The Tomb of Ar’Elis – High King of Hellifyno

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      Posted by Narrator on February 20, 2011 at 11:30am in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying) (Change)Send Message View Discussions
      The Weaver has been sending her Droned creations to every corner of the Universe in search of artifacts and information, relics of power, arcane lore, and forgotten weapons, in the hopes that they may find something which she can use against the Chaos Wyrm.

      One such Drone, an Elven Elder schooled in the art of secrets, stumbled upon a passage in an ancient book which he believed was a vital clue to finding the resting place of King Ar’Elis, the ancient lord of the Hellifyno Empire. Moving swiftly through the dangerous wasteland that has overtaken the planet, the Weaver Droned Elven Elder located a passageway hidden by stone and magic, landscape and illusion. This led down into a dark tunnel, which opened up into a massive stone chamber, far beneath the earth.

      Within this chamber stood enormous granite spires, polished smooth, running from ceiling to floor. There was also a building crafted of pure white, made of sloping domes and trailing curves, which stood out in stark contrast to the dark earth surrounding it. The architecture was indicative of that commonly found in the 10 million year old lost Empire.

      This information was transmitted to the Weaver Hive Mind in real time, with the images that her Drone saw being watched by millions of his brethren, tied into this vital information network. They saw him look upon the beauty of the sloping marble building, they saw him stare with wonder at what he believed was the tomb of the Ancient King, and then they felt him die, quite suddenly, and without explanation.

      Lord Executive Tye Sampson has made an official appeal for a quest. He requires a team of 3-5 Heroes to infiltrate the ancient tomb, and recover whatever artifacts, weapons, and scholarly information they can, and then deliver it to the Castle at Consequence. The reward for successful completion of the quest will be 10,000 Gold Pieces, as well as any non weaponry or scholarly based treasures found within the tomb.

      (If your interested in playing, post a response to this either IC or OOC. I am looking for at least 3-5 people before I get the actual game rolling. Once started I will try to post replies once or twice a day depending on my schedule. )

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