Kili Toda

From a land long forgotten

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    It has been a some years since the tragic loss of her old mistress. But she heard word a magical place in the sky that where beloved elf may have ran to. She Used her wings to brave storms and beasts of the air to get up and find this place. Her one wing was damaged from  lightning strike which caused her to plummit into Kili Toda where she was found by a circle of magi. They cared for her and even though she was half demon they saw she was a good soul. She was not very strong in magic but her unique power gave the mages of Kili toda reason to let her stay. She was given a job at the Universite Magnifique as a book keeper. It has been many years since then the young demoness now adorned the robes of a magi that took her in and she was much older now. She walked the halls and read the books.

    She was changed. She was so peaceful and calm looking. The past behind her now and the pains healed. The mark on her chest remained though its reason for being was gone. Had she forgotten Silrien? No she could never but She had accepted the fact the elf might be gone from her life.  The magic people of this land helped her and now she was less a reckless fighter and more a book worm. she had very little magic skill but her knowledge was uncanny. All she did was read the spell books and scrolls. The heads of the Universite Magnifique were starting to think of having her as a teacher or at least something more of a librarian but she always refused. She could get lost in the books and well even in her older age Red Eyes still was about in her and did not get along so well with people.

    At least in the grand library she was at peace and could get lost in the books.

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