag she pulled out a small black vial drinking it quickly and putting it back into her pocket. Her body hummed, the daemon blood flowed through her and stopped the pain in her body fighting it back. She would have to tell him sooner or later, but for now she popped mint leaves into her mouth and waited for him to mount. Reaching down she brushed a few loose hairs behind his ear. She was thankful he was following her, having to find another competent man would have been a challenge. “Fyzen, Do you know prince Ulric” she asked arching a brow, Ulric had sent her directly to him and she hadn’t asked why, not even once.

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      *Fyzenguard wasn’t tuned into sitting into women’s lap, and them being accepting over it.  Althought he secretly liked his hair brushed by women, he hadn’t for a lont while now. The last he could remember is the daughter of Lord Brundle in his lands. Fyzenguard and her or Emma were quite fond, but not in any relationship way. Emma was way to young for that, just a small little girl. She reminded him quite a bit about his twin sister. Lyra wouldn’t have noticed he dozed off for a moment, deep into the thought of what this Colosseum might be like. Was it a place where slaves fought each other? Or was it warriors from across the lands? That was quite scary, Fyzenguard hadn’t known many who were as skilled ashim. Being skilled doesn’t mean anything however if you’re outnumbered.*

      *Being as lucky as Lyra was, Fyzenguard hadn’t noticed her drinking from the black vial. Eventually he snapped out of his trans* “Sorry, just a thought.” *He had murmured looking back up to Lyra.* “The ride surely won’t take long, I mean it would make sense knowing we are in a settlement” *Quickly, and quite easily would Lyra watch Fyzenguard hoist himself up onto his white and..smaller horse. He has had this one for a few years, even named it being worthy enough for one. When traveling you lose quite a few horses, this one stuck with him however* * “King Ulric” *Fyzenguard repeated, he simply hadn’t known. It could have been possible that Fyzenguards father might have teamed up with Ulric in battle…or possibly worse fought against eachother.* “I really don’t know Lyra. I’ve only been on this continent a few times. Maybe we drank together at one point, it would seem easy to remember another prince but i don’t”

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      Lyra nodded, she would have to ask him when she returned to her country. “That is understandable, but he knew you, he had me find you.” She said looking around, the horses moving at a faster speed as the left the inn. “They say monsters and gladiators fight here; slaves as bate” se stated shortly her mind wondering again. “Wolf, I have no fear of dying, but if I do, I want to be placed under the trees where I can see the sun” she said looking at him, she had only had this talk with one other, right before a huge battle in the north. Snow had caked to her skin and she could remember shaking, her breath quivering.

      ::Flash Back::

      “How can you not miss the sun?” Lyra said slapping Ulric’s arm as Roderick laughed. “Well you vicious creature, I am dressed well and have been here for, unlike some little wimp” Ulric said looking down at her, a brow arched. “Wimp?! When I get warm, I will mess you up Ulric.” She said her teeth chatting. “Oh ya Sure” he said throwing an animal skin over her shoulder and sitting next to her. “Roderick if I die you know where to put me right? In the sun.” she said laughing lightly, but both men froze, thinking of a life without Lyra. “Then we will all be together under the sun” Roderick said before a huge crash came from outside. “And that is our que…” Ulric said softly.

      ::End Flash back::

      Lyra snapped back into reality as they had made their way through the woods, “Fyzen do you smell it” she said disgusted halting her horse. It reeked of rotting flesh and you could feel darkness and death. “I think we’ve arrived” she said wrapping fabric around her face.

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      *Fyzenguard had strained, stretched and gave off an accidental toot* “That was the horse” *He said looking a little suspicious, but it was obvious and he had known it also. A slight chuckle had…brushed between the parting of his lips before it had flown with the winds for all the world to hear. His slender fingers brushed through the main of the horse once more before lifting up with the reins i in his hand. Then with a small snap of the reins, their horses slowly trotted out of the small stables and out into the early morning. Not even had the sun rose fully, it was just glinting in the horizon fight off the hoards of darkness yet the sky had wove the night before.* “Gladiators, monsters, slaves” * He repeated her words in a bit of a surprise, how long had it been since he had been to some sort of arena. 40 years at the most, unless there was a time after that he had forgotten. Time had taken so much of the memories.*

      *They had trotted up to the gates, two guards held high in the watches and pulled bows on them. This was mandatory, they were going to search them. One had come down, full plate armor and long sword to his side…smart man* “Good morning…you two. Prince Fyzen, and…Lyra knight of the prince” *This man surely did his history or was a traveling man at one point in his life* “Aye, were on a hurry. Can you search us” *The guard gave a stranded face, then clenching with some sort of frustration and tension. However, he began to search through their bags. Lyra would figure that the man was frustrated because Fyzenguard hadn’t really acknowledged him. Fyzenguard saw it a bit differently, he saw himself as a man, no prince. After the few long moments of search the guard went through their bags, sides, and pouches before he gave a slap to the ass of both their horses* “Their good, open the gate” *Then the gate was rose and with another crack of the whip…they were on the move*

      *Lyra and Fyzenguard had been quiet, it was natural, however. Both hadn’t acknowledged it. Their eyes, his of a lighting blue and hers a beautiful olive green and stared forwards. They were blanketed by the immense forest and trees which cuddled up close to the roads. This was a paradise for Fyzenguard, his true home. The woods had always kept him, bundled him up with bushes, fed him with berries, and provided food. The forest was his missing parent. Long hours had passed before the stench of death, decay and misery had filled the open airs blazing the nostrils* “I believe we are” *Fyzenguard commented backstopping his horse, and then with great dexterity jumped off* “I smell everything you do *The smell was very familiar, being that he was in battles which lasted days on end which was normal for those times.

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      Lyra heard his words and her stomach heaved involuntarily. How long had she been sitting there staring, “I guess we know what they used to dye the sand.” She said wistfully. Moving forward she could hear the screams coming from the arena and the howls of something less than human. “I don’t think we will be enough” she whispered her eyes searching for her wolf. Grabbing her dagger from her back she stopped the horse and dismounted, “Fyzenguard wait here” she said shooting and order before grabbing a low hanging branch and beginning to climb the tree. Lyra was quick, they had used her small stature and speed in several battles as she grew up.

      Cutting down smaller branches for a view she looked out, and it shook her to the core,”Fyzenguard, report!” she yelled more than 12 feet in the air. Hearing him shout back she yelled rapidly. “I see several hundred civilians, 50 or so gladiators and dozens of monsters. I see one that looks like a snake it seems they escaped and lower-level ogres, some sand bugs, and a Gollum…There is a Gollum.” Her eyes grew wide. A puppeteer, someone was here if a Gollum was here. They were screwed, Gollum’s didn’t fall, they lived for one purpose and that purpose was to protect someone or something. Massively powerful and made of Dirts and Clay. Sliding down the tree quickly she sliced open her neck and cheek before hitting the ground.

      “How, do we help, they are funneling slaves through doorways and locking them in the arena so the others can escape, we have to help. “ she looked into his fierce blue eyes and reached for him, her hand on his knee because he was still mounted upon his horse. “Help me My Wolf” she pleaded.

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      *Fyzenguadr still on his horse looked around, how could there be trees when there sand. It puzzled his mind, there was some sort of trick played here…or was there. Magic was one thing, Fyzenguard had known only little about, his eyes close, heavily and wouldn’t open. The sounds of the monsters off from the distance was heard, fierce they had sounded and Fyzenguard was to blunt to worry at the moment.


      *The city was burning, smoke rising from the pits of the earth it seemed…once a city and now ruins. Rocks tumbeled off the great buildings, there were only few survivors. Fyzenguard stood, once were his the house used to be, he had worn a green ranger’s hat. Those eyes of his, devilish, made with anger, filled with fear and anguish. His hand held his sword, the mighty Dawnbreaker. Her light shining brightly and glinting down to the hole that once was his house.* “Save us father” *Fyzenguard had looked down, no tears had fell from his eyes, no sadness..but deep down there was. And now down in that hole was two corpses, smoke rising of their bodies but yet…they were clawing up at the dirt trying to reach Fyzenguard. They weren’t his wife and son anymore…they weren’t related or connected. *

      *Dawnbreaker in his hand, whispered, and her blade let off an entense freezing mist. Light pumped out of her blade as well* “Fyzen, save us” *Fyzenguard looked down, felt a chill go throught his whole body.* “I loved you both” *He whispered before throwing off his cloak and jumping down with a strike towards his wife and only son*

      *End Flashback*

      *Fyzenguard shook his head, and whipped a few tears from his face as he heard Lyra from the top yelling down at him* “YEAH!” *He responded…he couldn’t exactly hear here from all the way up there but he tried. As she jumped down, and took to his knee, those eyes of the ice were apon her. As she begged for his help, he stayed quite as her olive green eyes had sunk in with his. For almost a moment she could tell that he looked older…then it switched back* “The golem…I can fight on my own. I have a special weapon for that” *He says then slowly pushing her off his boot and he jumps down* I will help, no need in begging, lets go

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      Lyra looked at him with a nod. If he said he could handle it than they would handle it together. Jumping back on her horse she looked him in the eye, “Remember under the sun” she said looking at a large wall. “We have to hurry” she said waiting for him to mount his horse.

      ::Flash back::

      Her sword was met and her body vibrated and her numb hands almost gave out. Days, the battle had been going for days and the troops kept flowing in while ours were stuck in the mountains trapped by an avalanche. Lyra looked at the man and let go of her sword rushing him with a dagger, shoving it through his eye with one fell jump, ‘Fucker” she said loudly, the screams around her drowning out her own. “Ulric, find him” I scream, Ulric turned around, face covered in blood and gave me a short nod before running off.

      Spining around I grabbed my sword and made a run for a horse. “No!” I yelled as a monster crushed the horse, sending me flying back, my head connected with something hard and I groaned rolling onto my face and blacking out quickly, I could feel the blood rolling down my neck. Several minutes later I could hear the screaming again but also muffled voices, “Its her! Roll her over.” Roderick yelled, “She is dead Prince, look at the blood” a knight said, but no sooner had the words left his mouth, I heard a gargle and someone was rolling me over. Roderick was smiling down at my open eyes, “See she is not dead.” he said picking me up, and then running, the knight and Ulric following behind. “RETREAT” the soldiers screamed in unison. “Finally” Lyra thought, this day was done and she could die quietly.

      ::Flash back ended::

      Dagger in hand she turned her horse. “Wolf, lead us in, I will protect your back so never turn around, keep pushing forward. Saving the slaves and getting into the maze is our only goal.” she ordered quickly, her eyes never wavering.

    • #156781

      *Fyzenguard had been alone by himself for so long he hadn’t even known what he said…they would take this fight together. Their horses gave soft snorts and gave small hops as more of the yelling had come farther from the path. They had not galloped away though, they stayed loyal to their masters only snorting more at them.* “Under the sun, highest mountain to where the sun shines the brightest.” *The he gave a small kick*

      *Fyzenguard raised his head to show those beautiful blue eyes, the sun had given them a much different appearnce. As they were stormy, cold or icy before, now they were a ocean blue. It seemed the sun melted all the cold from his eyes until he looked back down under the shade and grappled onto his horse then throwing himself up onto the back of the horse. It gave a small snort, and Fyzenguard held onto the reins strongly. A small soothing cold sensation had come from his side, the side his sword was on. If Lyra would notice a small frost would be forming on his pants…but from what? I guess both of them had their secerets, Fyzenguadr wasn’t as willing to tell her everything so fast though. Suddenly with a snap of the reins the horse jumped and began to increse speed through the desert like plain with trees.

    • #156854

      You could hear it as they approached the screams of the ones who couldn’t get away, the screams of the slaves who were sacrificed for those deemed more worthy than them. Lyra shook slightly, the adrenaline coursing through her veins and they approached the Colosseum. Lyra and Fyzen had spurred their horses into a dead run approaching the demolished gates within a matter of seconds, heading in Lyra had a single goal, “Kill the monsters” bracing herself for a hit that would surely come, she jumped from the horse and into the ongoing slaughter.

      A calm swept over her and the noise finally went away as she was hand to hand with a giant ogre. Her heart hurt for different reasons now. Sliding off the horse she grabbed her sword, lifting it she felt the vibrations as a massive club came down. Grunting she knelt to her knees, and with a fierce swing cut its leg off, before jumping up and slicing the monsters throat, spinning she saw the trapped slaves and made a run for them. “Wolf” she said looking around not finding him. He would find her; he was capable, and he needed to locate the Gollum and kill it. As soon as the thought had ended Lyra was flying through the air. “Fuck” she screamed hitting the side of the wall near the bars she was trying to reach. Blood spewed from her mouth as she gasped loudly. It was the sand snake, and it was pissed. Accessing the situation Lyra looked at the slaves encaged and the monster heading her way. Spitting the remainder of the blood she knew she had to be lighter and take a chance, quickly taking her armor off, she bent down and cut the laces from her boots and kicked them off. Lyra jumped and started climbing the stone of the wall next to her, getting the top where the civilians had been seated, she looked down and when it was sliding up the wall she jumped, her body suspended in the air, as she came down on top of its huge face, slicing it from one eye all the way to its nose before being thrown once more. The snake was going crazy, throwing itself around as a few soldiers ran up on it. Lyra grabbed her sides spitting bloods, “Internal injury” she sighed knowing the only the demon blood was keeping her eyes open. Running with the other soldier’s she shouted, “Aim for the face when it drops”. Falling back, she waited for a brief interval between the soldiers before attacking the other eye, digging her sword in before dropping, her only weapon now a dagger. “Fuck” she said for the second time, knowing her only goal now was the slave. They had incapacitated the snake and the soldiers would kill it. Using her dagger, she let the slaves out of the tunnel. The tunnel led to a maze, and the maze is where she needed to be, so a barefoot Lyra went in alone.

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      *Both were ridding, each trot of the horse jumped their bodys up and down over and over again. The gates were apparent, Fyzenguards eyes looked up, their stormy features striking to all the towers of this place. As they rode up they suddenly heard* “Drop the gates” *Fyzenguard looked up, they were going to drop the gates on them before they could even enter* “Not today” *Fyzenguard says almsost spitting the words out like a bad taste. His hand lifted and there rested a very small dagger, he flipped it around and the point was now resting inbetween his fingers before the flicked his hand. The guard then falls down, but the gates were still closing. Suddenly they pass the gates in time.*

      *They rode into the the area of fighting, slaves being picked up and eaten by whatever monsterious creatures there were. As Lyra looked to her side…Fyzenguard was gone. Fyzenguard stood on his horse, guards coming after him before…he jumped. In mid air he sheathed his legendary sword, she gleemed a omnisiant blue light which filled up that side of the areana. Everything was suddenly colder…this was Fyzenguards secret weapon. Falling to the floor he sliced a guard open, his blade easily cutting through that hot metal. Fyzenguard was fast, for he was a warrior which wore no armor. A sword was swung down at him, with his free hand he caught the mans hand and jerked him forwards…and sinks into Fyzenguards blade, the glowing tip showing out the back of the man before pulling Dawnbreaker out.*

      *Fyzenguard parlayed with the guards, one by one they had fallen. More and more had come however, and soon he was to be overrun. he had stood now, his chest raising and falling with each impending breath, there was no way he could fight all the guards coming up on him…but then again he was known to take out battalions of warriors. Suddenly he whipped around and threw a dagger hitting one man in the throat, blood squirted out as he choked falling to the ground. Then…whooo…a hand comes piling down and swhept a few guards to the ground, their boens shattered and lifes ruined. There it stood, a clay golem. *

      *The other hand swong around, and smacked against Fyzenguard sending him flipping into the air before landing to the ground. His shoulder felt displaced…damaged…possibly not able to use ever again. However he raised the sword in his left hand, ready to die if he had to.* “I’ve fought bigger and uglier creatures then you, piss ant” *Another swhip comes down, and Fyzenguard ducks cutting the beasts hand off…but then it regrows in sludge form before it dried out. Fyzeguard was smacked again, but this time had only turned him around stumbiling. He now stood in a perfect stance and as the beast swung his great arms Fyzenguard ducked once more dropping his sword and taking out a flask of oil. His hand thrusts into the golem, breaking through the outers shell placing the flask of oil into the golem.*

      “yes” *Fyzenguard murmered before being punched into the same shoulder and him falling to the ground, suddenly he took out a small pigment. Fyzenguard drinks some achohol and then spits it on the pigment, then fire shooting out and hitting the golem. The oil flask inside was crushed, and now the goldem was made of oil…then lighting and burning him to nothingness

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      Screaming, Lyra was screaming and for a moment she had no idea why, until she realized the shadows were not shadows at all, but demons and they were reaching for her, mouths wide open, full of teeth as sharp as razors. Taking a breath, she held her dagger tight, her body gasping for more oxygen as she wore herself down fighting them “You will fail” one whispered by her ear, “He uses you; you are nothing” the other hums alongside him. They filled her head with lies, she knows this but still tears fell down her face. Growling she pulls out a purple pill and bites the top off spreading the tiny amount of powder across her forehead. A barrier a mage had given her to silence the noise around her. Sighing in relief she starts to run, the demons cornering her at every turn. “Show me” she yells, holding a yellow stone in her hand watching it flicker before turning solid showing her the way down the path.

      Leaning against the wall she took several deep breaths the demons unable to cross an invisible barrier in the next room. Looking around the room she saw two vases and a piece of cloth, it seemed empty. Groaning she say against the floor. “Oh Fyzenguard, I was a dumbass for leaving you so quickly.” She laughed into the semi-blackness. Ripping her pants she tied fabric around her bleeding feet and stood up. How much longer could she last in here? “I will last” she said moving from the empty room.

      “Lyra” a voice shouted for her and Lyra stopped, frozen in time. No, this couldn’t be, it wasn’t him. Turning she looked behind and a shrill scream escaped her. Roderick from her nightmares was in front of her, missing eyes, bloody body, walking towards. All Lyra could do was scream and clutch her dagger. Roderick began to run at her, the eye sockets glowing, and that’s when Lyra felt a sword enter her side. “No” she whispered reality flooding back to her, a hideous beast face to face with her. Lyra groaned and shoved her dagger between the beast’s ribs and it dropped instantly. Lyra grabbed her side and fell against the wall. “I should have just let the snake eat me.” She said with a laugh, holding her side tightly. Ripping her shirt to shreds she tied it around her side as tightly as she could, moving slowly into the next hallway, so close, she was close.

    • #156903

      *Moving into the next hallway, it had suddenly become dark. Darker then the others, darkness not describable. Lyra could feel the very presence of it. He special stone hadn’t made much distance of light, now just ranging a little farther back than afoot. Only as she continued did it become worse, a foot of light came to 10 inches…then 10 to 8. What would happen if she went on, or if she could even continue on. Suddenly the darkness held still, almost Lyra could sense it laughing at her, making fun of her before she heard something terrifying* “You won’t make it”

      *The voice echoed through the hallways, bouncing over and over again and becoming louder and louder in her ears. She might have thought insane until suddenly…it was quiet once again. Then footsteps were heard, the sound bouncing off the walls and aimed directly at Kamilah* “You will never figure out who I am” *Then a figure was seen, only a shade of the moment standing 6″4, hands held behind his back…she had heard the voice before. It sounded so similar but…yet so undefined and demonic. Then she would see the eyes open, burning blue stormy eyes only seen through the darkness before the figure was seen fully know. Lyra know who this was…there was no mistaking it but it was Fyzenguard.*

      *A hidious grin of degenerate joy was placed on his face, lips raised highly and eyes looking down to her* “I am yet one to see, but disguised so far in hearts of the special you cannot sense me. I am anger, boiling, crushing, and growing with power…I am power…I am” *Suddenly an aura of a decaying blue, meloncholy and hidious had shot out filling the room…blinding Lyar* “There is only one true fear in this world, and I am part of it. A deceiver, carried of the fairest…strongest of lighting, And now I will strike you down” *Was this Fyzenguard? Suerly not, he looked so similar but there was something so much more different. He leaned back and began to cackle, his hands brushing back behidn his bacnd, hands open as pure electricity and lighting were forming. Then…he thrustsed his hands forwards, bolts of lighting spreading from his fingers and headed towards Lyra.*

      *The bolts had traveled fast but before they hit a figure had stood infront of her, and the lighting pulled up through the figure’s body. It was the other Fyzenguard…what was going on. Steam began to rise off Fyzenguard…the real one before falling to his knees and the lighting stopping* “Your resilient pounce. You are nothing, prince of Fystendonaldhymer…grandson of…FINROD” *The word Finrod screech throughout the hallway, like a faded echo powered by other worlds.

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      “Wolf” she whispered softly, before her world came crashing down in the maze, he attacked her? Blackness, harsh words, her brain feeling as though it would explode was nothing compared to this. How could he? after he swore to her? A tear slid down her cheek before Fyzenguard lifted his hands and lighting came forth, but before it reached her, another Fyzen stepped in front of her body taking the hit. He fell to his knees and the other Fyzen cackled and screamed out his title and his grandfather’s name. “No” she whispered reaching for her wolf with a sob. Lyra was tired, her body was beaten up, but she would not allow this one to attack them, he had found her. He cared. Standing she moved infront of Fyzenguard, her red hair tumbling down her back, parts matted with blood, her green eyes burning brightly. He was hers, she thought to herself.

      Lyra had very little mana, and only could control wind magic, so she would bide them time. She would help him, “He is MINE” she screamed throwing her arms up, the tunnels filling with a violent wind. The demon in front of her was powerful but she wouldn’t let him get this prince, this knight she had found for herself. “Fyzenguard stand please, I am to weak” she said not looking behind her, focusing her mana, the wind whipping their hair into their eyes, the stone around them creating a whirlwind. “I am useless” she thought to herself turning her face to the crazed Fyzen before her, her heart aching for hurting something with his face.

      He said he was power? He was anger? A Daemon? But how did he know Fyzenguard? As her attention focused on her thoughts, her mana waivered, NO!!! She thought bringing her attention back to the present but it was to late, the darkness flood her mind, coughing she spit up blood once more, and she fell. She needed her potion in her pack..”Wolf” she mumbled her eyes going black.

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      *Fyzenguard heard Lyra’s cries, but he hadn’t stood…he couldn’t…he musn’t. But why could he not, his body felt like cold iron. he couldn’t move, was this because of the lighting…or was it because of himself. He felt Lyra fall to his side, after she had tried to protect him. Slowly his head looked to the side, Lyra on the ground, coughing up blood* :Shes dead: *Fyzenguard tought to himself, his eyes began to tear…someone he actually cared for gone like that. He was just a bundle of bad luck, everyone he loved or cared for died. Everyone he found a friend perished.*

      *Steam rolled off Fyzenguards body, and the other Fyzenguard stood…laughing with a voice of power and cunning. This was no demon, nor devil, this was something else. His head finally rose, that cold metal heating once again but hwoever as his head rose…his eyes began to burn* “Y…you bastard” *He said under his breath, his hands beginning to shake and jerk…then his body the same. Then everything went black…the room dark again before a..shing.

      A radiant of light shot through the darkness once more, and there was now Fyzenguard standing. His clothes tattered, his pride and honor strong, and his anger boiling. The words echoed through Fyzenguards head that the other had said.* ““I am yet one to see, but disguised so far in hearts of the special you cannot sense me. I am anger, boiling, crushing, and growing with power…I am power…I am” *Fyzenguard raised his head and whispered* “evil”

      *The blade of Fyzenguards sword radiated a vibrant hum and frosty mist which made the room colder. The other now looked down to Fyzenguard, and cowered a few steps back but smiled softly* “Ohh so it is true. You do hold the precious one, the one of old. The weak one” *Fyzenguard hadn’t said anything back. The other then raised his hands, bolts begining to form from the tips of his fingers once more* “No matter, she will be put back in her place once I am done with you” *The lighting shot off, but suprisingly Fyzenguard raised Dawnbreaker as she began to hum beautifuly, the lighting twirled around the sword.

      *The eyes of the other Fyzenguard raised, in supplement, in fear.  Then Fyzenguard yelled, holding up the sword to the empty space of darkness. The lighting jittered, and flashed before Fyzenguard pointed Dawnbreaker to the being, and it shot back stunning the figure. Slowly Fyzenguard walked forwards, lighting still coming from the blade before he thrusted the blade through the figures chest, his head falling down to Fyzenguards side* “I am your shadow, never forget it.” *Then…he disolved and there was nothing ness*

      *Fyzenguard pressed his hand to lyra’s cheek, then his fingers brushed through her hair.* “No” *He said back, he accepted that…Fyzenguards was hers. Then he picked her frail, and broken body up into his arms placing a soft kiss to her forehead beforing walking her out of the tower.

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      “Wolf” she said, her voice not coming out, she was in his arms, she could feel him breathing. “Go back” she tried saying her hand weakly grasping his arm, searching and begging him. They could not leave, they had to continue. Forcing her hand up she cried out as a shock of pain ripped through her body. “Bag” she whispered; her eyes still closed. He had to go back in, they needed the vial in that room. “My pack” she was begging and knew he would be hurting. He saved her life, and she would have gladly given hers for this man.

      ::Flash back::

      They walked the coffin into the royal tomb and Lyra stood there, her face covered in a mesh black cloth, hand in Ulric’s, and tears running down her face. Looking throughout the crowd she saw his people and his knights with tears in their eyes. He had people who loved them here, not the fake bullshit imperials who did this to him. Squeezing Ulric’s hand she walked inside the tomb alone, no one followed her as she brought in his sword. “Wake up” she said once more knowing there would be no reply. “How could you leave me in this world with no one?!” She screamed out loud. “Just come back” she wept sword in her hands she placed it on top of his tomb. Walking out everyone bowed their heads one last time before the doors shut.

      ::Flash back end::

      Lyra’s eyes struggled to open when they fell shut, “Bag” she whispered again before falling unconscious once more. She hoped he would figure it out, but if he didn’t, she’d die in his arms and he would be there to see her off. It was not so bad. A smile fluttered on her lips, she had done the same for Roderick, it was the gods giving her last warmth.

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      *each step felt distant, he was so sore, so tired. Life was moving too fast, but yet too slow at the same time, was it the darkness still playing tricks on him. He had always thought the darkness was good, but this was so much more different. SO much more…unnatural.  His whole body throbbed ached, could he still make it even out of the tower, would they get lost in the mazes. His eyes began to water again, why was he so emotional…probably because everything hurt for both of them…and then he had to hold Lyra like a delicate object…but she was so much more than that.*

      *Hearing her small words, barely a whisper yet his head lowered down, and his hair of gold falling over both of them.* “What” *He whispered back, a bag? What so mattered about a bag, then he looked down to his small pouches full of hers and so on. Things he would never want to lose, mostly because they keep him calm and away from the nightmares. Fyzenguard understood and turned around, they went through the hallway and back around the corner. It wasn’t very far, or where they were from. Fyzenguard looked around, it was dark, to dark to see on the ground. He kicked in a few places and hit something that flew up and he had barely caught. Fyzenguard leaned down, placing Lyra softly to the ground.*

      * He looked throught the bag, gold, gold, gold, waivers, more waivers, notes, notes and then…a Vile of black like blood. Fyzenguard took it out, was this what she wanted…it had gave a signifigant glow of need. Fyzenguard looked down to Lyra and raised her head onto his knee* “Come on Lyra, tell me…once more…wake please. What do I do” *He said not quite sure as he gave her body asmall shake.

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      She was so warm and cold at the same time, her dreams were filled with flowers and fields, the types you think of in Romance novels. There was her wolf, standing the field, and behind him gray clouds appeared. “Wolf” she shouted reaching out her hand, trying to grab him, but his beautiful blue eyes were cloud and during dull and black. “No, no, no” she screamed, her voice echoing now through a field that had turned dark and decaying.

      “Come on Lyra, tell me…once more…wake please. What do I do” Fyzenguard urged. Was this a dream, he sounded so close, spinning around in the dying field she gasped, her eyes flying open, surrounded by darkness. “Wolf” she choked out, her mostly bare skin chilled by the floor, her body being moved, shaken. “Vial, blood, Mouth” she said her voice harsh. The Daemon’s blood would restore her, and it was to dark for her to find it herself. Had he found it? He listened to her. Whimpering she tried to move and felt the wound in her side pour blood. She would rather just die. “Let me die” she said a small harsh laugh slipping through her lips.

      Closing her eyes again her body went limp. “Why are you letting yourself die?” a male voice in her subconscious asked. “You aren’t real, go away” she murmured at Roderick’s voice. Was she acting pathetic or was she done fighting? Would he hurt if she died? Would it hurt to die?

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      *His head gave a soft shake, the vial in his hand, he had gripped it hard. Just let her die? His hair had fallen over them once again, but it was only a black shade in the darkness. What would Fyzenguard do?* “No, I cannot. You are still to young” *He says pulling the Vial close to his chest for the moment. She was to young to die, she never had a full life. He had passed two or three full lifes, he wouldn’t let this happenm*
      *Lyra felt her head lift up onto something soft. What was it? Then she felt the glass vial place to her beautiful puffed lips, and slowly the bile liquid squentched down her mouth, and into her throat.

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      Lyra choked down the blood, her body to weak to swallow it well. Damnit Wolf, I want to go, she thought to herself. Vial now empty Lyra pushed his hand away, the blood flowing through her, wincing in pain she let silent tears fall down her face as she began to heal. Her side was threading itself back together, her feet now completely free from the cuts they had received during the battle. Shivering slightly, she pushed herself up off his knee. “Why?” she said looking at him, the darkness hiding her now black eyes that would eventually return to normal after a few seconds. Leaning her head on his chest she took a deep breath. They were beat up, but they had to get to the end. “Wolf we can’t leave yet, you know this don’t you.” She asked him softly, her hand resting on his thigh.

      They were close to getting through the Colosseum maze, she felt it. Reaching into her pocket she grabbed the yellow stone, it created a pool of light around them. Finally seeing his face she searched his eyes. “We can rest here, if needed, but I have no supplies and my medical is bare minimum because its on the damn horse” she huffed cursing herself internally. Reaching out she brushed her fingers over his cheeks, lips, and then through his hair. “You look ok, not dying” she laughed softly.

      The rest of the way should be easy enough, minimal enemies and once there, no more traps. “It will be better the further in we go” she explained still watching his face.

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      *Fyzenguad couldn’t tell it it made him a bad person to let her live…maybe he should have let her pass in his arms…join Rodrick. She often talked much about him. He was confused, he felt her soft touch press his hand away. Te vial as lighter, she had truly drank it. No matter what he had thought, he felt a glee of happiness that Lyra was still alive. He hadn’t felt a connection like this in a long while.  As she looked up to him, she may have not seen but she could tell his eyes wern’t on her. Those stormy blue eyes were fixed onto the blackness of the room, what bile creature…or mage…or deamons could make this place so dark. It confused him, and he wasn’t often confused.*

      *It was only when he felt the soft push of Lyra’s head onto his chest did he look down. He was silent for that moment, scared. However she felt the same affection, his hand lowered down to the top of her hair, his fingers slowly brushing through her delicate hair. It was nice…to have someone there with him. Gave him a fulfilled feeling he hadn’t gotten off anyone else.* ” Because you don’t deserve to die yet.” *he hadn’t explained to her why, hadn’t hinted…he just stared down to her. He had thought se was dead for the small while befoer she drank the vial. The presence of life was never so needed for him*

      “I know” *His answer so short before she could feel his arm wrap around her healing body. he was injured as well, his arm most likely dislocated, he was hit bluntly quite a few times, and had many slices from the guards he had fought protecting the place. The yellow stone had given off a bit of light, he squinted his eyes at the sudden light, it was almost blinding. iT was true, he probably wosn’t as hurt as her, she pretty much was on the verge of death. However he placed his hand to hers as he roamed through his face…and he leaned onto it softly.* “Maybe not, but my arm is either broke or dislocated, I can’t hardly move it or feel it” *he says taking her hand and placing it to his shoulder, there was most defiantly something wront with it.

    • #156929

      “Oh no” she said touching his shoulder tenderly, Lyra made up her mind instantly. “We go back” she stated firmly, looking back into his eyes. “I can set it, if its dislocated, if it is broken, I could make it worse.” She stated, moving away from his warmth with a soft sigh at losing it. She needed him, for more than just his ability to fight. “A doctor and another inn?” she asked looking down at her bag. ‘Though I feel like barging into this place may have made a name for us.” She laughed and continued to dig. Grabbing a bottle, she offered it to him. “Healing herbs will help with discomfort and pain, I will be useless if you need more. ” she said looking at her tattered clothes, bare stomach and mostly bare legs with shoeless feet. Today was for sure a mess, but they could sneak back in tomorrow. “I could go alone” she stated, the words tumbling from her mouth before they even became a true thought.

      Hadn’t going alone caused the issues she was having now, but then again, she was healed and there was no sand worm, “I can make”. She waited for him to take the bottle with his good hand. How had they come so far and gotten so close? Looking into the utter void and blackness she knew that his essence was keeping the maze so black, so lifeless. She needed his essence, even if it turned her into something horrible, she needed it. “Drink it my wolf” she said softly.

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      “Yes oh no” *Fyzenguard repeated as his head leaned up against the wall, there wasn’t much pain he just couldn’t feel it. His eyes closed, it hadn’t matter much knowing they were shrouded in darkness, besides the light she had. He layed there, resting for a moment. What was in that vial, he asked himself. He would have asked her but it just wasn’t a good moment, but when would good moments come. Soon? Now?NEver? It didn’t matter much as he raised up* “No, we continue on. There are no needs to head back to town, if we are close then we should continue on moving. Don’t worry about my arm, i will make it”

      *She could tell he was looking up to her, he was serious, never had Fyzenguard left a quest undone for a small time. He was always expectant on himself, sometimes that wasn’t good but others it taught him resiliantness, and ways to put force into finishing what others may not were able to do. He took the bottle and looked at it for a moment.* “WE will finish this” *He mutters softly looking to it, and swishing the liquid/herbs in the small bottle. Then Fyzenguard handed her back the bottle* “Use it when its needed more” *He held onto a stone in the wall and picked himself up, giving a small grown from his aching body but did* “If your ready lets continue

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      “More needed?” she asked rolling her eyes, “Are all men the same” walking up to him, she reached out softly touching him as he groaned. The herbs were easy to come by, but would help with pain, she hummed to herself looking at the defiant man. “Well, Fyzen, you leave me no choice.” Pouring the vial into her mouth, she caught his head in both hands gently and put her mouth over his, forcing the liquid through his already slightly parted lips. Pulling back, she arched a brow wiping some of the herbs from her lips and then running a hand over his chin. “See, can’t have a groaning man then entire way” she said jokingly turning her back to him and going to grab her bag.

      Her lips felt warm, and her stomach was on fire. Partially because she embarrassed and partially because of something else. Something new to her. Rolling her eyes at herself she grabbed the stone in her hand and searched for the exit, stopping once she found it. “If we hurry, we can sleep in a bed tonight” she said more to herself, a pep talk knowing leaving here, she would be different and accepting that, all she could think of was success in the mission Ulric had given.

      Looking back she shot him with a dazzling smile, “Coming wolf?”.

    • #156932

      *All men were the same…well not all men. Some were weak, others strong, some weak-minded, others intelligent and very enthusiastic. Fyzenguard…wasn’t both, he hadn’t known what he was in fact. He hadn’t been around enough people in years to see what others thought about him…and his old legends were beginning to become boring to hear from others. How could you have so many legends of yourself but no one knows who you are, or looks like. Fyzenguard liked it, he always loved the peaceful full moments…except it was more of most of his life if he thought about it. However he watched her, what was she doing…what did she mean she was left with no choice. Or did she mean it the other way around? He was confused and tilted his head* “What do you mean”

      *Fyzenguard was bedazzled, feeling her soft hands placing to his temples and then the soft sensation of her lips to his.* :Ohh gods: *He thought to himself and closed his eyes, he was so stiff in the moment until he simply…melted away. He felt her wash some of the herbs down into his mouth, and he accepted. Then she had pulled off, she would look to his face…confused and amazed. Then his eyes close before feeling her hand place to his chin. A small visable smile placed to his lips before he sarcastically groaned* “No matters, you will have a groaning man” *Then he groaned again, this time however he actually groaned…because his last groan hurt the tissue around his rib cage which was so sore.* “Gods” *He says leaning back against the wall and kept his hands to his ribs.* “A bed would be very nice, maybe a day or two worth of rest. And a motherfucking good hot meal, if no I will kill the bartender”

      *Looking back to her, he had given a harsh sigh from the pain. It would take a moment for the herbs to work, but he leaned up and as she asked if he was coming he had followed her

    • #156933


      Lyra laughed, a true laugh. “Funny” she said looking at the beautiful man holding his ribs as her made his way to her. “We can take it slow until the pain fades” she said, “But we can’t keep the light”. Reaching for his hand, she felt its warmth and comfort, then she shoved the stone into her pocket, enveloping them in the unnatural darkness that intrigued Fyzenguard. Walking slowly, she drug her hand against the wall, using it as a guide, then she spoke, her voice trembling. “Its is Nosferatu blood, the pure race, not vampires though they are similar. When I was found I was basically dead, and Roderick gave me the blood. My body has since become dependent on it, I cannot heal well anymore. It was my leash to him for a long time before I became loyal.” She said rushing out the words, embarrassed once again to admitting she went from being a concubine, to nothing better than a slave to Roderick. “Things changed but, it is getting harder to find something pure enough to sustain me. I am a burden Wolf, so when the time comes let me go.” She stated, only being brave because of the darkness.

      Lyra felt a turn in the wall and stopped. “Its cold” she stated looking around the corner slowly, a blue tinge interrupting the darkness that seemed never ending. “Should we go?” she asked aloud, the hand in his trembling softly.

    • #156934

      *It had been of light burden, or maybe heavier then he thought for his crushed ribs from the golem. He was fine, he would live, he would heal, but never would he forget this part in his life. Each step brought pain, each step was heavier then the last. There was no stopping him however, he would walk until he could no more, walk until he died. That’s…a resemblance to his mother anyways, a resemblance no one would ever figure out. Where ever Fyzenguard was trouble had always found him, he was always followed anyways after fighting over hoards of daemons. However, he felt the slight warmth of her hand, something pure, light, and satisfying to the touch. It was almost enough to feel addicting, to hold her hand.*

      “Its…tough knowing you have a problem like that. I used to know a young man who had a similar problem, he was born albino, and because so he was weaker than the rest of his race. He had to take potions to keep himself alive, the body needed them to live. I respect your wishes, like I did his” *Fyzenguard said in a parted manner, gripping her hand tightly. The world got rid of good people to often and kept the bad. Fyzenguard wasn’t good or bad, wasn’t chaotic fully or lawful. His thumb slowly rubbed against her palm for comfert as they continued.

    • #156935

      She stopped and looked down at his hand, feeling the touch. “I won’t let you go. “she said, her voice soft and firm. He never judged her, he kept her safe, and even in pain he helped her fulfill the mission. “When this is over you may ask me for one thing, and I will not say no. “she said with a soft laugh. Before leading them to the soft blue light. They had made it. “We made it” she said out loud walking into the room. There was a box, sitting alone wrapped in chain, it omitted the blue light and the coldness. “Umbria’s essence” she murmured to herself. The closer she got, she could her whispers. Whispers filled the room, but she didn’t let it stop her, in fact the beautiful blue resembled Fyzenguard’s eyes. As soon as she touched it the light glow vanished, and the darkness filled the room like a blanket, she couldn’t hear, see, or smell. All Lyra had was touch and she began to unwrap the chain, the voices turning into screams around them.

      “FREE ME” a voice screamed, as the chain dropped to the ground and the box fell apart. Lyra took the yellow made stone from her pocket and looked at the contents. A black bowl full of a thick sludge like substance was inside, and it looked like it was vibrating, “I Lyra McReen, 1st knight of his highness Roderick will carry your essence” she said firmly picking up the bowl, beginning to drink, and as she drank, her skin began to blacken around her face and neck.

    • #156936

      “I won’t either for you” *He replays back as they travel down the halls, there were quite a few lefts and rights. Why was it so dark, no one could live up here could they? Or was anyone living up here at all. Was it that man…or whatever he was that looked just like Fyzenguard? Still, the thought lingered in the back of their head, but it wasn’t meant to be figured out as of this moment. They had grown closer to the lightly tinged room, step by step. It almost got to the point Fyzenguard just had to stop and take a rest, they hadn’t gone very far at all. Lyra would feel the small lean of Fyzenguard. But they made it, into the room with the small box chained, black. The blue tint to the color, sparkled in his stormy blues eyes. The color was brilliant and beautiful*

      “This is it? Finally” *He murmured, Lyra felt Fyzenguard let go of her hand and sit down onto the floor resting himself. A small groan came through his lips, the pain was just now beginning to fade. Maybe he would be able to get out of this place. The scream cought Fyzenguard off guard, and he gave a small shake, and shutter before scooting back eyeing the box. He hadn’t liked magical stuff, he might have had his sword but that was a different story.* “Lyra what are you doing? Lyra…” *He said, but she wasn’t able to hear him before she drank the black liquids. He hadn’t known what to do, so he sat and trusted she knew what she was doing.

    • #156941

      She heard his voice as the bowl dropped to the ground shattering, Lyra dropped her body limp and she skin became tinged fully. “You dare consume me, I will kill you for your insolence” the voice in her mind whispered. “Please, I will free you once I finished this quest and you can go for your own revenge” she gasped out loud. She turned her eyes to Fyzenguard, leaning against the wall, her eyes black, “I won’t die” she said to him. “Free me” the voice hissed and suddenly vanished, and all Lyra could feel was pain. She curled into a ball and breathed deeply, feeling his powers course through her, step one complete. What would be the price though? At what point would he ask for a favor, the being inside of her.

      Crawling up, she crawled over to Fyzenguard, her bod crumpling. “Let me sleep” she said, her body shaking. This much power was to much for her, she knew this and sustaining it would be difficult. Closing her eyes and laying on the floor she chuckled, “Think we can make it to a bed”. Relaxing herself she took deep breaths, Fyzen was hurt, she had felt him leaning slightly against her body. She had to take care of him. “We need to get you treated, half human or not I bet you are hurting.” she sighed deeply. “I am sorry for neglecting you Wolf, but I owe you that request now.” reaching out her hand she searched for him, feeling him beneath her finger tips she relaxed slightly.

      “Its up to you now” she mumbled, dozing off on the floor of what use to be a prison of a dark mage, now just an empty shell, the unnatural darkness slowly subsiding. Monsters and a mage in what she assumed had been one day, but who would know inside this maze.

    • #156942

      *She sheer darkness began to almost fade, the unnatural swirls disappearing and now peaceful. Fyzenguard could hear the whole tower, almost sigh…the winds blow through the small cracks of the stone. This made Fyzenguard feel…more peaceful. Those eyes closed, and he felt his body throb. The pain is gone, but the throb was still there. Suddenly he clenches his teeth and presses his back to a wall* “Here goes nothing” *Then he pushed a groan out of his mouth and then…pop. He clenched his fingers together, he could feel his hand…he could feel his arm.* “ohh gods” *Fyzenguard says in shutters, then pulling Lyra up to his lap and he held her there. Both had endured pain, both were ready to sleep…she was already asleep.* “You’ll wake up better than you ever have, I promise. In a bed, food, clothed…and me there. I promise”

      **Lyra may have felt a warmness, and then someone picks her up. Fyzenguard picked her up and wrapped her in the small bear cloak he had around his waist.  She felt warm aside form the coldness from the room. He began to walk, lefts and rights, forwards and sometimes back words. There was no way he was going to make it out, no way at all. Fyzenguard was lost, and he walked for an hour or so before fiding the exit out. He rejoiced and would have fallen to his knees if Lyra wasn’t in his arms. They walked, or he walked across the fighting arena…where did everyone go? *

      *Next thing you know, darkness is passing and the only thing heard is the galloping of a horse. Growing closer, and closer, then Fyzenguard whooshes by with great speed. He had been within the darkness enough, and he wanted to be in town. Couple times he had almost fallen asleep on the road however he stood true. They arrive finally, the guards opened the gates instantly as Fyzenguard yelle* “INJURED…INJURED WOMEN. He hadn’t even deprived himself to say he was injured, she was more delicate than them.*

      *Not even in a couple of minutes was Lyra was rested into a nice bed…Fyzenguard sat in a chair next to her. By this time he held a small pipe in his hand, he had already bandaged himself and Lyra…already healed from the blood. Both were reclothed, but one awake and one not. Eventually the night had grown from young to old, and Fyzenguard was found asleep, sitting right next to the bed of Lyra

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      Lyra came in and out of consciousness while Fyzen led them out of the maze, her body aching she tried to stay awake, but it was not possible. Relying on him she fell into a deep sleep. Her dreams were sweet, and her body felt warm. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room, her clothes had been changed, and she looked semi clean. Sitting up she stretched her body and looked at the man next to her, he was clean and changed as well, arching a brow she wondered how they had made it. Slipping silently from the bed she looked out the window, it revealed a dark clear sky. “I see” she said softly to herself looking back at the sleeping man. Moving towards him quietly she slid back into the bed and watched him, she was so glad he was alive, that he made it, and made sure she was safe.

      “Fyzen” she called to him reaching out to touch his hand and wake him. “Wake up silly man, come get in the bed” she called a smile on her face. How was it legal for a man to have such beautiful hair? “Free Me” came a whisper in her mind, the same words she heard in the maze. Laying back she rubbed her head, occupied now by two conscious sources, hers and his. “You must hush, we must go to the kingdom, help me and I will free you. “begged silently, realizing she was sharing her body with someone who looked at her as another prison. How would she split herself when the time came? Her goal was death, but how could she leave her wolf now. They barely knew each other, and yet she knew she had to stay with him.

      Looking over at his sleeping form once more she grabbed his hand and pulled it slightly to wake him. She worried that he wouldn’t heal right sitting in the chair. “Wolf, wake up..” she said gently, not wanting him to think something was wrong.

    • #156947

      *Fyzenguard rested there, with his bear cloak wrapped around him…his slumber was soft. No one could have a terrible dream after something like that had happened. Sleep was no less or too much for him, but he barely slept as it was so this was a good time. When Nightmares had usually been a problem, it wasn’t now. If he could wonder he would wonder why. As Lyra looked to him, Fyzenguard looked like a young man…only of 18 or 19…looked like a presious teen almost. He was cursed…she would have even figured that out, from living as long as he could. Everything hes lost because hes lived that long, everythings hes gained…everything that is yet to come. Its sad…to know something about that. It didn’t take the dumbest person to figure that, but he was living and surviving*

      *It might have been a moment before she touched his hand and called out his name. Fyzenguard wouldn’t wake, he seemed to comfterable, to steamy on that chair to move. She would hear a soft groan…she might not have wanted a groaning man but she most defelntly got one. he almost resembled a child, perhaps he was good with kids. Fyzenguard was never around very many besides his own and one other. Another groan, left his mouth as he heard her talking, but so deep in sleep he hadn’t cared what she said. But no matter what she said..he wouldn’t get up. Might have made her think something was wrong with him, they were both injured and…he did get hit pretty hard a few times. As she pulled the tut of his shirt he had awoke.* “Yes…hmm…gosh…what is it” *He asks keeping his eyes closed for a moment, only to sheath them just berally

    • #156948


      Lyra sat up and looked at him, a face full of concern. “Wolf, are you sick” she asked crawling up, placing her hand on his forehead. Her eyes searched his face as she checked his temperature with her hand. No fever, smiling she nodded, “So you’re just a grumpy ass” she laughed and moved away laying back down. “You can stay on your chair, or I can snuggle you, but if you’re grumpy I shall ignore you Sir Fyzenguard” she said a hidden smirk on her mouth. He was perfect, everything a man should be, even when he appeared stubborn or sullen, she couldn’t help but enjoy his company.

      Closing her eyes, she stretched her body out, grabbing the blanket and pulling it up, if he wasn’t going to join her in bed she was going to become a starfish and sprawl her body out. They couldn’t stay more than a day or two and the next time they slept it would be in the woods, hopefully a run down in but that wasn’t likely to happen. Yawning slightly she buried her face into the pillow, counting sheep inside her head. “I am glad you aren’t dead wolf” she said sleepily, her voice soft.

    • #156949

      “Hmm…I don’t know” *He could have been sick…oh wait he dosn’t get sick. It msut be because of his elven blood, but he was tired and kinda…cute in a way of it. He just sat there, half laying, it looked uncomfortable but he had been through worse…and better…with her however this may have been the best. Lyra was…a perfect women, she had basically taken care of him.He missed out quite a bit when he was younger, never having a mother. As she had come up to him, his eyes had grown only a bit more open. It was hard to force them open, but he did, for her.As she looked into them she felt like she was being pulled in by the waves his eyes had formed, soft blue waves of the ocean.* “May be a grumpy ass, but I’m a sleepy ass to of the momentenst” *He slurred his last word a little, this is what they called sleep high. Never much experienced it himself but he was*

      *Fyzenguard heard Lyra lay down on the bed…and he felt a little energy shoot up in his body. Is it because she said something about snuggling? The room had gone quite, but she heard him lift from the chair and walked over to the small fire. It crackled, popped, and smile up to both of them. Fyzenguard placed a few longs onto the fire, the blaze raising just a small bit. It wouldn’t last all night, but the fire isn’t the only thing that would keep them warm, and which would be soon to see.* “Your glad.” *No one had ever been glade he was alive, all he got was a pat on the back and a few words of more work.* “I’m glad…that your still alive. Here with me” *Then Lyra would feel the bed slowly sink down, Fyzenguard took off his small blue tunic, and he would look down to his scars, and new ones. Each held a memorie, acheivment. Lyra would Feel Fyzenguards head then place to her back and nuzzle into it before wrapping an arom around her side* “I don’t know what I would have done if you had died.” *His breath was felt down her back, only berally as she was clothed. Then his hand touched hers, and balled up in comfert

    • #156950

      Lyra’s body shivered, feeling the slight breath against her. He was so close, and his words warmed her heart in a way she did not expect. “To many close calls today” she sighed, the pressure of his hand on her calming her mind slowly. How long had it been since she relaxed? The room was warm because he had stoked the fire, and his body heat helped. The blankets were soft as well as the bed. “What if we don’t leave here Wolf? What if we stay and just live in the room and work and forget about all the horrible things happening in this world?” she asked, her body feeling heavy. “You could watch me grow old, and gray” she joked leaning into his body.

      Closing her eyes once more, she thought about what it would be like to grow old with someone, but her mind stopped, and she felt her body stiffen. Fyzen would be young for so long, she would eventually have to leave him so he could move on and find someone like him once more. He couldn’t stay alone, forever could he? “Fyzen, don’t stay alone forever ok, fall in love, have more children and be happy.” She said out loud. He deserved to be happy, regardless of his past he lived so many lifetimes and he didn’t need to be alone. “I will stay till you find her okay” she promised relaxing again.

    • #156951

      *His breath was cold, but he had given her heat. She could feel his strong heart, slowly pumping and vibrating from her back. He had felt so big to her but now, he felt small and caring towards her. He nuzzled his nose into her back softly before resting. Eventually he pulled the blankets over himself also, just because it was getting a bit chilly. How late was it?* : Doesn’t matter: *Fyzenguard tought to himself, his thumb slowly caressing the palm of her hand. He had listened, her words like wine…a fine and cherry wine which went down so well…it could have been juice.* “Stay here…live life.” *There was so much to think about, did she not want to continue her quest. However she heard and felt a slight chuckle* “Grey and old, don’t deamons blood stop aging for a long period of time…or whatever you drank from the bile” *His words were like the hidden waves of the sea, so soft against her back, so handosme. How could such a man be this beautiful, but so masculine at once. Did he look beautiful but his persinality masculine, or was it the other way around* “I would like to settle again. I am done killing men, and making the world a better place.”

      *A small grip was felt from his hand, not enough to hurt her but enough to tell her he felt comfortable and pleased. He very well could stay alone forever, he has for the past 150 years….maybe a bit less. Boredom had always found him, women had always looked at him, loved him…but only because of what he looked like and not what he was. He always, showed them off, it wasn’t worth it. Even if it was only a one time deal, he knew it would never be worth it, in the end,* “I…I don’t know if I can promise something like that. I think I would rather stay with you, comfterable…in my arms. We are warriors, we don’t search for things, they are given to us.

    • #156952

      Lyra moved from his arms and rolled over her, now face to face with him. Her brow wrinkled in confusion she listened to his words, “You think the blood has affected my aging, but I have grown? My body is a woman’s body”. She did grow slower than the men she trained with, but everyone wrote it off as her being a woman, looking into his eyes she smiled softly. “If that is true, we could be together forever, or at least a long time, but I now owe a debt, so quitting isn’t an option, my body isn’t all mine anymore” she said trialing off, reaching out her hand she laid it upon his chest, her fingertips tracing a scar as she was lost in though. Sighing heavily, she looked back up at him, “This will be my last mission and then I would like to see beautiful things, things I have dreamed of, and with you I think it would be best.” She blushed slightly.

      Lyra wondered why she was given Fyzenguard, if his words were true and warriors were given things and did not need to search, why him? Maybe it was because he understood how broken she was, and she understood he deserved more than he let himself believe. Moving her hand to his face she traced the bridge of his nose, she liked touching him, knowing he was safe. Lyra knew in her heart she looked like a bag of dirt compared to him, he tiny lean body and dark skin did not suit a woman who would stand next to him. “She’d have to be a fairy queen” she said out loud, her green eyes going wide before her mouth snapped shut.

    • #156953

      *So snuggled he was, his eyes closing softly. He was about to fade off again, fade off into a deep sleep of darkness. A loving sleep next to her, one he could never forget. However, he woke a bit more as she lifted his slender arm, his skin was pale, as pale as the snow from his lands, and felt cool to the touch. There was a reason his race of men was called the Icelanders. But they were just men, men who worked and acted responsible. In these times it was hard to be a good person, but it was possible. It was alrady to late for Fyzenguard if good person was ever in his path of walking he passed it to many years ago.* “I’m not for sure on most of what that does. I don’t drink any sorts of blood, any magical propertys I keep is my sword and my personality” *He gave a small chuckle of sarcasm

      *Fyzenguard looked down , feeling the soft sensation of a cotton touch. His stormy eyes looked down, they were ablaze and not looking as tired and dreadful as a few moments agi. He watched as her fingers followed the lines of his scar, it was defined and strong. Most his scars were strong, most from battle, others from young abuse from trainers to teach him strictness…which did pay off or so Fyzenguard thought. His eyes were lost, just watching her hand, and not giving a care in the world besides her. Her touch and sensation had felt so good, how had he never found this out of 15o years of traveling. He looked up, into her eyes, she was more then a dirtbag, she was a gem darker and more unique than any of the others. He imagined it…a dark green gem, perhaps one day he would give her such an item.* “Yes…no we still have to continue the quest.” **His eyes popped up, a fairy queen? What did that mean, he thought fast and gave a soft smile feeling her fingers travel up and bridge of his flat nose* “You are my fairy queen” *He then waves his fingers around like small golden dust would


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      Lyra brushed bright red under that tanned skin, “How could you say that” she said burying her face against his chest and laughing. He was pure sunshine, whatever he thought of himself was his own opinion because he was absolutely the brightest thing in her world right now. “I was thinking you belonged with a fairy queen, and I am not:”, pulling back she gestured up and down her body, “I am a brute with a rude personality or so I was told often” she grumbled, her lips pouting at the memory, “That or they were assholes, and that’s probably why I never got asked to events!” her eyes grew wide as she realized what the brothers did to her. “Those assholes” she murmured before looking back at Fyzenguard.

      “If I am a queen you are my king” she nodded, settling that argument she was having inside her brain. Rolling back into him she buried her face into his chest and smiled. “We should sleep, heal, and continue. I hadn’t been expecting the battle at our first stop so we will need supplies.” Stretching against him like a cat she started to drift off to sleep. She wanted to quit, but that was not an option. Once Ulric was king, she would leave with Fyzenguard and never look back. She did not care where they went, or how they got there. She would just go. “I have no skills besides killing things” she grumbled against his chest, lifting her hand and resting it on his side. Maybe she would hunt and sell it? Letting her thoughts wonder around she drifted to sleep.

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      *He smiled…mostly seeing the blush before her head pushes into his slender but muscular and toned chest. His smile was bright, strong, but weary from what they had endured.* “I can say those words because I mean them. I do not lie or cheat.” *His words had turned to sweet wine or were soft like the morning winds on the beach. Lifting his hand he brushed his fingers through her hair for a moment, he brushed it earlier before he went to bed…didn’t do a great job but still, he tried. The hilt of his blue eyes tingled and burned with compassion and comfort by her side.* “A fairy queen?” *Fyzenguard questioned as she gestured down to her body, he looked down and observed, not like a pervert but to speak his true words.

      *He gave a soft chuckle, then brushing his own fingers through his hair of golden rays of the sun. Then after his hand pressed to Lyra’s chin and raised her head up softly* “A woman doesn’t have to look like a fairy queen to be beautiful. No matter if you are a brute, you are still an olive green gem in my eyes.” *Fyzenguard hadn’t lied, how long had they known each other, 4 days now? They had gotten far, but their quest not done…sometimes quests never end. Sometimes…vengeance is never achieved so individuals suffer for the rest of their lifes.* “All men are assholes, some are sarcastic assholes, and some are bad assholes. But all in all I’m your little asshole. If they wronged you I won’t. If we ever make it to my home I promise I will bring you to dance in the main kindom of my lands.*

      *However after the moment, they had come to a nice silence. You were with a good person when both could enjoy a nice silence without it being akward. Fyzenguard sighed and finally laid his head back, his hair sprawling out like small stress across the stuffed feather pillows. The question she had spoke about made him scoot back a little and think.* “If I am a king, you are my queen.” *He says switching the question to assure her that he was on board.* “Mhm, rest is needed. I need some, for at least a day or two, I usually don’t stay that long in taverns anyways.” *His bright blue eyes began to close, he had felt Lyra against him, the night was only going to grow colder, and they were gonna need all the warmth they could get out of each other. With a singular yawn he answered her question* “That’s why we learn skills Lyra….Hobbies, things that make us feel good. As much as I can fight I can work manual labour, wood carving and cabinet making, and last…I can play a little music.” *When there came no response…he smiled softly giving her forhead a soft kiss before falling asleep himself.

    • #156962

      She fell asleep to the sound of his voice, her mind wondering over hobbies, and her mission. Her dreams turned beautiful, as the fire became low and the room became chilled, though she had found the warmth of the man next to her to be enough.


      A turquoise-blue stream wound its merry way through the forest. Babbling and burbling, it sprung over the limestone rocks in its way. Pebbles whisked about in the under wash like pieces of glitter. Streams are the liquid soul of the forest, and this one was glowing.   Chords of soft light speared down from above, bathing its surface in gold. It was glinting with little sparkles, like a thousand diamonds blessed with an inner fire. A galaxy of dragonflies fizzed through the beams of light, wings a-glitter in the sun. The hedgerows were pregnant with berries and we tasted some. Lyra looked over at the two small children sitting next to her, “Your eyes match the water, and your hair the sunshine” she said touching each of them on the cheek as they grinned, their olive complexions making make the white teeth and blue eyes stand out. Lyra loved them, she loved them so much, turning her head to the left she heard her name shouted, “Lyra, I caught the damn dog!” He grumbled coming through the woods, his mouth in a tight line, a large fluffy brown half breed in his arms. The children began to laugh and I heard another darker laugh behind me.


      Frowning I turned and looked behind me, it was the rotting field again. He smirked at me.

      The monster looking at me had leonine eyes. They were gleaming with cunning. His pair of glacial eyes stared at me coldly. He voice was as empty of life as a crypt. He spoke in a fawning manner, trying to lure to his side. He gave me a scornful look when I took a step back. “Wife, why won’t you come to me?” he purred and my eyes grew wide. Wife? Looking back into the forest behind me my heart raced seeing Fyzen with the two children. “Husband?” the man looked up and smiled at him. Walking towards the small family, I felt a cold hand grab mine from behind, “Free me, and I will let you have this.” Spinning Lyra saw Roderick’s face, it was normal but gaunt, like it had been at his funeral. “No, I carry many faces Mistress” the voice said rumbling. Pulling away I ran to my family, them getting farther away.

      ::End Dream::


      She woke slowly, and warm, the sun peeked through a slit by the window and her mouth curved into a smile. Everything was okay, it was simply a very long dream. Moving away from Fyzen slowly she stretched, wiping her face with her hands. Her heart ached from the loss of the beautiful children and scene she left. “Beautiful” she said looking over at the man. Closing her eyes once more she slowed her breathing, relaxing.

    • #156963

      *The night had grown slowly, and beautifully. Night cast her webs across the sky, weaving the darkness and giving the small silver gleams known as the stars. There was no lasting beauty besides the night, the stars glimmered down to them both smiling, laughing, and playing with them in dreams. Some of the darkest secrets were revealed during the night, during dreams, during wants and don’t want. Dreams were only fantasies..were they not…things you could not touch, things you could not achieve…or were they much more than that. However the night skys began to defend, the sun was beginning to glint, fighting away the darkness and her small temporary kingdom. She clawed back, hissed, fought but she beautify was unique and busty. Night cowers back to the other side of the world, and the day begins.*

      *Lyra waking, she would notice the peaceful air which brushed through the windows…weren’t the windows closed last night? Maybe it was Fyzenguads doing, he wasn’t often adapt to the warm. His home was brutally cold, and terrible, there was hardly any warm days in his lands. Fyzenguard stretched lazily in bed, and turned to his side, a part lf the blankets held up to his chest as he squeezed them tightly like he was trying to push the warmth from them. It was a bit histarical but still the male lay, asleep, his boy aching a little from soreness.

    • #156981

      Lyra woke once, her body aching but well rested. Her eyes wondered next to her to the resting child like face of Fyzen and she smiled. Brushing her hand over his cheek, as gentle as the wind she sighed. Moving quietly, she grabbed her bag and clothes, packing it up she felt a breeze and smelt fresh air. “When had he left the bed” she asked her eyes widening, was he a ninja? She laughed softly before opening the door and slipping out completely unheard. Going down the steps of the inn she heard soft voice, and smelt something delicious, her stomach rumbled softly. ‘Excuse me” she said to a passing server, “I need a warm bath” pulling a coin from her pocket he led her in a bath house. The steam rose ands smelt of bath salts. “Thank you” she said taking the body and hair towel he offered. “It is empty right now, but other may enter” he stated. Lyra shrugged, modesty not an issue with her.

      Slipping from her pajamas she grabbed a bath towel wrapping it around her and heading into the beautiful bath house. Sitting at the edge she dangled her feet and hummed softly. This was pleasant, it had been along time since she had a moment that wasn’t fought with something terrible. Tapping her chin, she worried for a moment, she took all her things and left without waking him. He would not worry much, maybe? Shrugging her shoulder, she slipped the towel off and slid into the hot water with a sigh. The water was murky from the clay and minerals in it, she could barely see her body when she was submerged.

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      *Fyzenguard had rested around a half an hour more the Lyra, he had all that extra sleep he missed that he had to catch up on. But lets face it, there would be no soon time he would catch up on that fully. It seemed it was all part of his personality sometimes. However, he had gotten up, and pressed his strong feet to the ground, his hands cupped over his face. He could feel the dirt in the cracks of his skin, in fact it had made him look a few years older. A sigh submerged from his parted lips, so gentle and red, now he had to get up…was that a problem. Fyzenguard stretched up and ohh he groaned* “Hmm, shit!”*He said in a soft yell, not wanting to alert the others downstairs. Sometimes you couldn’t help it though. * “Lyrs” *He says in a stiff voice, no answer was heard besides the humming breeze which pressed against his delicate pale skin. It felt good, and he loved it. He wished he could have gone back to sleep but that wasn’t an option.*

      *Sitting there for well over 5 minutes he finally raised his head, those blue eyes so cloudy and lazy.* :What if she left me…she wouldn’t do that would she.: The question echoed through his head over and over. Surely she wouldn’t have for what he said last night…wait what did he say. Fyzenguard grumbled* “So many questions, so many” *And at that he raised in frustration, he hated his mind sometimes. Always wondering, always missing things always….not aware enough for the common things in the world. So thats when he made his way downstairs, shirtless…an accedent of course.*
      *Fyzengurd walked up to the bartender, and gave a soft smile. It was still guildamier, from the first time he had come…and the time with Lyra* “Bartender, I need a nice bath please…is it filled in there…is Lyra in there?’ *Guildimier rose his messy hair, he had been up early, seems most didn’t feel the best today* “Shes there, was there…might be there. You better hurry if you like privacy, the others are going to want baths, there is more water boiling.”    “Thanks you” *Fyzenguard replayed, altough he almost didn’t remember where the bath house was, or was it because he was still waking up. Eventually he found it, and if Lyra was still there a shirtless Fyzenguard would come through. Piddle padding from side to side with soreness, he looked like a soft waifed penguin…did they know what pinguins were…Fyzenguard knew but did she ever see one. His head gave a soft shake before lifting the small canister of water, by himself and pooring the nice soothing hot water in the small tub. Why where they so silent? Well they suddenly wern’t as Fyzenguard looked up squinting his eyes and asking* “Sleep well

    • #156984


      Lyra was floating in the bath, stone benches lined the area, providing people with a place to sit and rinse with fresh hot water, moving to the side she watched as Fyzenguard walked in, she could tell his body was hurting slightly but her attention was on his shirtless chest. The man was gorgeous, she couldn’t get over it. “Sleep well” he said finally noticing her presence. Smiling up at him she nodded her head. “Wolf, you understand I am naked right?” she asked arching a brow, giving him the opportunity to leave or stay. “It doesn’t bother me, but I wouldn’t want you to see something you didn’t want too” she chuckled, grabbing a pitched, filling it, and dumping it over her hair. Turning her back to him she washed her hair, humming a song.

      Moving forward, Lyra grabbed soap and washed her body quickly. Fyzenguard made her feel shy, and she wanted to hurry with her bath and get food. “Are you hungry? They were making something that smelled amazing earlier” she asked him, thinking about the last time she ate. The inn before they left maybe. Or did she just drink. Turning she looked back at him, “I think you’re beautiful” she stated, wanting to get that off her mind, her eyes sliding over his chest. “I will not stare anymore” she laughed looking down and reaching for her towel.

      Turning she stepped out of the bath, her back facing her, her hair flowing down her back, covering most of the scars on her back before she wrapped her towel around it. “Do you want me to wash you?” she teased reaching for her back pack.



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      *His slender arms were wrapped around the bucket, hot water seeping into the bigger tub and nice hot spring like steam rolled form the tub. He hadn’t had a mind in the world much, but he did answer her back looking up and showing her those mighty blue eyes of the wind* “Aye, slept better then I usually do. Quite, peaceful, no unwishful dreams and most importantly…I seemed to have someone in my arms last night. I don’t know who” *He said giving her a playful smirk, but to all asides he had slept better. She hadn’t known if it was her, or if he was lucky for the night. Perhaps both, perhaps none. Once more, and the last bucket of hot water he poured into the tub, eager to get in he dropped the bucket aside and looked to Lyra*

      “I understand, its a bathing house” *Fyzenguard hadn’t seemed to mind, when he was a child he went through many cleaning areas with naked men and wemon…mostly other fighters being trained however. He was always the one…the quietest …the strangest but most beautiful. His father often had small balls inside the castle, he was asked by quite a few women. Some fair, pretty and prideful and others not so much. Never did he much go with anyone to his fathers balls, even so his father began to become enraged. Fyzenguard didn’t care, he liked to watch and not act except for in battle. However he broke out of his small thought, and dropped his pants and undergarments. Never had he worn armor, he liked the extra dexterity, he loved the freedom to fight without delay.*

      *Slowly his sunk into the water, he gave a soft moan just from the nice sensation.* “Ohh gods, this is to great. Am I alive?” *Why would he ask that?Then he gave a chuckle* “Of course i am” *He said to himself before looking back to Lyra* “I’m starving, I was thinking about eating but thought it was best just to take a shower. I think you are right, I’m wondering why my stomach was grumbling, must have smelt something great cooking” *Softly his eyes close, and he takes a deep sigh. He was suprsied to hear her say he was beautiful, his eyes shot up and he gave a eager smile* “Don’t give me to much credit, men get ego problems from to many complements” *Had she given him many? Not really, he was mostly joking* “But you…are a beautiful green young bird. Feathers that of wool, and eyes of the great green emeralds of the dwarfs” *That was quite a complement, he felt like he could have done better, but his mind wasn’t full

      *He lay back once more and apon hearing her request his eyes closed. Did she actually mean it, could he even reach his back because of how sore he was. * “If you don’t mind you can, or play around with my hair if you so wish. I do not mind.

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      She was already walking to him as soon as the word hair fell out of his mouth. Why would she ever pass up an opportunity such as this. Sitting behind him she ran her fingers through his hair, “Bath so good you thought you died and went to heaven huh?” she asked laughing at him, moving her hands to pour soap and oil into her palm before working it into his long hair. “You are going to hate me after we eat because, there is somewhere we need to go after we rest.” She winced and grabbed a pitched scooping water and rinsing his hair. He complimented her, her face turned bright red. Thank the gods he couldn’t see her face. Sitting behind her she ran her hands over his shoulders and down his chest before bringing them back to his hair.

      “The last time I was in a bath house it was my birthday, and I was drunk. I kept singing folk songs and Ulric was sobering me up. Threw me in the tub, it was freezing, was a horrible moment.” She said tracing the curve of his ear with a finger. “I will go get dressed then so we can eat Wolf” she said standing and stretching, looking at the hot bath once more. She loved baths, it was a simple luxury and she hated leaving it. Sighing she grabbed her bag and white towel. “And I am not the first or last to compliment your appearance, genetics treated you well for the most part, you may be going blind though” she said jokingly, implying that his opinion of her beauty was wrong.

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      *Fyzenguard almost said before he heard the pats of her feet apon the stone ground, he lifted up a bit giving her room to folly with his hair and play around with it if she wanted to. He closed his eyes, feeling the warm stream of water rush down his head and down his chest. not able to help it he pressed his head back, and gave a soft hum as she brushed her slender fingers through his own hair. That hum now became a soft song, the only thing his mother had ever left him besides his tower. It was beautiful, soft, mellow and touching to the heart.There was a reason, but yet never would it have been known unless his mother was ever found. However he stopped as she asked the question, and his eyes opened like a new spring day* “I rarely get to bath, mostly because I travel. And when I do its either in cold waters or lakes.”

      “A man throwing drunk women into a freezing cold tub. Now thats a terrible thing, sounds like he was a jerk. But friends can be…but I guess he was more of a brother” *He hadn’t known for sure, and of course he would pull that back if he was wrong. But now he was rested, then feeling her hands leave his hair and washing over it once more.* “Genetics, might be because of my elven heritage. Most likely. But thanks for all your complements, I keep them close always.”” *Then Fyzenguard takes a towl from the side and he raises up, fully naked but he hadn’t minded. It wasn’t new to him. He dried himself and began to cloth himself, a soft black tunic and tight leather pants. For sure, he looked more like an adventurer, a handsome one but one defelntly.* “don’t let yourself think so, your beautiful.

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      Shrugging her shoulders, she dropped her towel and grabbed a light blue dress and pulled it over her head, pulling on black shorts underneath it and cinching the waist with a leather strap. Towel drying her hair she looked over to him, “He was my brother, you’re right. He was also the worlds biggest ass but he loved me.” Nodding she smiled. “Roderick was different, he was a good royal, was just and proud, smart and loved his people. I was a tool to him, and though I loved him as a brother, he treated me like an object, but I knew nothing else, so my love stayed and stays genuine.” Sighing she rubbed her face. Speaking about her brought her heartache in so many ways.

      “At least you are a sight I will never grow tired of, shall we go, or do you need anything else?” she asked him. Lyra had left her shoes in the room as well as her brush, so her hair was turning into a curly mess as it tried. Running her hands through her hair she sighed, this is going to be as mess, she thought to herself, “Food and a drink, lets go.” She said walking past him. Lyra had been nervous, since last night but she was not going to let it affect her, there was no time to explore what she felt. They had an auction to go to.

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      “Hmm, that’s what’s wrong with many born into loyalty. They were given everything, anything they wanted, so they began to look a bit farther down then others. I…I’m not saying I am better but I have seen things like that throughout my life. Tis one of the reasons I ran away also, caught onto work, to learn to be strict on yourself, learn honor. I’m happy…Rodrick was a good man, with true royal blood pulsing through his veins. I wish I could have remembered him” *Fyzenguard says looking down, he suddenly seemed a bit sad. His emotions affected him, but he knows how to control them. It was an initial for the certain training he took when he was young. He hadn’t had much of a childhood and missed much, but he was here and happy.*

      *He gave a small blush, hearing her complement, a sight never to grow tierd of. That were very strong words, no one could have said it better…not even in the beautiful language of the elfs* “Ohh wow, thanks” *Fyzenguard couldn’t return something like that, Lyra officially beat him for now.* “But yes i agree, lets go eat and go to this auction you speak off. This will be my first auction…beleive it or not.

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      Lyra smirked and led him down the stairs, “I can’t wait to have a drink” she said laughing to herself, her belly growling. Making her way to a table by an opened window, she enjoyed the gentle breeze. Tonight, they would have to find a store and get formal attire, Lyra always looked weird in formal attire and she hated having to hide weapons in the stupid dresses noble women enjoyed. Sighing she looked at Fyzenguard and her brow furrowed. “You have never been to an auction? That is peculiar. Most noblemen go to at least a few, this one will hold artifacts and slaves. Though I am sure they are trying to get that a secret since slave trade is illegal or so I hear.” Finishing her thought Lyra ordered and waited for Fyzen to complete his. Water and ale were brought to the table along with fresh bread and cream.

      ”After this we have some shopping to do, this is a formal event and masked, so we will have to buy several things before attending. I doubt my current wardrobe would suffice” she laughed her blue dress no better than peasant wear and her other clothes made for a male. “Shall we match” she said lowering her eye lids slightly and running her fingers down his arm, flirting in a joking manner.

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      *Fyzenguard gave a soft sigh as they began to walk out of the bathing room. It was a little ways from the tavern, but they entered back. A small fire had been built in the middle of the room, the stone around carved into mistletoe. It looked quite old, maybe it symbolized something, maybe something is forgotten. Who knows, however, Fyzenguard waited as Lyra had to go back upstairs for a moment, he waited by the stairs. What she had to go up for…who knew, but Fyzenguard was patient and calm until he heard some steps down the stairs once again. He looked down, and there was the beautiful Lyra coming back. They walked down the rest of the stairs and Fyzen tells her back* “A drink would sound just as fine as the days end and dawn.”

      *They had hit the bottom floor, back into the tavern which many tables and seats. Few people were there, some early workers waiting for a meal and others…well who knew exactly.They both passed seat after seat, all look to daring to be sat in…but just chose and sat. Fyzenguard looked to the fire, it cought his interest, just for how unique it looked. But when she asked if he really never had been to an action he nods looking back to her with those handsome blue eyes* “Yes, never been to one. Illegal…slave trade. ohh, I do not like the sound of that. I’m quite aginst slave trade” *His land had no slaves, there wa s a law. Pluse his lands were heavy on not interbreeding with other colored skins, mostly to stay of pure blood. Often slaves were…well not treated right.

      *Fyzenguard ordered the pork, beans, asparagus, and cornbread meal. He ate quite a bit, especially for an half elf. If there was a way he was a brute, it was defelently for eating. But then the wait, he drank a little of the ale that was placed down* “I have cloths here, but if you want we can match up in clothing. I usually wear black, bright blue or Terry green.” *he responds feeling her fingers run down his arm. Then he suddenly cought her hand like a spider would to fly, brought it up to his lips and gave a soft kiss to it* “My lady” *He says then chuckling.* “Lovely is thout beauty, but much like a spider, I am deadly” *His chuckiling then raised into a bit of laughter

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      Her eyes shone bright as he skimmed her fingers with his lips. “Deadly, Oh I can see that.” She said a grin appearing. Leaning forward almost nose to nose she said softly, “Deadly or not, I would allow you to ruin me.” Smirking she sat back once more, removing her hand from his. “I like greens, so that will be fine, as for masks they must match per the invitation I acquired from the palace before I left. Ulric will be there, so I can not miss this.” She said quickly skimming over the fact that the prince would be attending, her heart hurt, she prayed every night that he would send a subordinate.

      Lyra sipped her soup, finally relaxing once again. Tonight, would be a breeze, nothing in there was her business accept the seal from the dead emperor and with Ulric as her backer for finances, she has no doubts. No one knew its worth, but Ulric needed it to acquire the throne. It was step one and a half. “Tonight, you won’t get hurt” she stated looking at him, hew was enjoying his food and that made her smile as well. When did she become happy? Was it the first day she approached him and felt settled and at peace?

      Drumming her fingers on the table she started to people watch, her face relaxing and the thoughts swimming through her head silencing. She started to hum the melody Fyzen sang to her the first night they met. It was always stuck in her head. She loved when he sang, it was soft and beautiful. Turning towards him “When you’re finished, I can head out? You do not have to accompany me, dress shopping is sure to be tedious” she offered, making sure he had a way out.

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      “Lord Protector, means I am a protector of the people and my father. Its..a bit higher status than a knight. They call on me when theirs a rather large problem. Then again, I am a…” *Fyzenguard stopped, Lyra noticed it again. He had a problem with saying things to close personal friends…or was that everyone. Was that the reason he stayed away from people…she had hoped not. She was right about his ego, he was wise and old but still had that young man’s ego at times. It drove him, but something else did…if Lyra could ever since other people’s energy, anger drove his heart or could be. He didn’t want to remember, and especially couldn’t after she began to run her fingers through his hair. Those stormy eyes began to blaze, and he smiled a young man’s smile, maybe a small blush.* “There is a problem Lyra. This sword I have on my belt…it won’t leave my side”

      *Fyzenguard stands, this could be a problem. The sword was a cure, but a blessing at the same time. Something Lyra has not seen yet. His hand patted the sheath of his sword as they both stand, both done eating and ready to fire flaming arrows into the night sky. They had exited, the warmth of the room leaving but the beauty of the day receiving. The walls of the town, small spiked pikes line up across the buildings before stretching to guard posts or…lesser towers at that. They hopped into the carriage, Fyzenguard paid whatever fees they had and they were off.*

      “Diamonds, those are rare…gosh” *Fyzenguard says leaning down and looking at their beautiful sparkle. A small smile places on his face* “They sparkle like you” *He softly says crossing his arms…then he rethought about his arms crossing. Lyra would suddenly feel…a soft sensation of his hand taking hers and squeezing softly. He had looked at her, it was ironical because she had just been thinking about him being a weak tie.

    • #157295

      “A higher status huh?” she said looking at the slight blush run across his cheeks. Sitting back, she looked at him, a sigh leaving her pursed lips. “They will allow your sword because I have the knights certificate we can forge; it would be an issue. I would never ask you to be unarmed Fyzen.” She says seriously. She wondered why the sword was so special and what magic it held, but he would tell her when he was ready, they had so much time to get to know each other, at least for now.

      ‘They were a gift, someone loved me once, and I was in no position to return that love.” She said looking at him with remorseful eyes, that quickly returned to normal. A warm tingle spread through her body as he took her hand. “Wolf, what would I do without?” she smiled, “And sparkling, maybe your vision is bad?” arching a brow she chuckled softly, tightening her hand in his as the carriage came to a stop.

      The city was lively, you could hear the people beyond the carriage. The footman opened the door and smiled at Lyra giving her a wink. “Oh Sop” she said handing him a coin as she let go of Fyzen’s hand already missing the warmth. “The dress shop is two shops down” she pointed and took the footman’s hand stepping from the carriage and looking around are the crowded city.

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      “Thats rather good, the sword won’t leave my side no matter the costs. But some places do ask not to bring swords in, like certain taverns. All I know is…if this sword is not in the same room as me, it will appear back in the sheath.” *Fyzenguard says leaning back and hearing the rider yell* “HAYAA” *Then a crack of the reins was heard before the horses began to trot forwards. This was a nice time to rest down for a moment, even though they had been resting for most of the morning and going on most of the day. He had brushed his fingers through the sheaths wood, fingers feeling the tingle of a nice sensation. Always ashwood felt best to the flesh, in his home they made coffins out of ashwood so the body may rest comfortably.*

      *Fyzenguard looked back to the glittering diamonds, it had been long years since he had seen diamonds. His lands had not them, or not that anyone had known. Looking back up to her his eyes sparkled to hers, a small sparkle though since they were still foggy and sleepy* “I’m sorry to hear that.” *His eyes dipped down, and now he did cross his arms, but seemed a bit happy as she asked* “Oh, I was going to say you couldn’t do without me.” *He says in a bit of sarcasm, but still felt bad for her. What if Fyzenguard met that man one day…he wondered for a long moment as the carriage continued on through the city*

      *The warmth of their hands, nice, soft, warm. When two people felt that sort of sensation they knew there was a special connection, even just friends or even if they are more. However Fyzenguard zoned out for a while, thoughts blanketed her mind. Dark…could Fyzenguard ever redeem himself from this darkness, a small light was seen and on the other side were two small kids. Waving…guiding him. What did this mean? He snapped out of it when the blistering rays of the sun shot into the small carriage.* “Ohh gods” *he says shading his eyes as Lyra had gotten out, him following slowly after. Fyzenguard would have gotten onto the male footman, but hadn’t knowing Lyra had it. She was a strong women, and Fyzenguard wouldn’t never second think that as they came out.* “Then we walk the rest of the way then. A nice walk wold be nice.

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      Lyra took his hand once more as the stood on the cobbled sidewalk. “This town is beautiful” she said a wistful smile on her lips. Tugging him softly she began walking down the road, her eyes quickly scanning those who walked by her, her personal space invaded by their closeness. Scootching closer to Fyzen she slowed looking into shop windows, admiring the clothes, shoes, and different assortments of food. “One day I will learn to make cakes” she mumbled to herself looking at a brightly frosted cake that was on display at a bakery. Continuing their walk, she stayed quiet for the most part, looking at the families pass by, enjoying the beautiful day.

      “Here” she said stopping in front of a dress store. Opening the door, she walked in, a beautiful blonde woman in a light purple gown approaching Lyra. “Hello, how can I assist you?” she asked a smile forming on her lips. “I am looking for a green gown, pre-made is fine I need it for tonight, nothing that will make me stand out.” She stated, the woman’s brow furrowing, “You are so beautiful we will look for lace.” She said to Lyra before turning to Fyzen, “And you sir? Would you like to pick something that will suit yours or the ladies taste? “. Lyra laughed as she moved away from Fyzen to look at shoes, grabbing a pair. Looking up she met his gorgeous blue eyes, “Yes Wolf, will you do what suits my taste?” biting her lip she looks away a blush on her cheeks.

      Turning away from him once more she lets him shop, walking to the woman standing by the counter and handing a pair of silver strapped heels, “These and those silver cuff links for my partner” Lyra states pointing to them cuff links, they would fit him. Handing her several gold coins, ‘This will cover what we need, and these, masks, matching.” The woman nodded at her, “He is handsome” she stated, “Yes, I think so. “ lyra laughed.

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      As they had both gotten out, the fair sun had shined down apon the world, smiling. Today was a great day, nothing less of the saying and nothing more. The soft rays of the sun reseted onto fyzenguards beautifully pale skin which whisped of of a pleasurable cold. Those lighting blue eyes cast away through the town, it was graceful, superb, and almost enchanting. Feeling Lyra’s soft hands onto his own, his fingers tingled and swayed a little before intertwining both their fingers into a small ball, a ball of compassion for the both had gather for each other.* “Truly the day is, let it continue like a torch for us” *A small pecked smile placed to his fine and fair looking to Lyra as they began to walk through the streets, although they weren’t much streets but passage ways. His lighting eyes weren’t foggy any more, they were strong and gleamed with the sunlight. He observed each store they passed, just to give himself something to think about and hail heavy on* “Cakes, to be honest I haven’t had a cake in a very very long time. it would have to been years to this point, perhaps I should bake one for both of us some time. Maybe teach you if your wanting to” *Fyzenguard suggest, gripping her hand softly as the continued on*
      *It had been a while, suitable for a small walk to the point before hearing Lyra soft voice call out which had caught his attention…and he caught himself before continuing forwards. It was something to be craved about, someone with a store of this stature must already have enough to retire, or was it handed down from his or her parents? Who had known for sure, those ferice eyes looked through the laces, tunics, dresses. His eyes widened when he had seen more of..slutty attire. But he had not said anything, and gave a soft shrug before they were finally aquainted. Why Fyzenguard let Lyra speak mostly, who knew, maybe he was still observing…thats exactly what he was doing and as he was asked he looked back to the elderly women* “Aye, im looking for a green and black tunic, buttons of silver. I will pay from my pocket for both of us” *Fyzenguard said, he wasn’t suggesting and he really wanted to. he had been sleeping in her room which she payed for, he wanted to pay her a little bit back* “Nothing to queer for the shoes. Theres nothing in the world I could do to meet Lyra’s taste exactly, shes to much of a beauty herself. But yes actually I would rather want to have something she desiers on me.”*Fyzenguard says as he looked away for a moment, however looking back Lyra was already paying* “W..ha..” *He smiles and leans back onto a wall* “Never mind

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      Lyra’s face flushed red at the compliment on her beauty, he knew he was handsome, and for him to compliment her gave her butterflies in her stomach. “Never mind” she heard him mumble as she paid for their attire for the evening. “I am forcing you into this Fyzen, let me spoil you this one time.” She said looking over her shoulder at him. Glancing a pair of black wing tipped black shoes she smirked, ‘Perfection” she thought to herself grabbing them, “Also these…” glancing at his feet she judged the size quickly, having them bagged along with his attire and hers. “Your lady is so stylish” the woman behind the counter said to Fyzen with a bright smile. Walking past him to the door Lyra ran her hand across his chest, “He wishes I was his.” Chuckling I hold the door open and wait for Fyzen.

      After this they had to return and get ready. Tonight, was bound to be an exceedingly difficult one, not physically but emotionally and she needed time to prepare herself. As they both walked through the door towards the carriage Lyra looked up to him, “I want you to teach me to make a cake, but for now I will be buying one, to celebrate tonight, because I know we will succeed.” She said walking into the bakery quickly and asking for the yellow cake to be wrapped up.

      As the woman handed her the back, she took a deep breath, would Ulric recognize her, yes he would immediately, so why did she want to avoid him right now and finish this evening with her wolf, why avoid the man who saved her life and protected her. Sighing she looked at the cake in her hands, “Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate” she said to herself sadly.

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      *Fyzenguard had leaned against the wall for several moments, watching Lyra look around the store, glancing back at him. A small sigh had come out, a little happy sigh, the type of sigh that passed against the winds like a friend, never to be seen but held the strongest of emotion and feeling. His slender arms, long and crossed rested the only breaifly.  Leaning his head to the side as she looked to him, and then down to his shoes he poked them out for her to see. His feet weren’t huge, nor were they small. They were perfect,  perfect enough to fit into something qutie nice like the shoes she had picked for him* “Then spoil me, I will spoil you when I get the chance.” *If there had ever come a chance that was, but a smile placed to his face as he continued to watch her on until the elderly women told him of Lyras fashion* “Well you know what they say, a woman knowing her fashion is a great woman indeed. They don’t need to be rich or poor, just kind-hearted and knows what she wants.” *his attention was caught back feeling the familiar feeling of Lyras touch, drift across his chest. Was it a lie if he denied what she had said, of cousre it was, and thats why he accepted the fact that the beautiful and kind hearted women response. He smiled and gave a soft nod*

      *Fyzenguard followed her out, holding the door open for him, there would be a time when the roles were switched and he would do the same for her.  Again they passed by store after store, house after house before coming to the bakery. Good thing they had stores that granted noble statues items, if not they wouldn’t have been able to get this far so fast.* “I will teach you after we are done with this quest of yours” *he says standing guard outside as she goes in to get the cake. He waited a few moments, whistled a few moments, and watched for those few moments before she came out, and he helped her carry it* “Celebrate? You have every chance in the world to celebrate Lyra. This will be a good night, don’t stress it to much



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      Lyra nodded and took his hand gently, “You ease my mind and heart Wolf.” She said and was quiet the rest of the way back to the carriage. The door opened and she held her hand out, the drive helping her in, as she settled in, she leaned back and awaited Fyzen. Once he got in and settle it was only a moment before the carriage took off. Leaning back, she closed her eyes, enjoying the comfortable silence with him. It felt like only moments until the carriage stopped and Lyra let out a soft sigh. “Wolf, I will get my own room.” She said and slid from the carriage. Lyra went into the Inn and paid for another room and was escorted up, her items already laid out, pulling the cuff links from her pocket she ordered a maid to bring them to Fyen with a small white flower. Smiling the night began.

      Lyra undressed, the maids bathed her and oiled her skin. After towel drying her body, they applied lotions that smelled like honeysuckle. “Oh, that’s beautiful” she said as the started lacing a corset, “Oh no” she gasped as they pulled her body roughly. Finally, they slid on the dress and started lacing it, and for the first time Lyra looked at herself and smiled. She looked lovely, it hugged her curves, and flowed down loosely at the waist. Slipping on her silver shoes, they laced them up her calves and when she walked the slit in her dress let them show, and the rest of her bare leg. “Perfect” she thought as they began to braid her hair down her back. The finishing touches were the diamond necklace and earrings. “Go show him!” the maid squealed as Lyra stood up one last time examining the look, grabbing her makes and small coin pouch, that held credit slips for tonight’s auction. “Thank you” she said.

      Walking from the room she headed downstairs, it had been a few hours since they had come back and now it was time to go. A few hours? She had missed him in that short time and a wide smile appeared on her face, gone was Lyra the knight, Now she Lady Lyra for the evening, and she felt like one.

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      *Fyzenguard hadn’t looked down feeling Lyra’s slender fingers wrap around his and taking his hand. His fingers balled up with hers, his thumb rugging the back of her hand softly as they continued out of the store.  Lyra could feel a gentle squeeze against her hand, his warm…but his skin so pale, delicate. It seemed like if Fyzenguard would have been out in the sun for too long he would sunburn, and maybe even blister quickly. Who knew who this man truly was, and slowly Lyra uncovered him, unwrapped him like a present…but he was a present that wasn’t fully good. Half was honeysuckle and dandelions, the other was coal and smoldering ashes. That half was yet as beautiful, but much in a different way, evil was beautiful, evil was strong, but even could never control as the world needed humbleness and that very humbleness is what kills all good people. Why hasn’t he been killed yet…it was because he was evil, he was something that walked on both sides of good and evil.

      *Fyzenguard sat in the seat, next to Lyra, his eyes lowered looking through the front row window and looking out at all the people. All looked so busy, he had known, he had watched, he had seen people. Lurking not in the shadows but from behind. He always tried to figure people like them, working people but he all knew to well that work and fighting wern’t the same thing. Fyzenguard would never been fully a man, a working man, a man who could enjoy himself. He snapped…as Lyra talked about him* “ease your mind, you do to me…and more” *She would feel the soft sensation of the males pale hands into her own, taking the two hands and then placing a kiss to hers before she felt a soft arm wrap around her waist as they waited.*

      *It all went by so quickly, as it seemed he had just shown a bit of affection the cart had come to a quick stop. Really it sent sorrow throughout his body, there was no break for people like Lyra and him. They were always on a quest doing something, sometimes he wondered if it was even ever possible to settle back down, maybe marry, have kids.* “Sounds good” *His voice passed like the wind as he walked out and helped Lyra out of the cart, and she went into the tavern to go get ready. Fyzenguard and the cartman carried in the many things they had brought, of course, Fyzenguard handling the cake himself due not trusting anyone else to carry it.*

      *It had been a while before the door to the room opened and Fyzenguard had come in. His left hand raised brushing through his long hair of golden waves yet hidden within the seas, only for magic creatures to find. Was Lyra magical then, he wanted to hope so.* “Through dungeons deep, to find the castle gold, brought through the forest…and mountains fold. We must awake, the dragon old, oh to find thy stone, carved of old” *Fyzenguard had sung softly, he sang to himself before undressing softly to show his bare skin. Slowly and diligently he sunk into the tub of hot water, steaming across his bare skin, filled of scars and old memories.* “Berran Willow, cast through vengeful cold, lost through the eyes of the foreign bold, we must awake, thy dragon old, to find our home all forgotten and of mold.”

      *He gave a soft sigh, and after the long whiled bath he had gotten out and began to dress. It had been so long since he had dressed into something of green, it would have had to been years by this time…not in his home…it had been to long he couldn’t remember. However he pressed that green tunic on, and it fit perfectly over his slender body, the fabric nice and smooth against his skin. This truly was satisfying, but would it be to lyra? After he put the blackened leather pants on before brushing throughly through his hair.*

      *Fyzenguard suddenly came down the staircase, nicely dressed and hair so perfect for the night, just for the party and Lyra. Really he was afraid, so many people at once? When he was a child he was around many, but now could he reawaken himself again. He took in the time of sitting and waiting for Lyra, thinking of everything that could go wrong.

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      As lyra came down the stairs her eyes fell on him, “Wolf” she said, the smile never leaving her face. He looked worried, but not in a way that would alert others, it was in his eyes. His emotions showed like storms through those beautiful eyes that saw the world in a way that others did not. Lyra did a small twirl and curtsied. “My Lord Fyzenguard, what do you think of your date this evening?” she asked, her eyes twinkling at the slight humor. Lyra was nervous, acting feminine and soft wasn’t something that she normally did, and her heart hurt at the thought of upsetting Fyzen, but that thought was soon shattered when most of the people around were staring at them. That is when she truly studied him, the green made his hair glow a bright gold, and it fit him so well that her cheeks once again turned red. “You, well you…” she stammered. “You look absolutely perfect.” She finished knowing that no other word would fit in that place.

      At that moment, a waiter came over and whispered in her ear. Lyra nodded and took the pen and paper and wrote a quick not, folding it. “Quickly, this can not wait till later.” She said sharply, her eyes shooting daggers at the waiter. Though this waiter was not a servant, he was a butler, and he was the princes. A sneer crossed her face. Could she have no moment of peace, even during a mission. Lyra’s life had always been like this, never ending and always flowing such as the ocean. Having time to settle and create a life was not something she could do and now more than ever she wanted too. Turning to her wolf she tilted her head, waiting for him.

      “You look so deep in thought.” She said extending her hand naturally now, knowing he would take it and the world would become calm and warm. “Want to tell me in the privacy of the carriage or should we quit this mission and return to the room. “a smile spread across her face. He would never let her quit, he had lived much longer, and the consequences would be far worse, plus a certain prince would be waiting. “Also, if we hurry we can come back and have cake together.”

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      *Fyzenguard had sat, head rested into the palm of his hand, hair waving down like lushes waves across his shoulders and chest. He felt clean, he felt alive, he felt like he had escaped his little jail cell in order to do this for Lyra. Why was it such a big change, it reminded him of something perhaps? His free hand rested down onto the table, his fingers slowly tapped starting from his thumb down to his pinky finger. Each tap gave a small thump, this was about the time people had come in. Some looked to Fyzenguard, some thought queer of him before going on with their regular days, most likely going to drink their fill for the rest of day and part of the night.*

      *The male of pale skin hadn’t even heard the waif-like footsteps which had come down, ready to show a new part of her to Fyzenguard. As Lyra had become lady Fyzenguard had become something in her equal sense as not only the prince but her lord of the night. Hearing Lyra call out his name, or the perfect nickname she had given him he looked up. She glittered just as much as the diamonds which she wore around her ears and neck, his head just about tilted over. Long strands of his hair fall past his ears, it was really dazzling, it was something he never wanted to take his eyes off of. Those stormy eyes almost cast a wind around Lyra as she curtsied in front of him, a small fledged like smile began to grow around his lips as they raised showing their importance towards her* “My date has passed farther then the seas to find me, she has held the sword with me, she has weaved laughs with me…and now she dressed for me beautifuly. I think my date is gleaming, wanting to be held like precious gems.”

      “Thought is a passion, it is a place to contemplate, and remember” *His word flew from his mouth as he held her soft hand, first placing a playful kiss to it before rising from his chair with her hand in his. What was he thinking about? Only the most distant people in the world could possibly know, he might have not known himself. But he played with his smile before walking besides Lyra* “Perhaps” *He commented back before they left the tavern finally and went looking for a carriage.*

      *It had taken a while, perhaps few were going to this party rather then just them from the town. Fyzenguard thought, how far did Ulric travel to get down here…why did he come down here. His mind was puzzled again, cloudy before they found a lonely carriage. Fyzenguard walked up to it, placing his free hand to the siding* “Can you take us to the party of tonight” *Then suddenly a head popped out, a quite fascinating head. The head of a young boy who smiled widely, he hadn’t looked 9 or 10. His hair was rather red, eyes of hazel and skin a bit tan.* “Be a 3 silver.” *Fyzenguard squinted his eyes softly, but with playful intentions* “How about this” *He took out a small pouch and out came a gold piece* “Will this do son?” *The eyes of the boy widened, and he almost could shake with joy and glee as he took it* “You mean it! Really!”* A small nod came from Fyzenguard before putting his pouch away and patting the kid’s head* “Sure kid, just take care of your family.”

      *Like that they were ready, Fyzenguard helped Lyra into the carriage, knowing the dress must be hard on her to walk around in. She probably hated it, and Fyzenguard gave a small chuckle over the thought before climbing in himself… With a snap of the reins they had gone on, Fyzenguard might have told Lyra about his thoughts but they were bombarded with the young boy talking to them. Telling Lyra and Fyzenguard about how good his horses were, their breed, and then went on about his sisters and brothers. Fyzenguard gave a soft sigh, listening to the young boy and his pure passion for speaking and joy. Really it was beautiful, for a boy to speak this much. He reminded him of his own son, so many years ago. Talkative, smart, and quite cunning…well when he grew a bit older.*

      *The ride truly was one, they encountered bumps and some staging jerks, but that was usual for rides. After forty minutes of waiting they finally had made it, the boy was rather sad and wished them to stay…or they could tell* “Here boy” *Fyzenguard says suddenly pulling something off his belt, it was some sort of symbol…strange…ancient it may have seemed but carved into a modern manner* “Take this, keep it, one day you will figure what it is. And when you do, and if you ever find me, i will train you for warriorship and knight ship for a job. That is if you ever need a job.” *Fyzenguard gave a small smile patting the boys shoulder before leading Lyra would of the Carriage. This must have been the lords keep, almost a stone castle but not quite big enough. Fyzenguard gave a small press to their hands before he walked up and pushed open the doors.

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      Lyra entered the carriage and her eyes stayed on Fyzen, he spoke with the boy causally and treated the small child with such respect, it made her heart feel happy and for a moment she lingered on the feeling. Reaching up she brushed a loose curly from her eyes, before crossing her ankles and leaning back. The carriage ride was swift, though rough and she had expected that. They were going to a strong hold, and it was farther out, so it would not be a smooth ride. It only took forty minutes or so and then the carriage stopped, ‘Wolf” she hummed softly as he spoke to the boy, her eyes lighting up, he would be a fantastic teacher should the boy ever need one. Once he finished, they walked to the doors, Fyzen pushed them open and the noise spilled out, you could hear the crowd of people and the music over them. It was more crowded than she thought it would be and her hands clenched.

      The night was alive. The air was so thick with lights and smoke Lyra felt as if she could be underwater. Stepping into the hall the scents of perfume and drugs hit her like a tidal way, the maroon and gold decorations covered the ceilings and tables, boasting of wealth and what was to come. Shivering slightly, she handed a pre-done letter to a passing servant and directed the quickly before immediately wrapping her arm through Fyzens. “Wolf we have a meeting.” She said and pointed to a large stone statue of the war god Aries. Under the eager clapping around them the band began to play again, the violinist played a beautiful, sweet harmony, Lyra wanted to dance with Fyzen, “After the meeting may I have a dance?” she asked shyly not meeting his eyes. Asking for something was against her nature, but forcing him would never happen, he was stronger than her and plus, she wanted him willing in all things. He had so much hidden from her, but she hoped that she would stay alive long enough to get to know his secrets, evil or not he was hers. After that thought had come and gone that appeared at the statue of Aries and that is when she saw him in the crowd. Ulric was a large man, well built, tall and handsome, but he was a tyrant in a lot of ways. “He is here” she whispered, and her body went stiff as her eyes met the steel ones.

      Her mind raced slightly as he made his way through the crowd, she has left him so long ago and now she was seeing him again. Her heart ached because he was not Roderick, but this man was like a brother to her. A single tear slipped down Lyra’s cheek and she hoped it went unnoticed by all. Weakness was not becoming, and she needed to be strong for what was about to take place.

      “Wolf, I want cake..” she said and those were the last words she spoke, Ulric made it to them.

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      Ulric entered the auction, a grim look on his face as he went into a private room. The place stank of opioids, the women were dark eyed and smelled of perfumes he could not name, and the slaves were there for one thing, pleasure. Shivering in disgust he ordered everyone from the room and walked over to a lavishly decorated table and grabbed an apple, “Is she here?” he barked at his servant. “My prince, she is here and is with her companion.” the servant said softly, hoping not to anger the prince any further. Ulric slammed his fist down and grabbed his mask quickly, “Why isn’t she coming to me of her own volition” he said to himself. The last time he had seen her she was frail and sobbing in his arm, fleeing from the castle because the queen wanted all of Roderick’s men dead. Moving through the room Ulric placed his mask on his face, the steel gray eyes peering through as he pushed his dark blonde hair from his eyes. “I will go and find Lyra” he stated walking through the room, his large 6’4 frame menacing and warning the servants to not disagree.

      Ulric touched his lips softly, remembering the last kiss they shared. Rough, wet, and full of sadness. Lyra was his knight, his property now that Roderick died, but he had always thought she would be his queen. Was her companion Fyzenguard? Had she found the northern warrior? Moving through the crowds he pushed his way through, his eyes searching. “Something green” he said, looking for a green dress and auburn hair.

      “Your highness?” someone asked as Ulric turned and looked at another servant. “Yes?” he demanded; a letter was handed to him.

      Find me by the statue of Aries

      Ulric grunted in pleasure, find her by the war god? That was his Lyra, witty and able. Turning he headed through the crowds a smile growing on his face. Standing by the statue of Aries was a woman, her silver threaded mask stood out, the green dress hugging every supple curve. “Lyra” he said his arms already around her, lifting her into the air with a groan of pleasure. “I have found you little bird.” Placing her back on he ground Ulric lifted his hands and ran them over the diamond necklace, “I see you wore my gift” he smiled his bright white teeth standing out against his olive toned skin. “Now, introduce me to the glowering man next to you” he said waving next to her halfheartedly. Ulric turned standing next to Lyra to await the introduction, but he knew who this man was.

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      *As Fyzenguard entered his smile was swept from his face as he looked up, those lighting blue eyes fierce and piercing through the smoke quite easily having instinctive elven blood, yet unknown to most…but Ulric most possibly. Fyzenguard was already regretting this decision, he almost felt like a child walking into something he hadn’t wanted to in the first place, but Fyzenguard kept his promise true and stayed by Lyra’s side. His hand softly gripped hers, mostly to find some comfort because Fyzenguard had known places like these could have well been dangerous. It was hard to see Fyzenguard, his skin was so pale and the auction so smokey it seems he could have camouflaged perfectly in with the smoke. A soft cough was heard from him before they went on*

      *Slowly her hand brushed through his side and back, and he would do the same as both held eachother close. Were they both afraid, no…they wern’t. They walked across most people, some bumping into them with the fondness of being drunk. Fyzenguard couldn’t become drunk, and now he was beginning to be happy he couldn’t. * “A meeting, then a dance. Of course, I would take a dance with you, it would seem a perfect time to” *Perhaps there was a better place in the room, not as smokey and dense. However, they had arrived near the statue of a god, which Fyzenguard had never known of. There were no gods for him, there was only himself and the deep woods. Tis was true of the legends of him, a warrior who had shown when needed, but disapeared, a warrior who was supposed to have the sharpest blade of the northlands, champion for king Pilsner. Who else was he though, did Ulric know*

      *They had waited, both in each others arms and eventually leaning back softly waiting for the prince who was supposed to be king. The belt around Fyzenguards side shined of silver, and held a menacing sheath to his side, pierced with frosted blue gems lining down. What sword was in the Sheath? Fyzenguard recognized the prince, supposedly they had met at some point…but Fyzenguard hadn’t remembered. Maybe ]Ulric had only heard of them, or maybe they fought together. However, this was not of the point! Fyzenguard Felt Lyra’s arms leave his as the older brother figure had come and picked Lyra up like a waif feather and twist her around. Fyzenguard stood around the same height, 6’4, but he was more slender and less muscular.*

      *Truly it was amazing to know that Ulric still cared about his little bird, none the less his toned chest raised softly in deep breath. He was trying to place his finger on who Ulric was exactly. His head lifted and his long hair, golden strands of rushing waves of the summer springs had come down with only a magical passion, was Fyzenguard enchanted? No. His origion told it all, something only few held tightly to. When asked for an introduction those lighting blue eyes widened, his face a bit restful* “Hm, thought you had known me to what Lyra has said. No matter. I’m Prince Fyzenguard, son of the king pilsner and the north” *The north? What had that meant, who was his mother* “Lord protector or my lands, its nice to meet you Prince Ulric, of the souther contient and kingdom”

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      Ulric laughed; it was a deep rumble within his chest as he looked at the Elf. “I know you Elf, but I will offer courtesy to a should-be king.” a smirk settled on his lips as his eyes returned to Lyra, “Have you told him Lyra, that you are to be queen of our lands.” He leaned his head down, “Or have you forgotten what we shared before you left?” he asked before laughing. Moving away slightly he took Lyra’s hand and placed it into the crook of his arm. “Fyzenguard we met once, we fought in the northern mountains on a campaign that had lost hope. You seem t have magic on your side.” He said glancing to the sword, his words carefully articulate. “If you have strayed from our kingdom, My Lyra could always use a queen’s knight.” Waving his hand, a servant brought over a small picture, he handed it to Lyra and pointed at a small gold symbol, “This is the one we will need for tonight.” He spoke in her ear, his eyes watching the crowd.

      A man servant waived for him and a growl slipped from his lips causing Lyra to flinch and look up at him. “Bid what you need to, I am at your disposal tonight, but I have to go to the cages now.” Leaning in and kissing her nape he released her and bowed slightly. “We will meet again, keep this one safe.” He said giving him a sharp possessive look before moving through the crowd. A woman approached as he removed his mask, his heart beating rapidly. The man near Lyra was the new king? Yet he did not return, why? Looking back, he growled slightly, he could have what he wanted but not her, he was supposed to be her tool! How close had they gotten? Shaking the thoughts and jealousy from his mind he entered what was called the Cages. Looking into the dark tunnels he grabbed a torch and went cage by cage, “These 6” he said spotting his citizens and two children being held for auction. The man servant paid and took the 6 leashed humans from the cage quickly. How had slave trade gotten onto his land? He barked out a laugh, the duchess was trying to make money for her new army she thought was a secret. Ulric new it all, but selling people was something he would handle immediately.

      Nodding his end that he was done he was led in a clean brightly lit room, lined with wooden chairs. His place was sacred so there was no debauchery or drugs around. It was quiet. Taking a seat, he grabbed a paddle, and a few others were making their way in. Putting on his mask, the deep grey eyes took in everything, people watching not only proved to be entertaining but also shower secrets. He knew what most came here to buy, but only Lyra knew about the golden seal, the seal of the king that had been stolen the night Roderick had been murdered. Ulric clenched his chest briefly, his dearest brother whom he loved and now hated for leaving him with this mess of a kingdom. He would return home soon and bring back the greatness of their kingdom.



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      *That was the exact thing Fyzenguard hadn’t wanted, he didn’t want to be king or prince. He despised the title and would have rather lived a life or more adventure and with much more traveling. Not sitting on a throne and taking what was others. It was only so rare that you got a good king or prince, and Fyzenguard wasn’t feeling that he was. But again he couldn’t say anything, he was no better a prince if not even one to this point. Fyzenguard sat and watched however, it was a sound of news that had hit him, queen of her lands…of Ulrics lands. A smile had placed to his face, and as Ulric had taken Lyra into his arms he simply leaned over to the wall and watched him use her as a painting rod. Of course, he hadn’t liked it, but he wasn’t going to disclose any sort of violence or immature language as he most likely would have done to him. he stayed respectful, with the grip of a cold iron sword Ulric would never understand* “A queens knight” *He looked to Lyra, there was a judgment, his head gave a small shake. His feelings for Lyra were very strong, he had become very fond of her, but he felt out of place and the only place he wouldn’t was with a sword* “No, I wouldn’t. I have to many to protect, Lyra is one but shes stronger than me, and you. If she ever should need me I would be there. But as of now, I stick with her to promise. Its where my heart leads me to do where I stay, and its with here.”

      *Fyzenguard heard the faint growl and the kiss he gave Lyra to the nape before he had left. His chest rose, it almost felt like fire in his chest, like a dragon in fear and anger. He felt exactly like smog, and now he knew how one had actually felt. He looked to Lyra…arms crossed. Then his head leaned down, his eyes closing. Had what they had shared before still there…between both of them. Surly, possibly…he was thinking about it. Those piercing eyes opened once again as he leaned up and walked over to Lyra taking her hand* “Is my dinner date still wanting a dance from a man such as myself” *He disclosed himself as man…man…man, he would have liked to say he was mostly man but he wasn’t. Mostly elf or so they say, his mother was an unknown figure, some say a walker of the woods, power of the night skies.*

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      Lyra was overwhelmed and her stomach turned with distaste as Ulric tried to lay claim over her. Fyzen had moved away from her, and her stomach finally dropped, Lyra was as hurt and confused as him if not more so, and she was bothered by the intimacy. “You wouldn’t be…” she said startled at his rejection to stay with her, but then she heard his reply and a smile crept onto her face. He thought she was strong, he thought so highly of her and it made her heartbeat faster. “Ulric, enough, I will get what you need, but we both know I am not a queen; my place is much different and full of adventure.” Bowing gracefully, she bid Ulric farewell. Once he was gone her body relaxed, the hands that had been balled into fists released and left tiny crests cuts in palms from her nails.

      ““Is my dinner date still wanting a dance from a man such as myself” Fyzen asked now standing next to her. “Wolf” she said turning and throwing her arms around the man next to her. Hugging him she relaxed into his body for a moment before looking up at him. “You are the only person I want to spend this evening with so if you still want me, I am yours” she said a bright smile covering her face. There was no other one for her this evening, or anyone who understood her more.

      Lyra had spent her whole life alone with no father or mother, sold and taken, and tonight when he spoke about her strength it touched a place in her heart that she didn’t know existed. “And My Wolf, you handled his pompous ass very well, he was being gross.” She huffed; her brow still wrinkled at the frustration but happy now that he was gone. Ulric had been like that since he was a child, mean but just and took care of the kingdom very well. Rolling her eyes, she looked up at Fyzen, her green eyes darker than normal, the perfumes in the air causing her to feel slightly heavy. “Now how about that dance?” she said softly.


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