Johnny Reds Bar and Grill

Old Bar reopened

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      For as long as she could remember Johnny Red’s had been around. The old wolf that ran the place a good source for information, advice and booze. The place was just how she liked it. Low key, none of the frills just good food and better drinks. At times the ceiling was obscured by smoke blue and hazy swirling around like old ghosts listening to those below and remembering better times. The old bar stools creaked and the cracked leather often covered with tape, cheaper that way.

      Johnny welcomed everyone as long as they minded the rules:

      NO transformation in the bar.  You want to be a 12 foot dragon, good do it outside.

      NO killing unless Johnny does it. Death is messy and hard on his help.

      NO outside food or drink. If he ain’t got what you need. Go somewhere else.

      NO sex in his bar. People trying to eat here. Take it upstairs or outside. Alleys to the right.


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