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    [Kili Toda. A large, floating, magical island; doesn’t get that much more fantasy than this huh? Anyway, it forever remains in the clouds and above the ground of Hellifyno, moving idly far and wide, carrying with it its own unique civilisation and members of society. Visitors come and go, Dragons soar throughout the skies, and students hussle and bussle within the great Université Magnifique, home to many species old and young. The morning air was a gentle breeze as the early sun krept up into the skies, oranges turning to gentle yellows and blues as the cloudless sky grew bright for the day ahead]

    [Amongst a bed of clouds to the south of the island, along near to the edge of the grounds and a moderately busy street, one would be able to see quite the spectacle. A large, flying herd of what seemed to be a species of whale, but accustom to swimming in the remote skies above Hellifyno. Crowds would gather to view and capture images of these quite exquisite beasts. They had the composure of whales; large, bulbous bodies with large gulping-chins, and wide mouths with no teeth; filter feeders of course, but what to eat…a mystery, oh well. They had 2 large side flippers, as any whale would, and then one long sail-like fin on the top of their forms. Their tails were less properly sea-like, more a vertical flap for turning in the air. They were mixtures of grey and gentle gold, reflecting the sun in the sky]

    [Something however was a little…odd, to say the least. For perching atop one of the gentle creatures of the herd, raising a few confused mumbles and quirked-eyebrows, was Kaler. Quite casually, and without disturbing the creatures that many knew of but understood not quite much about, he was sitting upright on the creatures back just before the sail, apparently riding the mighty skyfaring being to…somewhere. Said somewhere in fact happened to be Kili Toda by chance, as in, he seemed to have communicated to the creatures, and they offered him the ride here! Who would’ve thought, heh. With that he slid off of the beast and took to flying besides what one could assume was the matriarch of the group, and quite simply let his hand rest against the beings side. A bellowing, rumbling…purr?, seems to ring out from it, as if it accepted him as one of their own. The audience was dumbfounded to say the least, how easily he tamed such elusive and plainly nonexistent creatures]

    [Before long the crowd had dispersed into lesser a number, as the beasts had sunken back into the clouds beyond, leaving only Kaler as he gently swooped through the air to hover absentmindedly over the street, beginning to move further up the street, past many different homes and assorted shops and what not. He had only ever been up in the castle with Myrno once before, so this scene was new to him. He heard they had quite the library over at the castle-like school, so, he decided to check that out; perhaps he’d stay for a while, if they had any residence quarters for guests]

    [Up through the town he flew, in a rather happy, graceful manner. Previous stresses after coming to this world seemed to have, for now, left him. He came to terms with what had happened recently; the brief Card war, the nightmares still out and about; the Guild…no, he’d live on, he knew he could. He had friends here, people he enjoyed being in the company of whenever he could see them, and that’s what mattered to him. Along he flew, at a faster pace not too long later, rising into the air to clear the distance between the centre of the towns area and that of the Université itself. Before long he was before a rather large wooden/steel door, one of the huge ones castles usually had, which hung open on either side for guests and students to come and go]

    [Could it get anymore Harry Potter-esque than this he thought? Chuckling to himself at self-referencing the British Novel stories; it indeed had that feel to it when one simply looks around, especially him and his curious eyes. The opening hallway of the colossal structure was so very neatly kept in all its grand glory, stone pillars and walls arcing at the top like that of the inside of a Church steeple, flags decoratively hung from the support beams that ran horizontal alongside the upper spans of beams and pillars, a clear emblem to represent the famed Université, and species of all calibres wandering around; some in clusters of chattering or giggling friends and co-workers, others going solo with piles of books in hand, and then the more professional of the lot who seemed like Teachers or Professors. The boy was so very giddy, ; all his life back on Earth he had /dreamed/ of being in a place like this, and now he was here! A pondering thought lingered for a minute; perhaps he could ask if /he/ could study here, perhaps learn Magic knowledge. For himself to use? Most Likely not; he was /anti-magical/ in nature after all, but that wouldn’t stop him from learning; after all, the more he knew, the better he could protect himself]

    “Sir? Excuse me!~”

    [His wandering gaze, and fixed mindset for the time being, had eluded him from seeing, and hearing, the calls of something, or someone feminine]


    [He uttered, letting his eyes glance down from the sights and sounds to see what looked like a tall priestess of sorts. She stood around 6’5, with long addorned robes that seemed a higher fashion and more detailed than the rest of the students, perhaps even the common teacher. A modest stature and build, with 2 long pointed ears jutting out from a draping mass of soft blonde hair; a high Elf Priestess no doubt; he read about how literate and knowledgeable Elves usually were]

    “O-oh, sorry, were you calling me?”

    [He asked, making himself seem more composed to not seem rude or any such thing. The female moved closer to the Alien, standing before him and bowing her head slightly, a smile pursing her soft lips]

    “Sorry to bother you dear boy, but I have not seen you around here before, might you be a new student?”

    [She asked, eyes full of kindness, and that knack for knowledge you just /know/ is hiding behind those casual features]

    “A student? N-no sorry, this is m-my second time on the island as it is…but I wanted to return again to have a look around, i-if that’s fine?”

    [He returned, respectfully bowing his head in return also]

    “Ah, how wonderful!~ A pleasant option; might I ask who saw you last? You don’t seem to be on the record for visitors.”

    [Ah, well there was the troublesome question. He went to say it, rather outloud in a way for her to hear, but quickly shut himself up…]

    “Oh, that was Myr-!”

    […by placing a hand to his mouth for a moment. The woman would look on confused, before Kaler moved closer to speak the name in a more hushed tone, hoping students around them didn’t hear]

    “S-sorry…Myrno showed me around a few days ago…”

    “Ahh, wise tone of voice dear boy.” [She nodded] “I can understand that, I feel for the poor dear, most students don’t seem to take a fancy to her…our council offered her a place as a teacher of sorts, but she’s declined it for the time being.”

    [She explained, as both moved slightly away from the crowding mass of students moving too and thro, to stand by the side of the walls of stone and wood]

    “Right, she told me about that…I-I for one wish they’d understand better…s-she’s a kind person.”

    [The Priestess nodded, offering a heart-warming smile and a pat of her palm on the boys shoulder]

    “You have a kind heart young one, we hoped for others to see the good in her, rather than what her family entails. Come, come, I shall give you a tour of the site if you wish!~ May I get your name?~”

    [An hour had gone by since he arrived, and already Kaler was falling in love with this place. There was so much to see and do! Every activity or learning curve was presented, fountains of knowledge and learning wonders around every pillar and corner of the magnificent structure. Gardens of magic crops cultivated for potions and spells of many sorts; training ground for sparring and combat-based magic; classrooms lining the many halls and stairways they walked up and around, filled to the brim with students of all races, all abilities, all learning in their own individual strides. And then, the Library. Eyes widened to extents he didn’t know they could; not horrifically, just absolutely surprised by the sheer depth of knowledge to be seen. There were bookshelves upon bookshelves, lines of desk with cluttered masses of parchments and scrolls, bottles of ink and feather pens, pencils, ink-pens etc. There was less technology than other common Libraries; he guessed it was to equate to a more nostalgic-old feeling; not that he cared, this was perfect! He loved nostalgia and older, less flashy things from time to time]

    [The two beings sat at a rather comfortable sofa for a short while, the Elven Priestess noting some things down on a parchment of paper with one of said feather pens]

    “Kaler Eland…mhm, got it~ You’re fairly new to this world correct? Well let me be honoured to welcome you again to Hellifyno! It can be a bit chaotic at times, but you seem to know your way around enough by now~”

    “Yeah, only about…2, 3 months tops? It’s been a wild ride so far, aheh, but thank you! I hope I can continue to do as well as I am currently.”

    [He smiled up to the Priestess, before having a ponder to himself for a little, thinking about what he might do next]

    “Well I am /very/ pleased that you’ve found your way here also!~ From what you tell me, you’re a bright ray of sunshine, and I’d be more than happy to discuss with the elders to allow you free usage of the Library. Who knows, perhaps you’ll think about enrolling for some tutoring also?”

    [Oh? Now there was an interesting thought. He did long to learn more about Magic, despite not being able to fully appreciate nor use it, thanks to his own biology. He did smile even more happily at this]

    “Y-you would?? Thank you! I can have a think about it!”

    [The Elfs own warm smile grew wider at the boys enthusiasm; the perfect sort of student she would think, always happy to learn more]

    “Oh my, what an inquisitive boy you are~ I’ll follow up the message to the Elders at some point then; until then, I’ll leave you to your own devices. A pleasure to meet you once again, Kaler Eland!~”

    “T-thank you! Have a nice day!”

    [Waving her off, as the Priestess seemed to draw a strange arcane symbol in the air, before a rift opened and they stepped inside, vanishing from the area]

    [Now, he was alone, at least for the most part. A few students wandered aimlessly here and there, but mostly it was quiet. Nice, and still; the air unmoving and filled with the scent of wood and paper; that nostalgic smell that always helps to calm the soul, to warm the mind, to make one feel…at home with their surroundings. It was never 100% quiet either; enough sound remained to keep one from feeling as if they were alone in the world. The static hum of gentle lights overhead, or the sound of a Grandfather Clock not too far away from his location. He got up not too long after, stretching out with a sigh, admiring the view and the soundless Library. Whilst he may not look it, the boy was actually a fair bit of a bookworm, often taking in facts from words on paper or a screen, simply for the fun of it]

    [For the time being, he would take to reading. Gladly this place was so /very/ vast with knowledge, he managed to find the exact thing he was looking for; a book on Stars. Manipulation of Solar Energy to be precise; yes it may be attuned to Magic-users, but his energy worked in many similar ways; easy to edit the text and make it his own method of usage. So he remained in the Library, for how long? Who knew, though one thing was certain; he was going to visit this place, a /lot/]


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    [Another day, another curiosity. This time? Kili Toda had sadly been blessed by rains this fair Wednesday evening; thick grey and dark clouds blocking out the sunlight, bringing with them occasionally deep, bellowing rumbles that echo for miles around, and great towering cackles of lightning, bolting down from the heavens and tearing through the skies to impact the hovering ground below, creating spectacular light shows. The winds were fairly rough, lapping at the townsfolk who dared to brave the storm, the buildings which all had blinds and shutters drawn, and the towering spires of the mighty Université Magnifique, its strong fortified walls of thick stone and timber, along with countless fires and warm lighting, serving to keep visitors, students, teachers and staff alike warm and comfortable]

    [So too did it serve as the current residence, or at least per being a guest still, for the familiar Solarian, Kaler Eland. He had the knack of exploring every new place he’s allowed in or stumbles across, and in this instance he happened to stumble across, tucked into its own little corner of the Grand Library, a neatly spread out but still cosy little living room-like space. The area was quite a nice scene; fit with a roaring fireplace by one wall; a large, half blind covered tall glass window; 3 assorted large, red comfy sofas; and a large spaced coffee table, large enough to cater for all of said sofas and whoever would come to sit down here. Although, for the moment, none were here besides himself, and he felt comforted by that; even if he enjoyed the company of others here and there, the silence and peace was welcoming; at least, the inner silence]

    [For the gentle humming silence of his last visit, for today, was subdued by the serene thrashing of rain drops on the rooftop and walls of the Library building, whilst every so often crackles of Lightning bolted down around the area, illuminating the blinds and the spaces between them, arced and rectangular cuts of white light shining through for milliseconds before each vanishing into the dark skies of liquid pellets. Now Kaler grew up in a rather rain-heavy country back on Earth, having the /pleasure/ of growing up in England for most of his life, so in a cosmic sort of way he was very much used to the glum weather that most would openly despise. Whilst yes it did cover up the Sunshine that his own biology always craved, he didn’t need it 24/7; like, what good’s a body that takes in Solar Energy if it didn’t retain it during the night? Anyway, he enjoyed the rain simply due to the fact that it was, A: refreshing, and B: made for a great sound when relaxing; the rhythm of pattering rain drops pelleting at the walls surrounding the building as they lashed and swayed in the storm added to the comfort of the room. The dark wood walls, the red carpeted floor, the mixes of black and red sofas, and the dim candle lighting; it all added up into your picturesque, storm-home scene, and he /loved/ it]

    [An hour or two rolls on by rather pleasantly; the rain didn’t cease, if anything it was persistent and continued to either get more violent, or remain at the same level, the rumbling of thunder ringing out still every so often. Kaler had been, for the most part, surprisingly still, simply reading away to his heart’s content by a roaring fire, of which he created with the obligatory heat vision. He was apparently trying to cram more knowledge into his brain half-way, whilst half-way simply reading for the fun of it, due to abject boredom and curiosity. Eventually though, it seems to get the better of him, and he simply closes the book with a bored sigh; he gives a /loooong/ sort of half groan half sigh whilst briefly stretching out on the sofa, before plopping back down against its pillowy mass with a larger, more content sigh. A brief pitstop to rummage into that obviously enchanted Satchel seated next to him, pulling out what seems to be a sort of baguette, filled with sausages, butter, and a touch of ketchup; he happily takes a few bites consecutively out of it, having needed such a break after a while of simply reading]

    [Soon enough he tired of the current book, and went to a nearby shelf to place it back into the slot from which it belonged to. However, once he completed the action, a few books fell out of place and away from him, tumbling down on the other side of the dense shelves. What followed the tumbling noise of books, would be a sort of surprised /yelp/, from a creature feminine in nature, mumbling to themselves apparently]

    “Gah! Hmmm…dear dear, these shelves get less stable as the days pass…”

    [Kaler grew a quick smile hearing the voice, though also laced with apology; he turned the corner of the shelf in a rather hasty manner since, well, he had a feeling he caused the books to tumble upon the figure. Once he had, he found himself facing the knelt down form of the Elven Priestess woman from before, though sadly she had indeed been hit upon the head with the books. Once they had noticed each others presence, the boy would bow in an apologetic way and lent down quickly, to assist in picking up the books]

    “Ah, i-it’s you Madam! Agh, s-sorry, I had no clue you w-were there!”

    [The woman gave a soft sigh, brushing back a lock of hair to glance over to the boy, and offers him a forgiving smile, as she too picked one or two up alongside him]

    “Ah, dear Kaler!~ No no dear it is fine, my fault for not having been paying attention enough~”

    [Within a minute, both the beings had arranged the books back into their proper abodes, and stood before one another, the smaller of the two, Kaler, giving a rub behind his meadow of silver hair in a sheepish way, before she seemed to offer him a walk. Taking a minute to gather his things from the quaint sofa corner, he would begin to walk alongside the Elven Priestess, making their way along the paths between shelves, eventually reaching a slightly more dim corridor, virtually lifeless from the students that usually wandered around, at least the last time he came here]

    “Oh my, I seem to have forgotten manners; the name is Lillian Fareil, although Lady Fareil is fine if you wish~. Ah, I just remembered the good news: you’ve been allowed to participate in whichever studies you wish here, per the Elders wishes!~”

    “Ah, no it was fine L-lady Fareil honestly….- Wait really?? T-that’s so cool! Thank you!”

    [The boy was practically bouncing, but kept composed out of the embarrassment that usually wound up incorporating into his actions. Lillian on the other hand, would simply bring a hand to her mouth and chuckle. As they continued their walk down the carpeted stone corridors, the distant rumbling of thunder continuing to sound here and there, they rounded a bend and neared quite the large lounging hall it seems. They really went all out for their students it seemed: There were groups upon groups of sofas, sofa chairs, cushioned benches, bean-bags and chairs, arranged sometimes around small coffee tables or much larger tables for work space or casual conversations. Lined up in a number of corners, were gaming stations, filled with rows of games Hellifyno-made and others imported from the best of places, including /many/ different Earth’s from the different Universes here and there. A small Cafe counter sat towards the back of the room, and there were beings working about serving other students who inhabited the room. Once again there were just so many different people; curious golden eyes had a quick dart to see everything they could; so cool! Soon enough she would lead him over to one /massive/ table down the centre of the room; clearly the main dining table, sitting towards the middle of the left side]

    “Hmm, pardon my curiosity dear Kaler, but I do believe you’ve yet to present your talents hmm?~ Whilst we have our non-magics here and there, you strike me as the…shall I say, “interesting” sort of person hmm?~”

    “A-ah, well um actually yes, I-I do have a talent or two…a-am I allowed to present it here?”

    “Oh, but of course!~ Please go right ahead, and if you don’t mind I’ll be happy to take some notes~”

    [The boy nodded to her, having a quick glance around the room again. Most if not all people were preoccupied, a few giving a kind wave over to the Priestess, seeing as she had such higher “rank” if you will, in the Université. Right, time to present he guessed; sure he wasn’t awkward about showing but, he expected it just to be bland and more so the norm. So, beginning by setting his elbows down onto the table, hands spaced apart and fingers curved round almost to touch, instead just to make /invisible/ connections with each other. This is when the /magic/, or in this case, /anti-magic/ begins to happen. Out of the tips of his fingers, seeming to originate further down his arm, seems to shine a golden glow, and seeping from said tips after a moment, are many small, wispy, wavy streams of floating energy, the energy in question a rich, vibrant gold, just like his strange, ever flowing eyes. The wispy patterns and streaks of hovering energy, seemingly sentient, seem to converge in the space between palms, circling each other in an orb of cloudy golden particles. Quickly, these seem to begin to /collapse/ on themselves, swirling faster and faster, round and round, brighter and brighter, until- BAM! A rather sudden shine of light, lasting about a millisecond, shone out through the room, alerting some of the studying students as well as the Priestess. What had caused it? There, floating in the air , calm as the one scolded by the storm outside and positively brimming with energy, was a small, miniscule Sun. At least, it bore surprisingly accurate resemblances to a Sun]

    [It took Kaler a moment to cease his creation, looking to the Priestess, to find her…shocked? No, dumbfounded looked more appropriate, or even astonished? Not in the sense that “Oh gosh this has never been seen before”, instead, unknown to Kaler, his kind of manipulation was /very/ rare]

    “D-dear boy….t-this is incredible!~ You have a gift from the Sun!!~”

    “A-aheh, it’s not that spectacular I kno- Wait, huh??”

    [Not a moment later, did Kaler realise, that the distracted school students too had huddled around the grand table, to gaze in abstract awe and curiosity at the small Sun hovering plainly in the centre of the room, about football size. Not to mention, that it gave off such a pleasant glow of light and warmth, that virtually all that were present felt a gentle wave of calming energy surge through them, relieving any previous stresses etc]

    “Oh yes dear Kaler Eland, Sun Manipulators are rare enough here on Hellifyno, but to see one such as yourself doing it so…so simply why, it’s quite the sight!~”

    “W-wait really? …t-to be honest I thought t-there would be more…y-you’re certain??”

    “I’m sure of it!~ And I’m certain that by the looks of things, some of my other star students would simply /love/ to perhaps talk to you about it. Think you could say the same?~”

    [Well, on one side he did feel a /bit/ nervous with this many people crowding around them. On the other side? This felt…refreshing almost. It felt kind of nice to be recognised in such a way, about something he ended up thinking so little about. So there really were not many like him…that /did/ make him feel a bit giddy, one of a kind we’ll call him, heh. Well, guess he found another cure for that boredom of his, as he would have a grand ‘ol time talking it out with others, species of all types and ages, all so sympathetic, all whilst the storm raged on outside…]

    (bit less long than before, will try having more detailed ideas in future :p)

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