What’s Wrong With Dreams?

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      Originally posted August 6, 2010 at 11:19am

      ******** The mop haired boy appears in the tavern, head banging, playing his air guitar with notes that tug at your veRy soul. ***********


      >>>>>>>>>>>> he looks up! and there you are, standing there in your peasant clothes, waiting for who knows, the world around you slowly crumbling your life a vision of rejection, a footnote in a history book that slOwly fades away. whO are you?


      WhO aRe yoU? Is this what yoU wAnt to be? A thiNg, a simplE poInt of liGht?


      You could be soooooooooooooooooooooooo much more.


      You could grOw an extra arm or three. You coUld float on a cloUd. You couLd sip tea with a draGon berry, eat the color grEen. You could EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Thats right EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      And then a moment later alight baCk on gentlE wings into yOu own trusted singular form……


      We offer the eNd………………..


      EnD of DeAtH


      enD oF pAiN


      End oF SuffEriNg


      EnD of liMiTs


      eNd of hAtRed


      thE enD of EnD


      —————————the mop haired boy begins to cackle, and as he does the world around you begins to shimmer in a hazy vision of shimmering colors———————-



      ************* and then a POP ***********************


      ======and the boy… is gone=======

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